Every reader has an expectation and that goes for new adults too. New adult books are a developing genre that tells a story or develops its theme using an adult lens.  They often tend to focus on deep subject matters and how they are handled. They will usually develop concepts that new adults can read, relate with, and think about. They are meant to be impactful to a new adult and the ideas they portray may be dismissed or agreed with by the reader.

Most of the time they will outrightly depict issues such as departing from home, sexuality development, the negotiation of education and career choices, and a lot more. This genre has been able to gain a lot of popularity however it was originally ridiculed. Today, the writing style is different with themes being developed as fiction, fantasies, thrillers, and many more.

Here, we give you books that we feel are best suited for new adults of 2021;

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, by Holly Jackson

This is an addictive mystery crime book with unexpected twists and an unpredictable ending. Any fan of actual crimes will greatly enjoy this read. However, it is not just about who committed the crime. It is a story of a community, families, and a depiction of how a crime can turn these two against each other in no time.

Andie Bell’s story is known to everybody in Fairview. She was murdered by Sal Singh, her boyfriend, who eventually murdered himself. This was the only thing everyone talked about. Five years later, Pippa Fitz-Amobi saw that this tragic incident still haunted their town. Pippa knew Sal when she was young. He was kind to her. It is because of this imagination that Pippa could not lose the feeling that something more happened on the day of this murder. How could Sal possibly murder someone?

Being a senior, Pippa sets on reexamining this already closed case as her final project. Originally, she just wanted to get rid of the doubt that frequented her regarding the investigation. She interviews Andie and Sal’s friends and Sal’s brother who is now harassed and bullied because of Sal’s guilty verdict.

She discovers connected and dark secrets that could prove that Sal was not guilty. The investigation is not as easy as she thought. One of the Fairview residents does not want her seeking the answers. This mystery that she is set to unravel is eviler than she ever imagined to the extent that it ends up bringing the worst of her qualities. It becomes a risky situation for her own life.

But can Pippa deal with this rollercoaster that is her life and prove that Sal was innocent?

The Ex Talk, by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The Ex Talk is a well-crafted contemporary romance and also an emotional love letter to public radio. This is a book for any new adult who has at some point in their life felt that they were not good enough. The book shows the transition from the characters being enemies and later turned lovers.

Shay Goldstein is a Seattle public radio producer who has been in action for almost a decade and for her, working somewhere else is unimaginable. She has lately been clashing with a new colleague, Dominic Yun. He is freshly out of a journalism master’s program and believes that he knows everything that has to do with public radio.

Shay’s struggling station greatly needs a new concept and she has an idea. She gives a proposition for a new show and her boss is dazzled with excitement. On this show called “The Ex Talk,” two exes will be featured and they will be required to offer relationship advice to others on air. The boss’s decision is that Shay and Yun are an excellent host combination for the show. They immensely despise each other. Neither Yun nor Shay loves the idea of lying on-air and failure to agree, they risk unemployment.

The show gains a lot of popularity and within no time, it becomes Seattle’s must-listen show, climbing top of podcast charts. The more the show becomes bigger, the greater their deception. The reason being, they are falling for each other. For an industry based on offering nothing but the truth, if they are discovered, they risk more than just their careers.

Adulting 101, by Josh Burnette

Shape the adult you want to become early enough. This is a must-read for anyone who is just getting into adulthood with an outline of almost everything needed. If you are just graduating from high school or college, or are soon starting a career path, you need to grab yourself a copy. It is timely, impactful, and necessary.

Being in your twenties comes with a lot of dilemmas. This is usually the decade of transition and it comes packed with changes that we carry as we expect to figure things out by our third decade. It is very common for many people to get into this season of their life filled with doubt, unpreparedness, and anxiety. You mostly feel lost.

This book is about personal growth and it provides details of what healthy adulting entails. It will equip you with the essential tools for getting into adulthood. It also offers the reader the vital resources needed for fulfilling this purpose. The book has relevant and extensive research, relatable stories, insights from mental health professionals, and so much more. Adulting 101 will assist you to; honestly evaluate yourself, build up resilience, develop emotional and cultural know-how, form lasting and healthy habits, and determine signs of depression, loneliness, and anxiety and offer you input on how to cope with such situations.

The Heiress Gets a Duke, by Harper St. George

August Crenshaw is full of aspirations. Different from her peers, all she wants is to avoid marriage and keep managing Iron Works, her family’s business. When it becomes clear that her ways are not suitable for her to find a respectable suitor, her sister is offered to the highest and most entitled bidder-Evan Sterling. This however will not work, August cannot let Violet, her younger sister, get into a loveless marriage. Evan is not ready to walk out of his marriage. He has just earned the title, Duke of Rothschild, many lives depend on him, and most importantly, he cannot just let go of the fortune that would come out of the marriage to Crenshaw heiress.

When Evan meets with August in London, he realizes that Violet is not the heiress he desires. He now wants August, and according to him, he must get what he wants. Things take a twist as August is set on proving Evan wrong. She is not the typical London shrinking violet. She pulls several stances for the wedding to be called off, but this only makes Evan want her more.

August is the woman who will challenge his every move and does not simply agree to orders without a dispute. August is an independent woman who discovers disastrous truths about her life. She is aware of the circumstances that surround women in her society but does not surrender to them. Is August going to see the Duke’s reason and genuine care and get together? Can he convince her?

Wolfish, by G.K. Derosa

This is a romantic story loaded with considerate moments and heartfelt devotion and friendliness.

Sierra and Hunter have all odds piled against them. They are fated mates but their families greatly hate each other. They must try to survive the dangerous trials of being together and also remove an ancient curse.

The trials are starting and she must get her head together. The dilemma is, she cannot focus because she is obsessed with her mate. However, she has to. The bloodline secret is out and now her life is a risk. Her head is wanted by the supreme alpha. More to the trials, Sierra has to deal with the sometimes deadly and not-needed Lunar Pack advances. No one knew that this mate thing was a great deal. A fairy vampire and angel wolf hybrids are also involved. Sierra’s possessive mate is unhappy. Between side glances and stolen kisses, Hunter refuses to complete their bond if the curse is not broken and remains very jealous.

Sierra must put her mystical powers into work to win the trials and cure her mate. Lies, many secrets and deception come up and even the truth may not give the required answers. What will be the consequences of revenge? Can Sierra and Hunger break the curse for him to completely feel and experience the love he has for her?

One Little Lie, by Christopher Greyson

This is a story packed with love, immense greed, and despicable betrayal. In the story’s idyllic town, money speaks, gossip flows, and public opinion dominates. Read along to see how things get dicey for the heroine and see how everything is building up against her.

Kate was full of hope when she moved to her husband’s hometown. However, this domestic bliss did not last. What should have been a good life had now completely changed. Unpleasantly surprised by her husband’s public affair, she was determined to get custody of her kids and mend herself. During her son’s soccer game, she was hit in the head by a drone and this greatly shattered her self-esteem. The footage revealed that someone was following her. Falling for the detective on her case, she knew best not to trust any man making promises. The detective had vowed to protect her.

With things now getting out of control, Kate told One Little Lie. Her grandmother had however always warned her that “a lie was a welcome mat for the devil.” Having lied, her grandmother’s words were now coming to life. Everything Kate had worked on began to be revealed, alongside her sanity. She was now left alone, confused, and trapped in fear. Everything became a risk.

Can she untangle all the lies and expose her stalker, or will she risk losing everything, her life included?

The Essence of Nathan Biddle, by J. William Lewis

This is a coming out of age story. It excellently details the spaces that occur between dismay and hope, love and loss, and darkness and light. The moving story is well written and you will be hung up on the characters until your last page.

Nathan is a rising senior who finds himself entrapped in spiritual doubt and intellectual absurdness. This anxiety is causing him a unique psychological burden that he must carry. His uncle has committed an unspeakable and deranged act which he claims is a direct order from God.

All this family tragedy now haunts his family and follows Kit everywhere, worsening his already existing questions about life. When Anna dismisses his affection, he spirals into despair and destruction. His obsession for her blurs his decisions, good and bad. When he becomes a scholar, his junior year is a disaster. He must immediately work on his potential, failure to which, his college years will be questionable. He stops going for track practices and now he risks being cut from the team.

Kit makes an unreasonable decision to steal a truck and aimlessly speed along the highway. He gets into an accident that leaves him battling months of emotional and physical sickness. Now, he must reexamine his thoughts and the reality about life.

This is a new adult story about calamity leading to the discovery of fresh perceptions and new points of view.


Without a doubt, new adult books have become very popular and are essential for those who are just getting into adulthood as well as those that are already living their adult life. These books will offer a lot of input regarding matters and issues that may affect their particular audience.

Just like any other genre, they are now written highlighting different themes as fantasies, mysteries, crime, thrillers, and many more. If you are a new or young adult especially in 2021, you will need to read the books highlighted here for great insights.