NFT is a trend that won't go away anytime soon. Fiverr NFT art designers understand that, so they opened and even specialized to make exceptional arts for collectors. You can simply upload these designs to Opensea and make money trading them.

By tokenising assets we can combine all blockchain benefits with the real world and turn any asset into a new kind of collectable. Things such as artwork, property or even your own intellectual creations can be turned into this digital realm – but instead of just being an item you occasionally look at they're now an item you actually need to take care of. They only have one official owner at any given time which means if someone else is trying to access them they will not be able to until it's their designated time to do so. And unlike physical objects that can be physically copied or printed out in large batches, digitally copying something is technically impossible so there's less worry about someone ‘borrowing' or stealing your stuff!

Back to the art side since we are a big art fans here on this website, we collected the best Fiverr NFT art designers on Fiverr to help you select the perfect partner for your project:

Cartoon NFT Mascots and Avatars, by Guraguradesign

fiverr nft artist fees

I was looking for a cartoonist to draw a mascot and avatar for my marketing business and I found this. This artist was able to create something that I could be proud of in just a few days and at a low cost. I can't thank them enough for their hard work and I really recommend them to anyone who needs something cartoon-related done.

Erie, the artist is from Indonesia and handles even bigger projects flawlessly.

NFT art and generate NFT collection, by Daniyalahmad7

I've been working with Daniya on several projects for the last few months and he has been amazing to work with. He is very passionate and talented and I am sure that he will create something that I will be proud to share with my customers. I will be working with him again in the future for sure.

10,000 NFT collection, by Jfrico

Fernando is a genius, he is one of the best Fiverr NFT artist. I have only worked with him once but now have a much better understanding of the industry. It was great to see the time and effort he put into my request. Fernando is a great communicator and really makes sure you are happy with his work. His images are high quality and full of creativity, I really like that his basic gig includes a complete set (3 images) so you will have great idea what the collection will feel like if you decide to create one.

Cryptopunk style collection, by Mercimecik

fiverr nft artist 2 fees

Really talented artist who will do his best to make your vision come to life. He's very friendly and easy to work with, and offers a great Fiverr NFT arts at a fair price. He is specialized for Cryptopunk style pixel design, which is one of the strongest trend among NFTs. If you are looking especially for this art style Merci will be the perfect choice for you.

Original collectible characters for NFT collection, by Rianrahardi

Rian is a Fiverr Pro seller, he is a gifted designer and he has a good eye for NFT arts. He was able to understand the design brief from my end and create a high-quality design that was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend him for his great skills and high-quality designs. His gig prices are higher but provides professional delivery in every case, if you are looking to work on a serious project Rian is the best choice.

Custom unique 3D NFT character with premium traits, by K3Dwin

K3Dwin is a 3D designer that has been in the industry for a long time. He makes some of the best models I've ever seen. Since NFTs aren't restricted to pictures it's obvious we can step forward to 3D models. This is exactly what K3Dwin does, I don't see how you could ever go wrong with his work.

Unique NFT characters, by Artkrieg

Artkrieg is a professional illustrator and a Fiverr Pro verified seller. She can basically create fictional characters that are suitable for sci-fi, horror, historical and nature atmospheres. She is familiar with cubist art style which makes her works very unique.

Our favorite sample work is a re-imagined Abraham Lincoln portrait with great colors and a vivid background.

We would recommend her works for the crowd, and we hope we will have a chance working together in the future.

Chibi pixel NFT art collection, by Astarotte

If you are more into the eastern cute style, than you most likely prefer chibi style NFTs. This is also a new hype wave among NFT avatars. Astarotte's works are likeable and the NFT artist works to high standards.

Why Fiverr NFT art designers?

  1. You can check designers' past works and reviews (I would recommend to do in every case before order)
  2. They have a specific time frame to complete your project (They won't be late for sure, Fiverr have special tools to keep their marketplace sellers accurate)
  3. Fiverr's deposit method (Hence you need to pay in advance, your money won't be land on the side of the designer instantly. If the delivery isn't sufficient, you can ask for revisions and modifications. Your money will only be transferred to the designer once you accepted the delivery)

What information a Fiverr NFT artist needs?

  1. Describe your project in max. 2-3 paragraphs
  2. Describe the delivery and the required number of graphics (how many images you are looking for)
  3. Let the artist know your favorite or similar NFT arts you liked (link images)
  4. Select your favorite art from the gallery of the NFT artist (link the NFT designer's image)

How much a collection costs?

NFT arts can vary in design and style. The average price for an NFT collection design is between $800-1500. But creating a single base design usually starts at $80-100, if you want to create an example first.


All in all, these were the best gigs when looking for Fiverr NFT arts for 2022. If you want to learn more about NFTs check out our book lists about DeFi, smart contracts and NFTs.