Fatherhood could be challenging but not with these first-time dad books!

The fact is you cannot get a manual for being a dad. However, you can get a few pointers that could help you brace yourself for the job as a first-time dad.

The job is a big deal, and it will be overwhelming for sure after finding out the news, throughout the pregnancy, and once the baby arrives. However, our list of first-time dad books below will help you get ready.

What Are The Best First-Time Dad Books?

Pregnancy Guide for Men, by New Dad Support (2022)

Most first-time dads get anxious after their partner gives them pregnancy news. Many questions run through their minds about what role they will play, how they should make the experience smoother and more manageable, what to do financially, emotionally, and physically, the professionals to consult, and the kind of dads they will be.

This first time dad book, however, is suited for such dads. It answers most of these burning questions and points directions first-time dads can rely on for enough confidence to take on the journey.

The book will help you discover how to support your partner, keep relationship satisfaction alive, create a birth plan and available birth options, and the physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth, including managing labor. Additionally, you get to learn about postpartum care and recovery and how to balance family and work.

We’re Parents, by Adrian Kulp (2019)

If you want a funny yet honest parenting book as a first-time dad, We’re Parents will give you that. Adrian has written this book purposefully for dads whose children are in their first year. It is divided into quarterly chunks with advice for different stages, stats and goals, and reference guides.

The fatherhood book has detailed steps about what you are likely to encounter. It guides first-time dads on how to soothe and swaddle a newborn, burp and get the baby to try solid foods, baby-proof your home, and spot any allergies.

It also has cheat sheet checklists about how first-time dads can help the new mom and baby, how to help around the house, and how to navigate medical appointments and changing baby events.

Additionally, you get to learn how to track baby developments with the help of well-illustrated charts that lay out the most crucial baby milestones.

A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size, by Taylor Calmus (2022)

Many resources are meant to help expectant parents, but few guide parents to be with the correct baby sizes. Many compare unborn children to unrealistic things, but babies are little beings who grow organs every day.

This first-time dad book gives details about what a baby looks at week one to the final weeks. The fatherhood book has fun facts about a baby's growth and is practical for helping moms and dads to be with encouragement and brilliant ideas. First-time dads will even relate better with the advice from another “dude.”

It covers maternity metaphors and ways to connect with the baby before birth. You will find parenting tales and playlists for special occasions. Most importantly, first-time dads will discover the dos and don’ts to be aware of when taking care of the mom.

She’s Pregnant! Now What?, by Joey Nelson (2022)

Being a dad can be daunting, but you want to earn the stripes early enough. After the pregnancy news, you and your partner are usually over the moon, but you soon realize you have a whole journey ahead of you. It is even more challenging if you are a first-time dad without a roadmap. This book guides you on the questions you should ask your partner during the early stages of pregnancy and how you can tell something is probably wrong. You are advised on what happens in every trimester, how to keep your partner healthy, the baby preparations you need to make, and the best times to do so.

You also learn about hormonal changes and how they can be good, Braxton-Hicks contractions, how a woman’s dreams may be affected, practical skills after the baby’s arrival, budgeting, and keeping the romance alive in the first year.

Built for This, by Zach Tobin (2022)

By the time your baby arrives, you need the knowledge and skills to embrace the new role with confidence and joy despite the valid fears and worries. Zach skips the condescending “bro talk” and uses his experience to talk with dads to be.

You will find out the things you will struggle with upon the baby’s arrival and how to prepare, how to support your partner when she’s in labor and alleviate the pain, how you can cut down the medical bills by half or even more, and probably make something out of your health insurance.

You also get input about getting ready for delivery day, why taking care of a baby is more than just an instinct, and how to stay connected with your partner. Zach also gives insights into balancing your work and your new role of fatherhood, why babies are not the fixers of struggling relationships, and the costs you will need to raise your kid.

New Dad Hacks, by William Harding (2022)

New Dad Hacks answers the most important questions new dads might have throughout the process. The book also gives crucial details about the birthing process to help when the time comes.

You will learn what you can do to make sure your partner goes through smooth labor, prepare for it, and plan your finances to care for your family and the expenses to come. There is a section on anticipating unexpected situations and how you can come out of the nasty ones.

You will discover that there will come a time when you will need to do the cooking, and you are even helped with delicious recipes to start you off. William also gives pro-tips to keeping your partner happy and loved despite obscene utterances.


The first-time dad books on this list will be helpful for those becoming dads for the first time. They are informative with most of the required details on how to take on the job and be a supportive partner.

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