Whether you are after raising money for a cause, starting a business to help certain communities or just discovering the insights of this industry, crowdfunding is trend. It seems to be one of the easiest ways to make things happen – after all, it is easier to raise tiny bits from hundreds of people than a few massive donations from the wealthy. But then, as easy as it seems, crowdfunding will also come with challenges.

Here are some of the best crowdfunding books – how to crowdfund your product successfully on Kickstarter. Not only do you understand the concept of crowdfunding, but you can also help creative ideas become a reality. Find something that you believe in or create it yourself. How are you going to fund it? This is when education kicks in.

A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide, by Jamey Stegmaier

Jamey Stegmaier knows everything about crowdfunding – he is one of the most popular names on Kickstarter anyway, especially after he successfully raised seven campaigns. Altogether, he bagged $3.2 million and his work is still ongoing. His book is comprehensive and provides a detailed guide on crowdfunding.

Learning from others' successful stories is definitely a plus. There are more than 40 stories from inspiring leaders, as well as people who failed miserably. Find out how to plan a campaign and prepare for it accordingly, but also discover the most common mistakes to prevent. Most importantly, learn to treat backers as people, rather than pocketbooks.

Equity Crowdfunding, by Nathan Ross

Nathan Rose keeps it crystal clear. You give people the opportunity to own shares in the business, so you can get some funding to push it to the next level. It is definitely a game changer, but it needs to be done by the book if you want to be successful. The learning curve can be quite steep, but it is totally worth doing it right.

Loads of companies have no idea where to start – what platform to rely on, how long it will take or what to do to reach success. This book is a step by step guide on the benefits of crowdfunding and the ideal tactics to ensure your campaign reaches the desired income. You will also discover a few successful stories and their secrets.

Step By Step Crowdfunding, by Joseph Hogue

Some people are extremely successful at crowdfunding. Some others barely make it to 75% before getting stuck. Others will never see 50%. Plenty of companies choose this path because it seems successful and simple, but no one really talks about the steps to run a campaign by the book – how are you going to do it?

This is when Joseph Hogue kicks in. The title is self explanatory and everything is explained in the smallest details. Learn how to prepare, how to plan everything and how to ensure your business will make it. There is no filler content about the history of crowdfunding and random techniques, but specific instructions only.

Kickstarter Launch Formula, by Salvador Briggman

This is one of the best crowdfunding books – how to crowdfund your product successfully on Kickstarter. It revolves around the platform and it shows you how to bring your project to life. The best part about it? It comes from an honest background – the author struggled just like you do while trying to complete a Kickstarter campaign.

There is a lot to master – no doubts about it. You will get specific details on the steps, but the idea and plan must be entirely yours. It sounds like a lot of work, indeed, but this book shows everything in a more realistic way. There is no such thing as a perfect formula to work for everyone – instead, you learn how to think and plan too.

The Crowdfunding Book, by Patty Lennon

You do not need to know what crowdfunding means – if you are trying to find ways to boost your idea, you are aware of the concept. What this book will teach you is how to structure the campaign for maximum efficiency – less effort and more money. Learn how to become a magnet and access insider secrets.

Find out how your campaign can benefit from social media and avoid the most popular mistakes in this industry. Patty Lennon is not just providing a guide. Instead, she shares her story and the lessons she has learned over years of experience with marketing, communications and crowdfunding. The guide is pretty simple to follow too, which is a plus.

The Kickstarter Handbook, by Don Steinberg

You need $50,000 to start a dream, but you barely have enough money for next month's rent. How do you become a prolific businessperson when you believe in your dream? Simple – you rely on people. Don Steinberg has come up with a detailed guide that shares the secret of crowdfunding and the best elements to ensure your campaign is successful.

The journalist has interviewed plenty of successful people who launched their projects over the Internet. You will discover new strategies and plans, as well as tips and tricks to ensure your campaign is irresistible. Obviously, anything you will learn must be adapted to your plans and campaign if you want to succeed.

Crowdfunding For Social Good, by Devin D. Thorpe

This book sounds like an inspirational manual. It is, indeed, pretty rewarding, but it is also practical and can help you complete a successful campaign over Kickstarter. It brings in stories from people who were in the same position – from nonprofit organizations to entrepreneurs who wanted to raise money for their dreams and ideas.

Find out more about how to organize the people around you. Discover the secrets of a viral video over social media. Plus, you can start this venture before you do it officially and can easily have more than 25% raised before you even begin the campaign. If money is your main obstacle, consider it done – this book will become your manual.

NonProfit Crowdfunding Explained, by Salvador Briggman

What if you do not want money for an entrepreneurial product? What if you are after something more exciting and rewarding, such as a nonprofit organization? Whether it comes to children, animals or nature, charitable work is extremely different these days. Door to door is no longer the norm – everything goes over the Internet these days.

There is one thing you cannot understand though. Some people are successful and others fail miserably. The truth is there are no differences between them – some of them follow some rules, while others rely on completely different points of view. This book teaches you about tools, techniques and websites that will help you skyrocket your campaign without losing your humanity.

Crowdfunding, by Douglas Cumming and Sofia A. Johan

In a world of books describing crowdfunding, one of them makes everything simple and organizes your plan chapter by chapter. This book will introduce you to a full scale scope of crowdfunding in an international online environment. It brings in aspects related to finance, management, business and law – they may seem complicated, but they are easy to understand if you take your time.

Then, the authors take you through a helpful guide on how to compare market opportunities, spot the best practices and keep an eye on regulatory frameworks. In other words, this is not a step by step guide that works for some and fails for others. Instead, it teaches you how to think, analyze and plan according to your ultimate goal. Supplementary materials are available for free once you get the book – available over the Internet.

Bold, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler cover some aspects that other crowdfunding related ​​books overlook. Most importantly, this book will help you understand something important right from the beginning – how exponential techniques and technologies can disrupt Fortune 500 companies more than ever. You will learn how modern exponential businesspeople can easily contrast against linear executives from big corporations.

In other words, you may need to change your mindset, but the book goes even further. Learn the psychological aspects related to raising a company. For example, one of the authors has built 15 companies overtime, so he writes from personal experience. Last, discover the best practices to skyrocket the project. Incentive competitions could be alright, but the accent goes on crowdfunding campaigns. This is one of the ultimate options to ensure great success – find out how to do it right.

Final Thoughts

As a short final conclusion, the list can go further than that. There are countless guides over the Internet, step by step instructions and so on. Most of them are repetitive – they are written by people who might have been successful over Kickstarter, but there is no evidence.

Any of the above mentioned books comes from someone with a good reputation in this industry. You learn from people who have failed and succeeded, as well as business people who know what it takes to draw the people on your side.

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