As the years progress, smartphones are getting better and better, thanks to the never-ending efforts of programmers around the world. Although they have their specific strengths and expertise when it comes to programming, they all seem to use the same software or “language” when it comes to this field. This programming language is called Kotlin, and it is best in creating outstanding android applications and functions up to this day.

If you are an aspiring android programmer, the best thing to do during this time is to study everything you need to learn about Kotlin. For you to do that, here are some of the best books you can read to progress in this area.

Kotlin in Action, by Dmitry Jemerov & Svetlana Isakova

If you are curious as to where you can learn all about Kotlin the most, then this book is the answer to that question. Written by Kotlin developers themselves, you will get to learn all about this programming language and its specific advantages.

If you also have sufficient knowledge when it comes to Java, this book is right for you. The authors wrote it to assist programmers who are planning to make an easy transition from Java to Kotlin. By explaining the concepts of the two programming languages, you will be able to switch to either one of them easily as you practice your coding.

Head First Kotlin: A Brain-Friendly Guide, by Dawn & David Griffiths

Dawn & David Griffiths made sure that beginners and aspiring programmers understand the Kotlin programming language in the best way possible, which is why they did their best to make this guide as “brain-friendly” as possible.

Within the book, you will see that they explained everything in a detailed manner by using various pictures and diagrams that you can easily see. Instead of filling your mind with loads of texts, you will get to take advantage of a whole new learning system that won’t make you feel tired at all. By the end of this book, you will feel as if you are an experienced Kotlin developer.

Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, by Josh Skeen & David Greenhalgh

Suitable for advanced, beginner, and aspiring programmers, this book can teach you all the effective things you can work on when it comes to using Kotlin as your programming language. Providing clear concepts and real life examples, the authors made sure that their readers will absorb the well-structured ideas placed in this book.

Whether you are looking for a fresh experience by using Kotlin as your first programming language, or you are an experienced programmer who is planning to shift towards another, this book is perfect for you. By the end of it, you will be able to create excellent and well-coded applications inside Kotlin, and you can do more as you implement all your learnings in your coding sessions.

Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners, by John Horton

As the name suggests, this book is perfect for beginner programmers who are planning to use Kotlin as their first language. With straightforward lessons about Kotlin, you will learn how to build smart and sophisticated applications that will fully function inside the Android platform. Using samples of various layouts, you will learn how to make your apps in the most presentable ways possible while learning about the language’s programming concepts.

By writing this book, John Horton made sure that aspiring programmers will get to learn substantial things about Kotlin without having a hard time, especially since most books are too technical. By the end of it, you will be able to build simple but outstanding apps that are both useful and appealing at the same time.

Kotlin for Beginners, by Dr. J. Viji Gripsy

The basics are always necessary as you progress in something. With this book, you will be able to enjoy your starting days as a Kotlin developer since it is focused on people like you.

Filled with the easiest and most practical ways to manipulate the programming language, Dr. Gripsy made sure that the readers will not have a hard time understanding it. From the starting principles up to the most complicated portions, this book will help you understand the complete overview of Kotlin basics. By the end of it, you will find yourself familiarized with Kotlin’s most vital aspects and features.

Kotlin Cookbook: A Problem-Focused Approach, by Ken Kousen

Using a problem-focused approach, Ken Kousen wrote all about dealing with Kotlin in a way that you can relate to the content. Instead of focusing on the basic information, you will get to solve Kotlin-based problems using your own approach.

Everyone faces different problems while inside the programming language, so this book is highly recommended for beginner and advanced programmers alike. You simply identify the struggle you are facing, and you can find the answers inside. After reading this, you will be able to create more stunning applications, and you will get to avoid all the problems you’ll encounter in the future.

Learn Kotlin Quickly, by JJ Tam

Specifically written for beginners, this book will guide you all the way as you progress in your Kotlin journey. Aside from being a guide, it is also useful as a reference manual so that you will never get lost again. With examples, aspiring programmers can easily understand everything they need to know about Kotlin by simply reading this.

Kotlin Apprentice: Beginning Programming with Kotlin, by Raywenderlich Tutorial Team

This book is like a simple tutorial for those who are planning to learn Kotlin as their first programming language. You don’t need to worry about prior experience, because with this book as your guide, you will find yourself having an easier time with Kotlin every time you use it.

Starting out with programming can prove to be a tough experience, but with the right guides out there, you can get through it like a piece of cake. Take a look at this list of amazing books about Kotlin, and start your android programming journey today.

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