For the person who loves staying home, there are many great nerdy books to choose from. These books can provide hours of entertainment, while also keeping the reader engaged. Some of the best nerdy books for those who love staying home include the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Chronicles of Narnia. But these are too popular for real nerds, we simply know every of them.

In this nerdy book list we wanted to pick some unique titles, we hope everybody will find a new favorite. Here are some of the best nerdy books for you to enjoy!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams (2013)

From the author of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this is a new classic title filled with that exactly gritty humor we all love. In the first novel in this planned series, Douglas Adams was able to demonstrate exactly what a fantastic writer he is. It's his style, along with a number of well-implemented moments, that make this plot memorable.

Dirk Gently takes time to really get into the plot of the story, as it is quite twisted, turned, upside down. More than that, the original book was as good as the television series based on it. Adams's biting humor is present throughout the books and they're just as read, if you'd like to enjoy the same style of humor in the Hitchhikers Guide books.

Neuromancer, by William Gibson (1984)

This book started a whole series of cyberpunk novels. Not accidentally.

The story is narrated by Case, a previously unemployed computer hacker, about his encounters with a new employer called Armitage.

Molly, a mercenary cyborg, and Peter Riviera, a thief, are hired by Case, a stockbroker who makes frequent data thefts.

The trio goes to Sprawl, where they perform their first mission, extracting the Dixie Flatline plot from Sense network.

This nerdy book is a must read for the lovers of sci-fi thrillers.

#Nerd, by Cambria Hebert (2014)

Let's see the genre of nerd romances. As the cover gives some aid, this book is about a nerdy girl and the story follows her romantic adventures.

My all-time favorite brave, clumsy heroine is Rimmel. One of the special things about Rimmel is that she acts as a special factor in her life beyond unique positive or negative elements. She is a silent girl who tries to keep far from the limelight and pay attention to her studies as she aims to become a doctor on a full scholarship. Roman (or Romeo as everybody calls him) is a good-looking guy in the school quarterback.

To fulfill the requirements of her scholarship, the coach informs Romeo that he needs a tutor or he won't fit in hos sport team anymore. Seemingly, there are no other alternatives but partnering up with Rimmel.

This is a great read if you are in the mood of a good YA contemporary romance.

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl Series), by Eoin Colfer (2010)

Artemis Fowl may be the most brilliant criminal mastermind in history, he is a true ‘anti-hero'.

When his inherited wealth was lost, his father mysteriously disappeared, as well as his mother's sanity distorted from grief. Artemis faces with the task of getting the family fortune back, somehow.

This a book for middle grade nerd readers, who are looking for an engaging, action packed story.

Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell (2013)

Eleanor is the newest girl in town, and she's never felt more alone. All mismatched clothes, red-haired craziness, and tumultuous home life, she couldn't stick out more if she tried.

Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan are two teen stars living in the 1980s Omaha neighborhood of Nebraska, and they're both attempting to navigate complicated relationships while dealing with issues of first love.

I recommend this novel for a little bit older NA audience. Living in the 80s was completely different, reading this book will feel like traveling back in time, to a nostalgic nerdy world.

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy), by Deborah Harkness (2011)

This is a mystery romantic fantasy series for the lovers of magic.

Diana Bishop requests to check out an enchanted manuscript, Ashmole 782. Diana promptly realizes the authentic text is filled with real magic because she is the daughter of the first witch to be held over at the Salem witch trials. Diana, nevertheless, continues to avoid using her powers because of her memories of her dead parents.

Diana is the narrator for most of the book, but Harkness sometimes switches to third person to address viewpoints of Matthew and his son Marcus.

Ready Player Two (Ready Player One Series), by Ernest Cline (2020)

I'm sure you are familiar with Ready Player One, but I know a lot of people who missed the sequel of book one.

It's set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world of 2044, where oil has run out and violent climate change has devastated Earth, and people suspend their reality by spending their days within the OASIS. But technology steps into another level with the usage of ONI developed and sealed by Halliday. This device directly connects you with the OASIS transmitting all physical feelings into your nerve system using a single headset.

A new riddle appears. The riddle is about finding seven shards to restore the “Siren's Soul.” Wade has difficulty finding them, so he offers a billion-dollar reward to whoever can provide him with information on the shards.

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson (1992)

Protagonist Hiro first delivers pizza for the crowd in L.A. What he is hiding that he is also a brilliant hacker and sword-wielding hero, but he has a problem with socializing. That all changes, when a delivery postal order courier called Y.T. saves his back from a faulty delivery, he immediately feels the connection between them.

Hiro and Y.T.'s combined effort to gather information in the Metaverse will help them succeed jointly in the real world and virtual reality landscape.

Conclusion: Best Nerdy Books

There are many great books to read for nerds in 2022. Whether you are interested in science fiction, contemporary fiction, or fantasy, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a more extensive collection of book ideas, check our favorite sci-fi books of all time.

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