Sometimes we need a change of scenery or to go beyond our imagination. Books are perfect for such moments, especially fantasy genres. Fantasy books transport us into an inexperienced world, and they have their way of ensuring we stay glued till the end.

The fantasy genre is broad, but a new adult fantasy book is ideal when you are in the mood for something more profound. If you yearn for new adult fantasy tales, check out our recommendations for the 2022 releases below.

What Are The Best New Adult Fantasy Books?

Faelaw, Autumn Stevens

Faelaw is one of the new adult fantasy books for anyone who enjoys stories about resilient heroes and quests packed with action.

Gwen Findlay has lost her last living family member. This happens on her birthday, and she is emotionally wrecked. Heartbroken, Gwen breaks down in her aunt’s residence. Amid her spiraling grief, she is taken to a magical world and the murdering jaws of a sea bear. She barely escapes with her life, but then surprisingly finds herself back in Toronto once more. A man she never knew awaits her return.

Gwen is informed that she is a prophesied hero selected to take down the traitorous Fey-King. She is not comfortable with the prophecy and is afraid that having to fight ruthless enemies in an unknown land could get her killed. Can Gwen survive all the cruelties she will encounter as her destiny unfolds?

Book of Night, Holly Black

Charlie Hall lives in a world where shadows can be changed for cosmetic preferences and entertainment and to enhance someone’s power and influence. Memories and feelings can be altered, but shadow manipulation has a cost, including the potential to take away time. A shadow holds the parts that need to remain hidden, and sometimes it has life.

Charlie is a con artist, but she works as a bartender to distance herself from the dangerous and mighty underground shadow trading world.

Her present life will become chaotic when a terrible character from her past shows up. Her future will become almost unclear and nonexistent.

However, Charlie is determined to survive, and she gets into a vortex of secrecy and murder. She is positioned against a cast of doppelgangers, shadow thieves, capricious billionaires, and her sister. They are all desperately trying to control the magic of the shadows.

Song of the Fae, Tricia O’Malley

Nolan is a royal warrior who cannot allow love to distract him nor destroy his future. His loyalties lie with his people and the Royal Fae Court.

Meanwhile, Imogen is lonely, distrustful, and refuses to accept she is attracted to Nolan. She realizes her feelings after Nolan steals her ship, forcing her to end up on a quest in which the Dark Fae oppose the good and magic rules.

The dark Fae is rising and ready to cause disorder upon Ireland's innocent people. They are determined to ruin the woman in the prophecy early enough before her magic discovery which may shatter their opportunity of claiming the throne.

Imogen is now caught up in the middle of the Dark Fae, and their power rise and Nolan finds himself needing to protect her more than anything. Are Nolan and Imogen fated, or are they fools?

Kagen the Damned, Jonathan Maberry

Kagen Vale is sworn by oath and is the palace guard’s trusted and feared captain. He is charged with protecting the royal children of the Silver Empire. However, one night, he is drugged, and the rest of the imperial family is murdered. The empire is left in ruins.

Kagen's gods abandon him, leaving him haunted, broken, and damned forever. That’s when he turns into a wanderer as he tries to take down as many enemies as he can. He also has a plan to assassinate the Witch-king of Hakkia. Amid all these circumstances, banished magic comes back strangely and in terrifying ways.

Kagen needs to exact his vengeance. But to do that, he must go into strange lands, fight odd and frightening creatures, and bring together a group of allies on his quest for a suicide mission in the Witch-king's empire.

The Book of Gothel, Mary McMyne

All her life, Haelewise has lived under her mother’s shadow. Hedda will do anything to protect her daughter, who the village has shunned due to her black eyes and strange fainting spells. Haelewise’s solace is in her mother’s stories about witches who stole children, princes who dressed in wolf-skins, and an ancient tower where women could find shelter if they were brave enough.

But Hedda dies, and Haelewise is left unanchored. Having nothing to stay for in her village, she flees to look for the legendary tower her mother told stories about. The place is called Gothel. There, Haelewise encounters a wise woman ready to take her in. Gothel is also a haven for Rika, a girl who holds a secret the church has tried to keep hidden. This secret will reveal a dark world packed with murderous nobles and ancient spells behind Haelewise’s known world.

The Monsters We Defy, Leslye Penelope

Clara Johnson can communicate with spirits. This gift rescued her when she was at her darkest but is now a curse. Clara is now indebted to the crafty world of spirits. A powerful spirit will offer Clara a chance to regain her freedom, and with no questions asked, she seizes the opportunity.

Clara is to steal a magical ring from the richest woman in the District, but she cannot pull off this heist on her own. She will need assistance from an unlikely team. An attractive jazz musician who can hypnotize with melody and an old actor who can pull off impossible things with a face change.

However, as they go through DC’s famous Black Broadway, the spirit world gets into a conflict that starts leaking into the human world. As a result, a treacherous mystery develops. It might cost Clara her life and even alter the fate of the whole city.

Final Thoughts on the best Touching New Adult Fantasy Books 

If you enjoy NA fantasy reads, this list's titles are imaginative creations to transport you on an improbable mental journey.

Check also our favorite YA book series, to find further titles worth reading in the upcoming months.

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