Nothing beats a bit of mystery mixed with drama and thriller accents. But when you also have someone else tell you the story in a dramatic manner, it feels like the story gets even better – this is what makes audiobooks so popular lately. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine a completely unique scenario while someone reads it out to you – what else can you ask for? All in all, here are some of the best mystery drama audiobooks to give you thrills.

All His Works, by Ainny Klover

The story follows Alex Bryn, who used to be a successful musician in local circles and still has a pretty good reputation. He is now retired and chills on a daily basis providing a bit of punditry or criticism regarding new music – nothing too fancy, just a way to earn his bread. His quiet and peaceful lifestyle is suddenly shaken when Alex gets a phone call from a police inspector.

The inspector is investigating someone's death. How is Alex related? Well, it turns out the lady who was killed is an ex-girlfriend. She was murdered in Edinburgh and the inspector is trying to follow a few relationships from her past. One thing leads to another, with Alex finding himself in a jazz bar, attending a music show performed by his ex-partner, Ciara. How is that even possible?

Alex is struggling to get to grips with this near-mystical experience. Was it real? Should he tell the inspector? Is it just his imagination? The experience is clearly related to Ciara's death, but it is too unrealistic to be mentioned. Other than that, if you are a fan of music, you will love the full recording of Ciara's show too.

The Last Widow, by Karin Slaughter

It all begins on a hot night. A scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control is shopping. He ends up in the parking lot, but he is grabbed by a few individuals. No one knows what has happened. There are no clues regarding the kidnapping either, yet the authorities are desperate to solve this case and save the doctor.

The action moves on and time goes by. You are taken a month later, on a sunny Sunday. One of Atlanta's busiest parts covers a few hospitals, the FBI headquarters, a university and a few other important buildings. A big bang shakes the entire community – two loud bangs, one after the other. Some of these buildings have been bombed.

The story then follows Sara Linton and Will Trent, trying to investigate the case and figure out who is behind all these. Soon, they realize they have to deal with an enemy who aims to kill thousands of innocent people. But Sara gets abducted, so the case is compromised. Will needs to go undercover to save her, but also to prevent a massive disaster.

The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle, by Stuart Turton

This is a high concept mystery filled with murder plots, dramatic events and lots of suspense. Somebody will be murdered at a ball. It will not look like a murder, so no one will ever know the truth. The authorities will not suspect anything, so the murderer will get away with it. However, this evil plan can be prevented if someone actually does the right thing. Where is the catch then?

There is a ball – a celebration. Then, you have some fireworks. Then, the story goes to Evelyn Hardcastle. She is the beautiful daughter of the family and she gets killed. This is when the story takes an unusual day. The next day seems to repeat again and again. Every single time, Evelyn gets killed. Aiden needs to solve this mystery in order to break the cycle.

Whenever a new day kicks in, Aiden ends up in the body of a different guest. Identifying the killer may seem fairly simple, but small things change on a daily basis, so it becomes an impossible job. However, this is the only way to get back to normality. It turns out that Aiden is not the only one involved in this unusual turn of events.

I Found You, by Lisa Jewell

The story takes place in the beautiful lands of East Yorkshire, England. Single mother Alice Lake lives in a picturesque British seaside town – not the best weather, but the views are great and the atmosphere is quite friendly. Nothing special ever happens in there – a few tourists every now and then, but this is pretty much it. Until one day…

Alice gets out of the house to find a man sitting on the beach. He is right outside her house. She goes talk to him, only to realize that she cannot get too much. The man has no clue about his identity. Besides, he cannot really explain his presence on the beach. Alice finds it a bit scary, but against her own judgment, she decides to invite the stranger inside her house.

The action moves to London, where you get to meet Lily Monrose – she is only 21, but she has been married for a few weeks already. One night, her husband no longer comes back from work. But as she gets to talk to the police, officers tell her that this man has never existed – everything was part of her imagination. Are these two events connected? Is there something going on?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

You might have seen the movie or heard of it – but then, no movie will ever compare to the actual book. A second part of the movie was released, but it went unnoticed. The story begins 40 years ago. Harriet Vanger has disappeared from a family meeting. The meeting took place on a private island owned by the family. Her body was never found – no one knows what happened, but her uncle is pretty sure she was murdered by a family member.

He simply cannot get over the issue, so he decides to investigate by himself when he realizes the police is useless. He gets in touch with a disgraced journalist – Mikael Blomkvist – and hands the case over. The journalist is teamed up with a tattooed and totally uncommon computer hacker – Lisbeth Salander. The two decide to investigate further and find out what really happened.

The murder took place four decades ago, so many of the clues are gone. However, as they keep digging, they discover an incredible family history based on dark events and unusual happenings. The Vanger family is clearly secretive and the two investigators may end up causing some stir, so they have to decide between finding the truth and protecting themselves.

The Outsider, by Stephen King

You do not have to be a genius to know that Stephen King will thrill you with mystery, suspense and drama. But when someone else tells you the story, things tend to become even better. This novel is full of chilling adventures, as well as mysterious plot twists that will certainly surprise you. The book came out soon after the Hodges trilogy, which gained lots of appreciation – therefore, everyone was impatiently waiting for the next release.

The Outsider did not disappoint at all, becoming one of the best mystery drama audiobooks. The story begins with a dramatic event. An 11 year old boy is found dead. It was not an accidental death, but an actual murder. There are a few eyewitnesses around, as well as some forensic evidence. Pretty much every clue – including the eyewitnesses – point to a Little League coach, one of the most popular people in town.

The suspect is arrested and the whole thing is widely reported in the press. But then, he has an alibi. The police keeps investigating and it seems his alibi is right. The coach was out of town, indeed. Detective Ralph Anderson has two obvious situations – opposite, but real. Where is the truth? Could this man be in two different places at the same time?

Mystic River, by Dennis Lehane

This book follows a simple rule in life – everyone has threads around them. Pull a thread and everyone else around you will be affected. All in all, the story goes back to Dave, Jimmy and Sean. They used to be good friends when they were kids. Until one day… A car pulled up. One of them jumped in the car and the other two did not. Then, something terrible happened and their relationship has never been the same again.

Now, 27 years later, Sean is a detective investigating homicides. Jimmy used to be on the other side of the law, but he now has a small store. Meanwhile, Dave is struggling to maintain his marriage while dealing with demons from his childhood – the type of demons that would normally push him to do all kinds of horrific things. To make things even worse, Jimmy's daughter is found dead one day – she was murdered and the police must find the killer.

Sean takes the case over, without knowing that he would have to bring back childhood memories and go back into a world he wanted to forget about. His investigation does not go too well, so he ends up in a conflict with Jimmy. Jimmy's past outside the law pushes him to take justice into his own hands. Then, you have Dave. The same night Jimmy's daughter was dead, he came back home covered in blood and it was not his blood.

All That's Dead, by Stuart MacBride

Nothing beats the quietness and tranquility of the Scottish countryside, apart from unexpected and horrific things that might happen out of nowhere. Nicholas Wilson is a local professor with a good reputation – he is also known for his social media rants. He leaves the house one night to walk his dog – nothing special so far, he used to do it all the time. The only difference is he never makes it back this time. No one knows what might have happened.

Then, a second disappearance occurs in similar circumstances. While inspector Logan McRae is trying his best to avoid such investigations, the media puts so much pressure on him that he has to do it. All in all, he has two missing people, no dead bodies and not a single clue about what might have happened. The inspector has no idea where to start the investigation either. One thing leads to another and the person behind the problems shows up.

Body parts start arriving in the post. Someone out there is responsible for what has happened – no doubt about it. Different body parts arrive and tell the inspector that someone is trying to make a point. But then, what is the connection between the missing people? Why would someone make this point in blood? What are they trying to achieve? Bottom line, this book will give you some good chills, a bit of drama and lots of mystery.

The Lady In The Lake, by Raymond Chandler

The Lady In The Lake is a thrilling masterpiece and one of the best mystery drama audiobooks out there. It has a bit of everything, so it is less likely to let you down. The story begins quite slowly. Nothing seems to happen, yet private detective Philip Marlowe is the only hope that things could change – he is everyone's favorite choice when a body is found.

One day, the investigator is hired to find a missing lady. Derace Kingsley was married and nothing seemed to indicate a desperate move from his wife. However, he came back one day and found a note. It seems his wife went to Mexico to get divorced and marry some random guy named Chris Lavery. At least this is what the note said…

The first time the detective meets Chris, he denies everything. The second time they meet, he stops denying. The investigator has no clue what to believe. One thing leads to another and he ends up trying to find a mystery in the middle of nowhere, by a dangerous mountain lake.


Bottom line, these are some of the best mystery drama audiobooks to enhance your experience, whether you want a bit of mystery before going to sleep or you are after some dramatic suspense on a quiet afternoon – any of the above mentioned titles will make your day.

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