Building a brand and gaining visibility for a business, company, service, or product is not as straightforward. Even those who think they have a complete marketing tech at times struggle to find wins because the business world is supersonic, and things keep shifting and evolving. However, you can craft quality marketing strategies and get insights from other people. Marketing books are excellent ways to do that.

What Are Some New Trends In Marketing?

  1. One-to-one marketing with AI
  2. Human-centric marketing
  3. Visual storytelling
  4. Trust based marketing
  5. Long term collaboration with creators
  6. Conversational marketing

We experience a shift towards human-centric marketing. The reason for the shift is the growing awareness of the importance of customer experience. Companies that focus on delivering a great customer experience are more likely to succeed in the long run than those that focus only on making money.

Visual storytelling is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. Images and videos can be used to create a more engaging experience for customers, which can lead to increased brand awareness and sales. There are several new trends in visual storytelling that businesses should be aware of.

Conversational marketing is on the rise, thanks to the popularity of chatbots. Bots are computer programs that can mimic human conversation, and they're becoming more and more common in marketing campaigns.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, content creator, or brand marketer, you could learn about the new marketing trends by reading the best marketing books. Fuel your marketing strategy with high profile knowledge!

What Are The Best Marketing Books?

Marketing Superpowers, by Jon Davids (2024)

This marketing book focuses on building strong customer loyalty and making marketing almost effortless.

Drawing from his experience with influencers and his own ventures, Jon shares strategies for turning attention into sales and converting strangers into loyal fans. He explains how to increase product pricing, build social credibility, and inspire customer loyalty.

The book emphasizes the importance of brand-building to simplify business. Davids, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Influicity (community and brand building company), shares practical tips and principles to help readers transform their businesses by mastering brand loyalty.

Trust Signals, by Scott Baradell (2022)

Trust signals are points of evidence used by individuals, companies, and brands to establish trust with their audience. For instance, an author can demonstrate their trustworthiness through several means such as a relevant biography, praise from reputable people on the cover, five-star reviews on Amazon, social media acclaim by followers, and coverage in respected news outlets. These signals indicate to the potential reader that the author is reliable and their book is worth investing in.

In today's post-truth world, where trust is highly valued, mastering trust signals is critical to building, growing, and safeguarding a brand's reputation. As people become increasingly skeptical of claims made by brands, having strong trust signals can differentiate a brand and make it stand out from competitors.

Scott Baradell provides insights and strategies for building trust signals and establishing credibility, through a comprehensive framework called the “Grow With TRUST” system.

Marketing Like We’re Human, by Sarah Santacroce (2021)

This marketing book is for business owners who want to be authentic and successful in their businesses and marketing. It gives a radical approach by offering a roadmap for connecting with clients, applying heart-centered selling, and employing the power of vulnerability when marketing.

Sarah has structured three transformative phases about revolutionizing the traditional P’s of marketing and laid out questions, compelling stories, and powerful self-reflection.

This human-centric marketing book will equip you with the necessary steps to help you grow a successful business while marketing ethically and assisting others in making an impact. There are also steps that will enlighten you on how to show up as your true self and not a scripted version when marketing, how to partner with your customers and not pressure them to buy, and proven strategies you can tweak to your advantage.

Sarah urges business owners to take the “less is more” approach, avoid overwhelming themselves, and enjoy inspiring businesses aligned with their truths.

Selling from Your Comfort Zone, by Stacey Hall (2022)

Many salespeople are of the opinion that pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and compromising their values when selling is how they can do well. However, Stacy passes a different message- that the comfort zone can be a power zone to generate sales, contentment, and success.

This trendy marketing book transposes from the pushy and spammy tactics many salespeople use and instead shows them how they can bring quality meaning to their role. Stacey will teach you how to stay aligned with your calling, yourself, and what you are selling. She also highlights how to be in alignment with prospects and what you say to customers.

If you are aligned with your personality and core values, you gain more confidence, energy, and spirit to achieve your goals, increasing your chances of success.

Stacey also provides an alignment marketing formula for flexibility, resilience, and creating safe boundaries.

The Practice, by Seth Godin (2020)

It is never guaranteed that creative work will work out. However, there is a pattern between those who succeed and those who don’t. Staying consistent in your pursuit is the best way to propel yourself forward.

The Practice is a book with insights on getting unstuck and gathering the courage to create and share your creative work. Seth insists that writer’s block is simply a myth and that consistency is more vital than authenticity. He says those who experience imposter syndrome only prove how well-adjusted they are. Most importantly, he shows creators what it takes to shift passion from a private distraction to a worthwhile contribution, primarily what they seek to share.

Using the guidance in this marketing book, you will find out how you can dance even with fear to take worthwhile risks and embrace the empathy needed to create original works and joy.

Marketing Rebellion, by Mark W. Schaefer (2019)

Does the breathtaking and rapid change of the business world overwhelm you? Do consumer trends seem confusing, or do you feel lost and irrelevant from the breakneck speed of digital marketing and unrelenting technological pace? If so, Marketing Rebellion is for you.

Mark gives a realistic and achievable framework that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. It will be practical to help you re-imagine marketing in a world where highly-empowered consumers determine the results of your business.

This book will teach you why you must build your business on humans instead of advertising impressions and how catastrophic consumer trends are due to a revolution from ten decades ago. You will find out five perpetual human truths at the core of successful marketing strategies, what you need to do about dying customer loyalty, and how to assist your best customers in participating in the marketing role. Additionally, Mark offers actionable steps that give prompt course correction for any business size.

Get Different, by Mike Michalowicz (2021)

Many business owners tend to get frustrated since they feel unseen in crowded markets. Many of them are aware they are better than their competitors, but they focus more on being invisible, getting little returns. This will usually be because to many consumers and customers, better isn’t really better, but different is better. The ones who win are those who market differently.

In this book, Mike provides a proven method to position a business, brand, or service for people to notice, attract the next business prospects, and turn these opportunities into sales. He draws the insights from stories told by real-life entrepreneurs and lays a straightforward and doable system for marketing- entrepreneurs and business owners must ask themselves whether their way of marketing differentiates, attracts, and directs?

This is a great read among the best marketing books, it will be a life-changer if you struggle to grow because your product, service, message, or brand doesn’t stand out or has an insignificant customer connection.

Marketing Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy, by Cooper Saunders (2022)

In Marketing Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy, Cooper intends to help you learn the marketing methods and processes that will allow you to beat the competition to grow and reach incredible heights for your business.

Top companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks know and employ the strategies in this book. That is how they are able to dominate their respective marketplaces. Suppose you are ready to unlock these secrets to success; this marketing book equips you with ways you can use to influence and convince your target audience and how you can pull in the best and most profitable clients.

Cooper also shows how you can set yourself up as an industry leader. Effective marketing builds business success by creating and growing a vast loyal following, and this book has tidbits on how to attain that.

If you can do it like the wealthy, then your business’s life will change for good.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business 2022, by Kelly Lee (2022)

Social media is a highly effective tool for marketers in today's business world. However, few business owners, brand managers, and salespeople know how to optimize the potential of social platforms. Many people use social networks for likes and comments, but these don’t pay the bills. The people who use these platforms help achieve that. That is why you must have them in your corner.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business 2022 is one entity, but it contains six books to show you how to market using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google, and SEO. Find out how you can gain a large following fast and convert your followers into money.

This is not a book for you if you want to increase your social channel’s popularity, but for effectively growing your business by mastering how social networks work to help you make money.

Moving to Outcomes, by Robert Glazer & Matt Wool (2022)

Partnership marketing has been around for a long time, only that it has existed in various forms and names. Due to the transformative changes of technological advancements and pricing models and changes in supply and demand, it now exists in a more scalable and automated form only a few companies have ultimately leveraged. But you, too, can take advantage of partnership marketing.

Business owners need to think about marketing strategies like an investment portfolio. Any investment guru always highlights the need to diversify stock market assets to safeguard against possible asset declines. You must adjust your holdings and go beyond traditional asset classes for better returns. When an asset class matures, you are less likely to notice above-average returns. Investors don’t beat the market by going after the most prominent names. Instead, they need to find the ones that come next.

Today, marketers have a choice. They may diversify and invest in marketing channels that have an eye for the future or keep doubling down on advertisement with the goliaths.

The Consistency Pill, by Simon Chan (2022)

The answers to extraordinary and long-lasting business results are not in buying courses, watching online videos, or having the latest app. These only give a short-term business boost. Increasing sales and profits is not a matter of more personal development. You need consistency if you want to smash the set goals or grow your business to the desired success level.

Remaining consistent is the ultimate strategy to enhance productivity, increase sales, and earn more money.

This marketing book features a seven-step system that business owners and entrepreneurs can use to support their goals and master business success. You will also find out how to reach maximum business achievement professionally, three C’s that influence and get customers to come to you regardless of what you are selling, intelligent social media habits you need to employ, and tips for content marketing. Additionally, you will get insights on doing more in less time and getting back on track when consistency slips.

Digital Marketing with Drupal, by Jose Fernandes (2022)

Drupal is a platform that enables digital marketers to build ambitious digital experiences. Those who work with Drupal can use their knowledge to work and enhance online marketing campaign performance.

This marketing book has detailed explanations about crucial concepts, features practical examples, and has questions for self-assessment. It will take you through email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, CRM, SEM, and marketing automation. You will also find out the latest developments in AI marketing and website personalization.

After learning the fundamentals, you can apply them to your online store or Drupal website. You will get better at marketing management, task automation, communicating with customers, generating website traffic, creating content, and integrating external marketing-related services and platforms.

The Automatic Marketing Machine, by RJon Robins & Danny Decker (2022)

The anxiety about where to get the next paying customers or clients cripples many business owners. After all, they are the ones who help get the bills sorted. Business owners will do almost anything to keep the customers, which may sometimes mean taking abuse. However, with an Automatic Marketing Machine, they can be helped to figure out the wrong prospects and get the right ones even when out of the office.

In this marketing book, you will discover how to create business wealth and equity and not just daily income, why small business marketing fails sometimes and what can be done, and how to spot your ideal target market. You will also find out why you must have the right unique selling proposition and why having a mediocre marketing machine may outperform an extremely brilliant marketer.

Additionally, you will learn how to craft a compelling target customer message, lead generations that pump up steady prospect flow, and ensure your lead conversion system emerges as your business’s competitive advantage.

Strategic Creativity, by Robin Landa (2022)

Strategic Creativity is an indispensable guide on how to evaluate creative advertising, design ideas, branding, and solutions. Robin has written this marketing book to enable business professionals to stand out and enhance their ability to communicate the “why” in their organizations. The book discusses what business experts must know about the creative process.

Branding and advertisement are vital if you want to grow your business, get to your target audience, and move your brand forward. The two must be engaging and relevant, and people must feel they are worth their time. You will discover what you were never taught about advertisement and design creativity in business school.

The insightful conversations will help you get insights from creative experts for your subsequent advertising campaigns, branding initiatives, social media, and customer-related content.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marketing Books

There has been a shift in the marketing community towards human-centric marketing. While traditional marketing is based on raw manipulating people into buying products, human-centric marketing is focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of customers. As a result, this approach leads to more authentic and lasting relationships with customers.

One reason for this shift is the rise of digital media. With so much information available online, it’s become increasingly difficult to trick people into buying things they don’t want or need. Consumers are savvier than ever and are quick to spot deceptive advertising.

We have explored excellent marketing books marketers and salespeople can use to expand their knowledge on critical marketing areas. Strategies and customers keep changing, but these books will help you stay ahead or keep up to boost business.

If you want to be more familiar with AI tools, check out our favorite AI books for this purpose.

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