Christian spiritual growth is not a one time event. It's a continuous journey that leads you to places you never imagined.

Christian spiritual books can provide believers with guidance and instruction on how to live a biblical life.

What Are The Most Essential Christian Spiritual Book Types?

  1. Bible based spiritual books
  2. Christian theology books
  3. Mind, body, spirit books
  4. Books on prayers based on Gospels
  5. Christian self-help books
  6. Inspirational Christian books
  7. Christian memoirs

Christian spiritual books can offer guidance on how to live a righteous life, have faith in God, and find happiness.

Let's see some of the top picks among Christian spiritual books.

What Are The Best Christian Spiritual Books?

A Changed Mindset, by Dr. Althea L. Philips (2022)

Dr. Althea has written A Changed Mindset to help followers of Jesus Christ and others become aware of why it is crucial to have a changed mindset. A changed perspective brings forth a transformation process for human beings and is what Jesus came for. This process empowers Christians to have more intimate conversations with God.

Christians need to think like Jesus in order for them to change their mindsets about different situations. That is how they start to have empowered thinking and establish a personal and intimate relationship as brides of Christ.

Many 21st-century virgins find it challenging to transform and become new creatures in Christ Jesus. They often get stuck at the altar of salvation. But by having a transformed mindset and knowing the purpose that sets them apart, they can leave this altar and foster a different thought process like Jesus for righteousness and God’s kingdom.

The Good and Beautiful You, by James Bryan Smith (2022)

Christian faith is more than belief and practice. It is also about the people we become. Even so, some of the most significant barriers to our transformation emanate from the toxic self-narratives we have made up. These narratives shape our perceptions and how we interact with others.

God created us with a deep desire in our souls to be loved, wanted, alive, and connected to him. We need to do more than know what God thinks about us to heal our souls. Healing comes through reason and also through revelation.

This book helps you address the self-narratives that play a role in hindering spiritual growth and the soul desires that only God can satisfy. It is a reminder that Scripture reveals the goodness and beauty of our souls and our longing for healing.

Get ready to unpack soul-shaping truth, expose your false beliefs, and craft an experience for extraordinary truth and transformation.

Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer (2011)

If you enjoy Christian spiritual books that have insights on how to change your life, you need to get your hands on this special edition by Joyce Meyer.

The mind is susceptible to different attacks that Christians also face. Some of the primary attacks include doubt, worry, depression, confusion, feelings of condemnation, and anger.

In this book, Joyce shows that you can take heart even in the middle of negative thoughts. She teaches how you can deal with the multitude of everyday thoughts. The key to achieving that is choosing to focus your mind on how God thinks.

Joyce shares the trials and tragedies she has dealt with in her life. She also details the ultimate victories she has had in her marriage, ministry, and family. All these things have played a role in leading her to life-transforming truths with different thoughts and feelings.

You will understand where the real battles are and take note of what you can do to fight your mind attacks. Something inside you will be changed, and you will refocus your thoughts if you use the prescriptions given by God’s word.

Living Fearless, by Jamie Winship (2022)

 Living Fearless is a book that will help you discover the secret to being fully human, fully alive, and entirely free. Jamie has learned about an essential truth of life- all human conflict is brought about by fear, which comes from falsely viewing God, ourselves, and others.

If we can exchange what’s false with what’s real, we can experience true freedom and identity in Christ. This book takes you on a journey about how to tell yourself the truth, change your mindset, and experience real-life transformation to lead you to have radical courage to face anything life throws at you.

It will invite you to listen keenly to what God is saying to you about himself, who he created you and others to be, and his love. To discover the difference that comes with abiding in Christ for your life and faith, you need to do a “new thing” with God and start living fearlessly.

Resilient, by John Eldredge (2022)

It is the nature of the human soul to yearn for joy, beauty, and good things in life. However, this craving has recently taken a real beating. There have been false promises for comfort and ease amid the trauma of disasters and global disease. Many of us are short of happiness, peace, and strength.

John provides readers with the skills and tools needed to strengthen the heart and soul in this book. He reveals the path that leads to true resilience and recovery, which is the one Jesus provided. John draws wisdom from Christian tradition and Scripture and illustrates his insights with powerful and real stories of power, grit, and survival.

You will be helped to tap into supernatural graces and learn to be patient with yourself for recovery. The process takes time and is intentional. You must devise a plan since resilience and victory do not come easily. Profound freedom and strength come through Christ Jesus, who lives within you.

Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen, by Scott Sauls (2022)

Christians are burdened by fear, hurt, and regret. These issues weigh them down and make them feel trapped. But what God wants is for his people to discover joy, relief, and hope while becoming the beautiful humans he created.

Scott has been in ministry for over two decades, and during his work, he has come across countless communities and individuals in weary seasons. He has undergone his seasons, too, and had to fight anxiety and depression. He knows what unfinished looks like, and in this Christian spiritual book, he shows that weary hearts can be mended under Jesus’ healing hand.

You will discover how God is drawn toward you and not appalled by your sorrow or sin. You will be helped to start practicing emotional health with gratitude and joy and how you can quiet shame and weary thoughts by listening to God’s divine counter-voice. Additionally, you will learn how the defining feeling of faith is dependent on weakness and not strength and the secret of being content in all situations.

Make One Sound, by Michael Collins (2020)

Make One Sound covers a topic that many people often overlook. There is a wide division among churches and each religion features its own beliefs. However, there is one message in most churches that everyone seems to overlook. You have to see the same thing, speak the same thing, make one sound.

In other words, this short Christian spiritual growth book raises a question that may become more popular later on – is there one God only? Or do we truly understand the real nature of God?

Michael Collins aims to explain the concept behind this saying.

Cultural Apologetics: Renewing The Christian Voice, Conscience, And Imagination In A Disenchanted World, by Paul M. Gould (2019)

In a world where people try to bring God closer to them and match him with all human limitations, Paul M. Gould comes up with another approach – how about helping people raise towards God in order to understand all these unknown concepts?

It sounds like a challenging approach, but as you go through this Christian spiritual book, you will come up with a different approach in terms of religion – more respect and peace, as well as firmer beliefs.

I believe that if we all took a step back and tried to understand each other's views a bit better, we would be able to have more respectful conversations about religion.

Light From Distant Stars, by Shawn Smucker (2019)

Light From Distant Stars follows the story of Cohen Marah. His father is found injured one day. At this point, the story takes an unusual turn, as everyone asks – who did it? Shawn Smucker puts the story in a different light – did Cohen do it?

As the book goes back into its past, the reader goes through some of his darkest memories involving his family.

You will have to go to the end in order to determine whether it was Cohen's conscience or a stranger.

Throw, by Ruben Degollado (2019)

Throw can qualify among the best Christian spiritual books without actually helping you understand God and religion. Instead, it tells the realistic and tough story of a culture – the Mexican-American mix of culture from the southern side of Texas.

Apart from everyday happenings, Christianity kicks in as a term of forgiveness and hope in God.

This Christian story is touching and will most likely give you a new perspective in how far God's helping hands can go.

Anointed With Oil: How Christianity And Crude Made Modern America, by Darren Dochuk (2019)

Darren Dochuk follows the evolution of religion into modern America's lifestyle. The book explains how religion has become such an important aspect in the local culture.

The story mixes in religion, commerce and economics. At some point, readers will end up asking themselves – is God real?

Is oil the new religious aspect in modern America?

Deep thoughts and a few controversies can have everyone raise a few question marks.

Women In God's Mission: Accepting The Invitation To Serve And Lead, by Mary Lederleitner (2018)

This book might feel a bit complicated as you go through it, but things start coming together like a puzzle later on.

This Christian spiritual book is excellent for both men and women.

Men need to read it in order to understand how to help women in various missions to promote God's will, while women will have to read it to encourage and empower themselves with the right mindset.

Final Thoughts on the best Christian Spiritual Books

Bottom line, these are some of the best Christian spiritual books. Christian spiritual books are those that help you to connect with God and grow in your faith.

They can provide inspiration and guidance, and can help you to develop a closer relationship with Christ. If you are looking for a new read, be sure to check out some titles in the above list.

Check out also some popular new age spiritual books.

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