We all have our favorite story books during our childhood years. With notable moral lessons and amazing storylines, these classic tales are the reason why most of us understand each other in an odd sort of way.

As the years pass by, we tend to outgrow these stories and forget about how they used to make our childhood lives whimsical. Thankfully, numerous authors are trying to remake famous fairy tales for the benefit of those who are fans of them since day one. If you are looking for the best modern fantasy retellings of your favorite storybooks, here is a list where you can find each one of them.

Enchanted, by Rosaline Morgan (Original Story: Beauty & The Beast)

As Belle gets fed up with her worsening plans during winter break, she forces herself to leave her campus and go back to her hometown. During her travels, she gets caught in a big snowstorm and unexpectedly crashes her car. As she looks for help, she stumbles upon an old cabin that is the home of a man with a curiously deformed face and magical items that seem to be coming to life.

Will Belle be able to answer the other mysteries that she will soon find out inside the cabin? Read on and enjoy this modern retelling of a favorite childhood classic!

A Blade So Black, by L.L. McKinney (Original Story: Alice in Wonderland)

As Alice ventures onto a whole new universe to fight the Nightmares that have been terrorizing their world, she does her best to defeat these foul creatures with everything she’s got. Equipped with cool weapons, rigorous training, and excellent fighting skills, she is now tasked to balance everything in her life to maintain everything and everyone she cares for. However, as her mentor gets mysteriously poisoned, Alice must go deeper within Wonderland to find the cure and help him get better.

Will Alice manage to keep it together as she struggles to stay alive in this twisted world? Find out as you read on to her fierce adventures!

Dark and Deepest Red, by Anna-Marie McLemore (Original Story: The Red Shoes)

As the strange Dancing Plague goes through Strasbourg, Lavinia’s family is the victim of countless suspicions that forced her to do everything just to save everyone in her life. After five centuries, the mysterious disease comes back through the pair of red shoes that attached themselves to Roselle Olivia and made her dance uncontrollably. Thankfully, Emil (a descendant of Lavinia’s family) is the one person who knows about the disease, and the shoes led Roselle to him.

Will they manage to cure the disease and save Roselle from the horrible fate that awaits her? Find out about their story inside this amazing retelling of a well-known classic.

Red Hood, by Elana K. Arnold (Original Story: The Little Red Riding Hood)

Bisou Martel has been living in a secluded area with her grandmother ever since she was four. Everything seems to be fine, until one night, when a foul beast decided to take on a little girl on her way home. Bisou does her best to fight back as the wolf furiously attacks her, and as the new moon appears, questions are raised along with it.

Will Bisou get over this traumatic experience and handle it well? Find out as you read this bloody retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood.

Never Look Back, by Lilliam Rivera (Original Story: Orpheus & Eurydice)

Overwhelmed by the tragic experience that fell onto her and her family, Eury moves in the Bronx to move on. She believes that staying in New York will help her overcome her past, especially since there’s a guy there that is about to change her life.

Being the crowd’s favorite golden-voiced singing charmer, Pheus spends his time serenading people on the beach with his friends and his on-off partner. However, everything changed when he finally met Eury. As the couple fights the evil forces and tragic past that haunts them, they do their best to keep each other safe and secure.

Will their love be able to fight off every attempt to tear them apart? Enjoy reading this amazing love story based on the famous Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.

Ash, by Malinda Lo (Original Story: Cinderella)

Ash has never been happy ever since her father died and she’s left with her bad stepmother. To distract herself from grief, she constantly rereads the fairy tales her mother used to tell her. Finally, after she meets Kaisa (the King’s Huntress), everything in her life begins to change. How will they manage to fight for their feelings when everything seems to fall out of place? Read this amazing romantic retelling of Cinderella (that comes with a mild twist) and find out!

Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige (Original Story: The Wizard of Oz)

After Amy Gumm’s life was swept up by an unexpected twister, she suddenly gets blown into the magical world of Oz. However, things seem different, and Dorothy has been ruling over Oz with a corrupted mind ever since she came back. Now, Amy has been recruited and trained by a revolutionary order to overthrow the team of rulers and kill Dorothy.

Will a little girl from Kansas manage to fulfill this huge task? Enjoy reading this modern and reimagined retelling of The Wizard of Oz and accompany Amy on her new adventure.

The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan, by Sherry Thomas (Original Story: Mulan)

Mulan wanted to prove her best to maintain her family’s honor. However, since her father is paralyzed and her brother is too young to fight, she disguises herself and joins the army to fight the Emperor’s war.

With her notable experience in martial arts, Mulan is selected to join an elite team of warriors led by a princeling. As time goes by, she gets attracted to her leader, but she then finds out that he is also hiding a big secret from them. As they travel across the Great Wall, Mulan and her commander must find a way to deal with their past and all the numerous challenges that awaits them.

Reliving your favorite stories is always a great and satisfying experience. With this list of the best modern fantasy retellings this 2020, you can definitely find the right book that will satisfy your need to revisit those classic tales. Check out each book and get ready for the new adventures that are waiting for you!

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