Readers and Japanese martial arts fans can familiarize themselves with ninja books. These books primarily have their plots developed using famous ninja traits.

In feudal Japan, ninjas were greatly feared for their espionage skills and assassination. They also had supernatural powers and were stealth weaponry masters with unique martial techniques.

Here is a list of our best ninja reads.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and Tom Waltz (2022)

This graphical novel is written by the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The story features a lone surviving turtle on a mission for justice.

Narratives could have expanded on, finishing with the protagonists' arrival at their third scene, since they may have neglected a very good plan of action, which may have led to the protagonist turning out to be aggravated. This comic may have ended at the tower entrance after a plan, or the omission of an excellent plan may have revitalized the character dynamics.

The following comic could have occurred shortly before the foolish protagonist was discovered about to steal the ladder and then finish in the company of an old companion, giving a few panels to introduce the sultry girl.

This book packed with action and adventure and ideal for post-apocalyptic ninja story lovers.

Mists of Iga, by Kyle Mortensen (2020)

In the middle of the warring states of Japan, only a small portion of a group of four shinobi are survivors of a scattered tribe. Nobunaga Oda, a legendary warrior obsessed with the unification of Japan, is responsible for the incident that left his village defenseless.

For the sake of revenge, two brothers decide to catch the previous associates of their father. Unaware of this, the shinobi are dragged into a mysterious adventure in search of a single legacy left by their deceased mentor that will change the fate of a nation.

An engaging account of ancient times, full of quotes from real people who have lived this history, packaged inside of an entertaining story of travel and adventure.

The Way of Shadows, by Brent Weeks (2011)

Durzo Blint sees killing as a form of art. He is the most accomplished “artist” in his city, and everyone seeks his talents.

Meanwhile, Azoth sees survival as unstable and uncertain. It is something you must never take for granted. All his life, he has been a guild rat and slum grown-up. Through his experiences, he had to learn the hard way to have opinions quickly and not invite any risky opportunities- risks such as becoming Durzo Blint’s apprentice.

However, for Azoth to be accepted, he has to turn his back on past life, embrace, and come to terms with a new name and identity.

Becoming Kylar Stern, he will have to learn about navigating the world of assassins. At least, that is the only way he can cultivate the inclination needed for death. But this is a dangerous world packed with politics and odd magic.

Across the Nightingale Floor, by Lian Hearn (2002)

Young Takeo is part of an undermined religious group. He returns to his village only to find it in flames. He makes it out alive after Lord Otori Shigeru’s swords save him.

Takeo is thrust into a different world with feuding clans, warlords, and political schemes.

He will become Lord Otori’s ward but find out something he never knew; he is a shadowy “Tribe” member by birth. This mysterious assassin group has unusual physical and mental powers, which gives the “Tribe” an unworldly air.

Takeo will eventually learn the craft and how to control his growing talents, and this will be the best time to avenge his mentor’s death. The Otori clan’s rivalries and politics will cause extremely graphic bloodshed as Takeo enjoys moments with Kaede.

But as per his destiny, the fetching lady will never be his. Not now and not days to come.

Jet Black and the Ninja Wind, by Leza Lowitz (2013)

Jet Black is unaware of one thing; that she is a ninja. She has never lived an everyday life, and a single mother raised her. Her life was a constant repetition of mysterious mental and physical training.

Jet will have to fight for her life after her mother’s death, becoming an orphan in mortal harm.

To fulfil her mum’s dying wish, she goes to Japan to stay with her grandfather. She discovers that she is the only protector of a hidden family treasure.

Jet is afraid, but if she doesn’t get into the fight meant to protect her world, who else will? Bounty hunters will stalk her, and the man she will also be eminently attracted to is the one sent to murder her. Jet must remain firm in protecting the treasure, preserving an ancient culture, and saving a sacred mountain set for destruction.

Ninja Girl Adventures, by Melissa Wilson & Phil Elmore (2020)

Fourteen-year-old Moira and her sisters know that their mother died in a car accident, and her dad has also perished under odd circumstances. Their New York idyllic existence is shattered after their father’s disappearance.

Moira is now left with her older sister Mindy, fifteen, her younger sister Marci, nine, and their dad’s best friend, whom they now call uncle.

Meanwhile, their father’s multibillionaire company is meant to go to their mum’s brother, Jiro. He, however, doesn’t know that Moira’s father changed the will for Moira to be the inheritor.

Things will take an unexpected twist, and Moira will find herself contending to unravel the family mystery and be in charge.

Jiro won’t let things slide. He is set up to rage war, and it is not the type Moira ever dreamed of. Their grandmother, who leads her ninja clan, saves the sisters, but Moira will have many questions.

Claws of the Cat, by Susan Spann (2013)

Master ninja Hiro doesn’t want to be involved following the brutal murder of a samurai in Kyoto teahouse. The teahouse’s beautiful entertainer is accused of the killing, but she enlists Father Mateo’s help, who Hiro protects.

Master Shinobi has three days to identify the killer for the priest to be spared from execution and the entertainer to be saved.

This investigation will plunge Father Mateo and Hiro into the perilous waters of a floating Kyoto world. There, they will find that everybody has a motive to conceal and keep the samurai’s death an enigma, from the teahouse’s elusive owner to the samurai’s dishonored brother.

Hiro will be left with numerous suspects and very little time between a female samurai warrior, a rare murder weapon preferred by ninja assassins, and a secret affair. Even worse, the ninja investigation will uncover many secrets threatening the teahouse, Father Mateo, and Japan’s future.


Whether you are a fan or not, check out our recommended ninja books to get familiar with the ninja appeal.

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