Most of us focus on improving the IQ level for a successful career. However, this is only a part of overall intelligence. The remaining part is what emotional intelligence covers, which plays a big role in adapting to different environments and maintaining diverse relations.

Luckily, there are established strategies for making you emotionally mature. You can easily find them in the latest books, which are as follows:

Manage My Emotions by Kenneth Martz

Suffixed by ‘What I Wish I'd Learned in School about Anger, Fear and Love,’ this book is dedicated to emotions. It is for those who want to come out of the emotional frustration due to restricted success as well as need a deeper comprehension of how emotions help in life. If emotions are limiting your success, this book tells you how to come out of it.

For this, it helps in analyzing a variety of emotions, ranging right from fear to love and compassion so that the reader can find out how they can motivate or disrupt us. There are diverse strategies in the book that help deal with the latter part.

The book provides simple scenarios or examples for revealing solutions for common concerns related to relationships, culture, communication, job, and substance use. With weightage to dealing with emotions, the aim is to strike a balance across the different emotions.

Mind over Brain: 4 Books in 1 by Justin Moore

This is a set of four books namely, Overthinking, Master Your Emotions, Change Your Brain, and Declutter Your Brain. You get a lot of material for changing your attitude for better mental as well as emotional health.

The Overthinking book shows you how to get rid of fear by staying in the present. It aims to prove that you are not the slave of your thoughts. The Master Your Emotions book helps in developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence (EQ), intentional living, and mindfulness. Even this one proves how you can stop being governed by your emotions and take them positively.

The Change Your Brain book helps in retraining your brain for motivation, courage, and good habits; while the Declutter Your Brain book helps to make your mind clean and organize your life.

Master Your Emotions by Jon Power

Dealing with emotions is not a skill or an art that we are born with. It takes time to comprehend them before tackling them effectively. It becomes tough to handle emotions in a stressful situation.

At the same time, it also becomes challenging to handle others’ feelings. It is vital to know a workaround or skills to handle these emotions. This is exactly what you will get from Master Your Emotions.

It is for those who are searching for a practical way to increase their overall understanding of their own and others’ feelings. It is a self-help guide on overcoming negativity and anxiety, stopping procrastination, and improving social skills with motivational techniques.

Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett

As a professor of a university, Marc Brackett has recognized that the astonishingly poor mental health of kids and luckily knows what to do. The latter part is what Permission to Feel exactly reveals.

As an emotion scientist, he has come with a highly effective plan to restore their lives to the original. It is in the form of a blueprint for comprehending emotions and utilizing them such that they help us to be successful.

His approach to imparting emotional intelligence is named RULER, which is an acronym representing the five important skills. R means Recognizing emotions, U means Understanding their causes and outcomes, L stands for Labeling emotions, E means Expressing emotions, and R stands for Regulating emotions such that they help in accomplishing goals. Sounds interesting, right?

The Buddha and the Badass by Vishen Lakhiani

Based on the author’s former book, ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,' The Buddha and the Badass shall uproot your deep beliefs (negative) about life, success, and work. Vishen, the author, has made his life and company his experimental, spiritual lab to decrypt everything to lead life and work.
The book aims at removing the modern belief that hustle and hard work are required for success. Rather, it tells you to awaken the Buddha and the Badass in you. The Buddha is the prototype of a spiritual master who lives but also moves with grace with inner awareness.

The Badass is the prototype of a change maker, a kind disruptor challenging the norms for being better humans. As you incorporate the skill sets of both, the entire living experience changes. Most of us will then start living with bliss, ease, insight, and abundance.

Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader by Christopher D. Connors

This is a guide to sharpen your emotional intelligence for inspiring, motivating, and understanding people around you who make you the leader in your organization. With it, you obtain many keys to business success by developing effective leadership skills by mastering emotional intelligence.

This intelligence is nothing but the ability to remain aware of, express, and control your emotions while dealing with interpersonal relationships compassionately during your leadership regime. Based on proven research, this book educates you about the foundation and aspects of high-EQ leadership.

The book has practical and simple exercises that you can use to develop self-awareness and empathy. You will also get familiar with some emotionally intelligent leaders and how they were successful.
Apart from knowing how to lead with top EQ and make it an integral part of your organization, the book also helps you find out your leadership style and its impact on the surrounding people.

Detox Your Thoughts by Andrea Bonior

This book is dedicated to analyzing negative emotions. As an esteemed clinical psychologist, Andrea Bonior has revealed the most common mental traps that increase anxiety and insecurity. For each of the traps, you get a novel habit to practice!

Andrea has spent several years in studying, practicing, and imparting the science of thoughts and emotions. In this book, the author reflects the latest research done for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness. It shows how to come out of the negative self-talk by changing your way of relating thoughts.

Andrea also decrypts the latest studies done in the field of neuroscience and psychology to conquer self-sabotaging thoughts with practical steps. By learning the tips of this book, you do not eradicate negative thoughts and emotions, but you learn to grow bigger than them and improve your emotional as well as mental life.

Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief by Claire Bidwell Smith

Do not allow the grief or anxious feelings to ruin your life; rather, make them your empathetic tools! This is what this book is all about! It is a revolutionary guide that builds the little-known yet important relationship between grief and anxiety and provides realistic healing strategies that go along the famous Kübler-Ross stages model.

A considerable loss and unsettled grief are the main foundations of anxiety, which is something that the author recognized while handling her therapy clients. With the help of real stories and research, the author defines both the emotions and suggests taking effective approaches such as retraining the brain and making changes.

By using real tools and managing strategies for anxious thoughts and panic attacks, the author builds the gap between these two emotions in a practical and empathetic manner.

If there's anything I can do by Caroline Voaden

This is a practical guide for those who want to make the life easier of a beloved one who is undergoing the pain of bereavement. Should I call but do not talk of the one who has died, should I leave them alone, or should I send flowers; such are the thoughts in your mind for helping that person. It means you feel unsure of how to help, which is normal.

To make their life easier although you cannot take their grief, the author who has passed through the pain of bereaved has written this book. After becoming a widow with two kids in 2003, Caroline has shared her experience of coping up after her partner’s death.

Empath Healing by Marc Goossens

This is a healing guide for the empaths who can then easily defend themselves from the negative and energies and toxic traits. It is an insightful book for those who feel overwhelmed by others’ emotions of others or are the victims of emotional or narcissistic abuse.

The author describes why you work in a specific way and how to heal yourself and others without any negativity or overwhelming experience. You will easily find answers to what empathy is, how to know if you are someone else is an empath, what are the myths and misconceptions about empaths, how to handle narcissistic and emotional abuse, and how to locate emotional and energy vampires from a distance to keep them away.

Most of the aforementioned books are based on some proven research or real-life experience. It is worth choosing the one that appeals to you the most.