In contemporary Christian romance novels, readers devour romance as the main theme. Plot development is based, expounded, and illustrated using a Christian perspective. The contemporary aspect is developed using situations that mirror our world and society. Characters are mainly influenced by their faith as they confront personal and social challenges to grow and come to a better understanding of themselves and others.

Loves Breath, by Ivy N. Johnson

This is an excellent romance novel with themes based on a family. We meet Samantha who does not want to simply settle as a mother and housewife. She greatly feels persuaded and compelled that a change is what she needs in her life. However, her husband does not think or even believe that a career is what she needs. As the years go by, Jackson begins to think that maybe she does not only need a career change.

Kenneth on the other hand was once a devoted man of God but has now turned into a malicious and bitter ex-husband. He finds himself on the other end of the coastline, distanced from his family and his troubles, at least that’s what he thought. He will have to fight the good and evil depicted by his soul and try to find a way out.

Sidney is a hopeless romantic who seeks love but cannot find it. She is granted a chance to find true love, but can she trust her heart? Will her newly found love be her Mr. Right or will he be kept from loving her by his kept secret?

Lindsay is well connected and is engaged to a rich attorney. She is hoping to start a good life that is only dreamt of by many. She is however the family's problem solver. She is challenged by her own problems which are now threatening to bring a major shift in her life. Read along to see how all these characters work in their situations.

Looking for Justice, by Linda K. Rodante

This is a Godly book about imperfection and the awareness that God makes everything worthwhile. Looking for Justice is a book about broken people who coincidentally find themselves and one other.

Alexis is a former attorney who specialized in sexual violence cases. Experiencing work burn out and trying to take hold of her past rape experiences, she moves to Tennessee. There, she takes a teaching job in a Christian Bible college even though she is not a believer. Luke Stephens is an ex-soldier, currently working as the college’s professor, and a believer. He was injured at war, lost his leg and his best friend was also killed in the same ordeal. He is also overwhelmed by his ex-wife’s unfaithfulness. With all these demons, he is disgusted by Alexis’s attractive sight as she reminds him of his wife.

Luke and Alexis are pulled together after a student is raped and gets pregnant. It is time to keep personal issues at bay and help this girl. As they help out this student, they become more entangled, secrets are revealed, lives are endangered, and Alexis and Luke must face their pasts. Can Luke save the woman he loves? Will Alexis trust Luke’s God after all these predicaments?

Fake Identity at Stakes, by Lisa Renee

This is a story about enemies turned lovers in hidden love.  It is a delightful read that shows that it is important to forgive and to also establish facts before arriving at conclusions. Christian principles have been humorously portrayed throughout the story.

Kaitlyn is a Christian and is fully aware of all things that might get her killed. When she discovers that there is a money embezzler in the company she works for, she decides to go to the police. She is informed that she needs to be in hiding as the investigation takes place.

Kaitlyn ends up in a witness protection program in Idaho Springs. Her identity is Charlotte Maddison and according to her, there is nothing that a wig, fake identity, and contact lenses can’t fix. There, she meets Jake Mardell and gets employed together with Ethan, Jake’s best friend. Kaitlyn sees Jake as a Christian hypocrite and is judgmental on his “vengeful” character. Jake is however determined to show that he can right his actions and that Christians are trustworthy.

Trouble will soon start as she tries to keep her story straight among all these parties. She falls in love with Jake but, she cannot reveal her identity to anybody. To keep her identity a secret, she gets into deceptions that bring about a shift in their relationship. Read along to see what happens.

The Hope of Her Heart, by Liz Isaacson

The Hope of Her Heart is a brilliant book that reveals the unconditional love that exists among families, spouses, and friendships. Can the characters make an impactful connection over Christmas?

Etta got herself a babysitting job in a growing family and also gained her title of being the best aunt with pride. She deeply loves her relatives and the ranch family she works for. Previously, she had big dreams but they were all shattered when she left her fiancé at the altar and could not walk down the aisle. As if this regretful embarrassment is not enough, she now has to witness everyone in her family get propelled towards a happily ever after. She is still stuck.

Meanwhile, August has been focusing on Hailey, his daughter, and is trying to recover from his wife’s loss. Initially, he thought that she was the only one he had given out his heart to but, as days go by, he is getting ready to find himself a soulmate and a mother for Hailey.

When he meets Etta, his heart beats for her the same way it did for his wife. He is impressed by her ways and ability with kids. He thinks of her as the most beautiful woman he’s met in a very long time. As they begin their relationship, they all have to let go of their baggage. Can Etta find peace to receive the hope of her heart? Can August be patient enough for this probable Christmas miracle?

The Doctor’s Nanny, by Rose Fresquez

What should you do when you meet the love of your life as you are set on proposing to the woman of your dreams? Find out in The Doctor’s Nanny. This is an emotional Christian romantic read where the author has depicted the Lord’s healing power.

Ryan Harper is a successful and well-established neurosurgeon. He has the perfect life and is also about to propose to his girlfriend. He now single-handedly takes care of his nephews and niece that were left orphaned after their parents died in a tragic accident. Being a very busy person, with all these kids, he is desperate for help.

When Destiny Brown loses her job, she temporarily takes the job as Ryan's live-in nanny. She has no experience but strongly believes that she can handle the situation. She begins getting attracted to her good-looking boss and does not know how to fight this attraction. Instead of Ryan connecting with his girlfriend during his free time, he is being drawn by Destiny's love, devotion and hard work. His heart is almost being won. Each discussion, interaction, and every glance at the table might be bringing him closer to his destiny but, his best friend now begins to pursue Destiny. Will he confess his feelings, or will he remain silent and suffer as he lets fate work its course?

Somewhere Along the Way, by Kimberly Rae Jordan

Somewhere Along the Way is an epic read that depicts how past experiences can affect one’s future. The book also develops themes of loss, forgiveness, and the power of second chances for Christians.

We meet Emma Clarke who has a busy lifestyle to juggle but has been tasked with planning a high school reunion. The reunion committee includes former schoolmates she does not want to spend time with. All this would have been different if Tanner wasn’t part of the committee.

Tanner has come back to New Hope Falls after the derailment of his career by a concussion. His future has been jeopardized. He was a professional quarterback but following the injury, he has followed the doctors' advice and chosen to retire. Even though he does not want to reconnect with his former schoolmates, he hopes to see one person.

At some point, Emma considered him a friend and probably wanted something more. This has now changed. Tanner spoke harsh words that destroyed their friendship. Top of Tanner’s list is to apologize. Emma is not making this easy. Tanner will not give up. Can Emma give him another chance to be her friend? She is not sure about that. Falling in love with him is the last thing she will do. Is that what happens?


Contemporary Christian romance novels are excellent genres that offer readers a different perspective about love as influenced by various issues and subject matters. If you enjoy such books, be sure to check out the ones listed here.

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