What happens when a family death wreaks havoc among siblings? What would you do if the ‘peace-maker' of the family suddenly loses control? If the opportunity arose, would you agree to simply ‘burn the will,' sell the estate and split the proceeds? What would be your response when calling the cops and being told: “We're not coming out, unless there are bullets flying and bodies to count?” Elizabeth Caliente is faced with such propositions in Sherry Brantley's latest novel, ‘Best of Friends.'

Best of Friends,' has won two national awards for “Best Fiction of the Year!” Meet the ‘Fabulous Five,' as ‘Best of Friends' takes readers on a whirlwind excursion among five friends. Though often humorous, the ride is filled with lessons on friendship, family dynamics and strong relationships! You'll love connecting with the members of the ‘Fabulous Five,' as they deal individually and collectively with the drama that surrounds them!

A message from the author:

The Best of Friends trilogy was birthed from the antics of family members after my mother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. The antics are at times, comical and unbelievable, and had I not actually experienced them, I would think they were the writings of someone with a very creative imagination! It details many hurdles that most of us will experience in life: Challenges, setbacks, and opportunities to overcome obstacles. Ultimately the characters, upon doing some soul-searching and inner reflection and retrospection, learn what they're truly made of and must decided if the results are what they want to portray to themselves and to the world, or if they'd like to make changes in their lives to create a new path for themselves.

— Sherry Brantley

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