Fanfiction is a genre that delivers fictional writing for fans but will typically be founded on works of fiction that already exist. It can be based on any fictional or non-fictional topics like video games, cartoons, anime, movies, and more. Game fanfiction books will primarily be a basis for video games and fans can relate to the subject or with the characters. Below is a list of some books that we deem best in the category.

The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: The Lost Mane, by A.L. Zuniga

The Lost Mane is the last book in this trilogy, and in this installment. Adrian chose to go all-in with raw emotion and extraordinary artwork. Previous installments proved Adrian's excellent writing skills with compelling storylines and character development. Details that made Morrowind an intriguing land, such as food and creatures, were emphasized with expertise.

Like the other books, The Lost Mane follows the story of Zaneta. She is an exceptional Khajiit who lives in Vvardenfell. Everything changes when her family is attacked. Her husband is killed, and she cannot find her children. She courageously decides to go looking for them herself. She will traverse a country filled with political turmoil and on the verge of an unknown epidemic.

However, she is set on discovering where her loved ones were taken. As she focuses on remaining true to herself, her powers and character are pushed to the extreme. No consequences matter if that is what it means to find her children.

If you are into The Elder Scrolls series this would be a great game fanfiction novel for you.

Insignia, by S.J Kincaid

This book combines humor with a futuristic WWII view. The war takes place in space where teenagers fight, with no victims. The planet's natural resources are almost depleted, and this war is meant to try to control assets in the solar system. Unluckily, the enemy is triumphing. The savior maybe Tom Raines, who doesn’t seem very heroic. He is fourteen years old with problematic skin. However, he possesses knowledge about virtual reality gaming, which makes him the phenomenon behind the battle’s drone control.

When he gets into the Intrasolar Forces, his life abruptly changes, and he shifts from being a nobody. He now becomes an important person, new opportunities are knocking, he finds new friends, and he is close to getting a girlfriend. Amid all this good fortune, there is a price to pay. Tom complicates the computer in his brain with impulsiveness and crazy. There will be unexpected twists, and you will root for Tom to find someone he can trust during this mission.

Ack-Ack Macaque, by Gareth L. Powell

Ack-Ack Macaque a game fanfiction trilogy. The protagonist is a cynical, hard drinker, and a cigar chomper who is the main character of a trendy WWII-themed online game. Every day he battles with the German Ninjas that parachute over the gentle Kent fields. However, he is not just a digital creation. Game masters tampered with a real macaque’s mind and plugged him as part of the game to offer the lead character something more. Ack-Ack escapes and will discover that life is actually not all the joyful rattling of machine guns and engine roars.

It is the 21st century, and Germany and France have merged. Technology is quickly transforming humanity, and nuclear-powered Zeppelins exist all over the globe. Ack-Ack has only known and lived a video game life. After the British throne illegally accesses the research laboratory, he tries to getaway. Ack-Ack gets out of his game world to race against time as Armageddon doomsday approaches.

United States of Japan, by Peter Tieryas

The book is set in an immersive alternate history where the Japanese rule over Americans. But is there a way to resist through a subversive video game?

Years ago, Japan defeated Americans by winning WWII. No one believes Japan’s action in the war was anything but commendable. Well, except for the George Washingtons. This is a group of rebels that are fighting to be free. Their latest terrorist plot is to supply an illegal video game. In the game, players will imagine how everything in the world would have been had the US won the war.

Captain Beniko’s job is censoring video games, but he is tasked with analyzing this disturbing development. He, however, seems to be hiding something. Gradually, he has been finding out that this case is more complicated than it appears to be. Again, the sources of the subversive game are controversial and even more dangerous, contrary to the initial censor suspicion.

Bash Bash Revolution, by Douglas Lain

This is a story of apocalypse and revolution developed by the tale of a broken family. Matthew Munson, who is seventeen, takes the 13th position in the Bash Bash Revolution state game. This is an outdated game, but one that gets a lot of tournament play. Matthew is an unambitious school dropout, with a struggling mother and an absent dad, Jeffrey Munson.

Jeffrey left home eight years ago and is part of a secretive government project seeking to develop sentient artificial intelligence. When he shows up again, much to Matthew’s displeasure, he insists that they bond over video games.

They try to reconnect by playing Bash Bash Revolution. Matthew then discovers that Jeffrey is more invested in his artificial intelligence. Like how fast Jeffrey had appeared, he disappeared once more, just as Matthew was about to let him into his life. From this life-shattering betrayal, Matthew begins the process of discovering the fundamental nature of this government-sponsored AI program.

In Real Life, by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang

In Real Life is a sensitive and thoughtful illustration of gaming, adolescence, being poor, and cultural clash. Anda is a fan of Coarsegold Online, which is a huge role-playing game. She spends any free minute playing. That is where she can lead, be a fighter, and an overall hero. It is also a platform where she can meet and befriend different people from the world. For her, gaming is ultimately a good thing.

Things will begin to take a more complicated turn when she befriends Raymond, a gold farmer. Raymond’s game embodiment is an illegal collector of valuable objects sold to players in developed countries. Those from these established countries are wealthy and have money to burn. But this act goes against Coarsegold’s rules. Anda will then come to discover that concerns about right and wrong are far less straightforward when someone’s actual livelihood is in danger.

This story will make you see some ways in which virtual lives are impactful to the real world, whether you realize it or not, this makes this book a great game fanfiction for nerds.

Otherworld, by Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller

How much are we ready to pay if technology can provide us with everything? This is the question the Otherworld mirrors. The authors are addressing a frightening future, and the reality is that it's not so far away. If you are interested in the terrifying technological possibilities, you will be trapped by this book. Readers are introduced to sensations that they would never feel in real life. They also find out what they miss, something that becomes too difficult to part with.

The Otherworld is a virtual reality game you may not wish to end, but Simon has discovered this is not the case for everyone. Imagine a game with no controls and no screens, and you can smell, taste, and touch it. This is the new reality in the world depicted in this book with the basis of a new technology prototype. It all sounds too good to be accurate, but it is.

Those testing the beta are tricked into perceiving the Otherworld as real-life. This world could also open doors for those limited by physical constraints like the disabled or paralyzed. There are also no rules and laws. You can indulge your every desire and live the best way possible, but being injured can cause serious consequences.

Warcross, by Marie Lu

When the game named Warcross takes over the world, a bounty hunter girl hacks into its detrimental depths. It isn't just a game but the livelihood for the many people who play, with an obsession that began a decade ago and global fans. Some escape reality there, while others are there for profit.

Meanwhile, Emika Chen struggles to make ends meet, and she tracks down the players who illegally stake the game. Surviving the bounty hunting world is complex and too competitive. Emika decides to hack into the opening match during the International Warcross Championships to earn herself quick money.

The Warcross creator, Hideo Tanaka, calls her with an irresistible job offer. He is looking for a spy on the tournament’s inside to unravel a significant security issue. In Japan, she will get into a world that she never imagined, a world of great fortune and being famous. However, she discovers a sinister plot with worldwide consequences for everyone within the Warcross empire. Trust will be the greatest of all gambles.

Final Thoughts

Fanfiction is a unique writing style mainly because it is done for circles of fans. Our list of game fanfiction books above would be a total delight for video game lovers. If you are looking for more in this genre check our video game books collection.

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