Are you looking for some truly interesting and the latest coming of age fantasy books, mainly for young adults? We truly believe that coming of age stories have great opportunity to show more details about the main characters and about the story itself. So here are our top picks:

Nasu Rabi (Old Bear) (Jul 2019)

This is a great epic by D. L. Roley revolving around a naïve but determined 14-year old teen who goes on a mission without knowing how it will be achieved. He faces as well as overcomes threats on his way, which makes him learn a lot to be a mature achiever and get aid in unanticipated areas.

The description of sword sequences at the time of fights and trainings are just commendable. The Barbarians have invaded a distant hamlet wherein they kill or detain people, leaving only the teen, Darius, behind. He is now set to save her mother and others although alone and fearful.

The Crafter's Son by Matthew B. Berg (Dec 2019)

This is the first release of the series belonging to a new coming of age fantasy. Yes, this is going to be a long saga by Matthew B. Berg. The author attracts the reader towards the story’s ‘what next’ curiosity instead of keeping them focused on the characters’ sensational traits. The plot is well visualized with a few educating moments on how to live life.

The main hero is Breeden Andehar who is selected for learning at the local monastery but soon two brother gods enter into a conflict to terrorize the entire Land. Breeden, being unaware, has some rare abilities.

Shield Maiden by Charley Case, Martha Carr and Michael Anderle (May 2020)

Mila as a Valkyrie is gaining her wings by shooting the monsters who have seized her sister. However, she finds herself on the path of an unforeseen discovery. Right now, she is in Idaho where a plot of horror packed with spite and nightmares is about to strike. No, she cannot run, as Valkyries are cowards, no matter what the risk is. So, what Mila will do? Simple, get the book!

Enchanted Twist by TR Cameron, Martha Carr and Michael Anderle (Apr 2020)

This is the story by TR Cameron wherein all types of dealings are ongoing: Worrisome attacks, funeral preparation, hidden plans, mysteries and martial arts in action, loyalties on test, direct confrontations, and search for the last pieces of the family sword. After all, the Atlantean and the Zatoras are on the battleground.

Usha and Rion plan to slay down one another. Beneath these violent effects, Empress Shenni is using political skills to keep Styrris against Cali and her pals.

Daggers and Smoke by Avery Song and Quinn Ashwood (May 2020)

This is the story of a strong but fierce girl, Willa Silvers who is an academy investigator and the best agent of the Magic Elite Investigators Department. Although a dark past, Willa at the age of 18 pursues her career of investigation with high expectations.

She just meets a new partner but both are instantly chosen for a mission of finding four mystical daggers covered in one of most privileged academies on the globe. They have one year for this. If not retrieved, the whole world will be destroyed by lasting smoke. The issue? Others are searching for them too!