LGBTQ poetry books are eye opening!

The world now embraces gender diversity more than ever before. Gradual acceptance is now in sight as gender discourses are becoming relevant in today's society. LGBTQ rights were formulated and turned into laws and more people are openly discussing LGBTQ topics without fear of being made into an outcast or discriminated against. This essential integration of LGBTQ discourse is quite apparent in the books, movies, and songs that we have today.

LGBTQ discourse is becoming more relevant and highly popular that many authors wrote books about them. Furthermore, LGBTQ discourse does not only cater to people who identified themselves as one, but is also open to all who want to know and understand about gender diversity and development. Below are some of the best LGBTQ poetry books that will surely give you a colorful perspective about the depths of gender variety.

What Are The Best LGBTQ Poetry Books?

There Was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver, by N. Alexsander Sidirov

Sidirov wrote this masterpiece when he was just 19 years old, and finished it at the age of 23. This poetry book contains all the “Personal Truths” of Sidirov brought about by his own experiences and self-reflection. The well-written poems speak about the author himself as he deals with fluctuating self-esteem, gender identity, mortality, and self-actualization.

The poems are topical and dramatic at the same time. Words are carefully chosen to match the modern and avant-garde style of writing by the author. Every poem stanza invokes raw emotions based on the real and meaningful experiences of the author. This is indeed a worthy poetry book to read.

Pillow Thoughts, by Courtney Peppernell

For those into Lang Leav's style of writing prose, this book is for you. However, although it has the same vibe as that of Lang Leav's, this poetry book of Pepernell is a standalone collection of poems that bursts with originality, creativity, and emotion.

The poems have varying themes like struggles with gender identity, love, emotional turmoil, and fanciful musings of the author.

The overall appearance of the book leans on the minimalistic side and the poems range from long to short ones.

(he)art, by Zane Frederick

Frederick highlights in this book how powerful the heart is as it takes all heartaches and heartbreaks, but continues to beat and pump. The author wrote a collection of poems that are easily relatable to all readers.
The book talks about love, sexuality, and other life struggles common to all humans not only to the LGBTQ community. It discusses human perseverance in facing difficulties in life.

This poetry book is truly a gem worthy to be read by everyone.

If My Body Could Speak, by Blythe Baird

This poetry book is perfect for those in the early stage of coming out and staying true to themselves. Baird succeeded in giving voice to those shunned by society due to their sexuality and gender identity. This book strongly tackles the importance of acceptance and being at peace with who and what you are.

Everything may be irrelevant but not your identity and sexuality. It defines and gives meaning to life and no one can take it away from you. This is one important lesson Baird is trying to convey in his masterpiece that is received well by the readers' community.

[Insert] boy, by Danez Smith

This book screams self-love and self-respect. It is written to inspire others to not be afraid to express themselves, and allow themselves to be oppressed by the enforced norms of society. Gender and Sexuality are significant to self-actualization so that we can reach our optimum potential. It must not be viewed as something indecent, immoral, and a sin.

This award-winning book is impactful and purposeful in asserting LGBTQ rights to exist and prosper. It is worth every penny and time spent reading.

Bodymap, by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Queers who are part of the LGBTQ community is the star of this book. It highlights queer’s struggles to survive, love, and live freely without any judgments and biases. Aside from gender and sexuality, the book also included the struggles of handicaps and invalids as an integral part of society even with disabilities. The award-winning author gives justice by putting in the spotlight the unfiltered cries for justice and acceptance of queers and invalids as they remain persistent in finding happiness and love.

Let us educate ourselves by reading this spectacular book of Leah that screams perfection and beauty.

Bestiary, by Donika Kelly

This book is full of wonder and awe as it uses different mythical creatures as analogies of human monstrosities when faced with different struggles and hardships. The book contains a collection of poems that are heart-wrenching and relatable at the same time.

The beasts incorporated in this book signify an in-depth reflection of humanity, and leaving readers with thought-provoking questions about what makes us humans and what completes us.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds, by Ocean Vuong

This award-winning book is one of a kind that needs to be read by everyone.

The book is a collection of thought-provoking and candid poems on failure, victory, justice, and freedom.

The poems are accessorized by aesthetic visuals that pull the readers into the abyss of raw emotions, dreams, love, desire, and fantasy.

Final Thoughts on the best LGBTQ Poetry Books

Gender diversity must be celebrated. The widespread acceptance of the LGBTQ community is an idea that needs to be thoroughly integrated into our society to dispense the morbid entitlement of gender binary, bias, exclusivity, and discrimination. It is time to embrace the progressive ideology that the third sex exists, and it is a right to be expressed by anyone.

To those who have an interest in LGBTQ discourse, it is now the time to grab a copy of any books from this list of best LGBTQ poetry books that will provide you with aesthetic pieces of poems while sharing with you a valuable knowledge on gender and life at the same time.

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