Origami is an ancient art that draws its roots to Japan. There, it is a significant component of traditional values. It is craft-based and entails paper folding to create representational shapes. This makes it fundamental for 3D folding techniques. The best origami books are the key to helping you master and better the craft. They typically offer guidance about creating origami models. They also feature required material, instructions, illustrations, and tips to help creators. Below is a list of our favorites, available on Amazon.

Easy Origami, by John Montroll

Talk about origami made easy just like the title of this book suggests. The book contains traditional and original models that will turn you into an origami expert in no time. The projects are easy to follow using the provided and well-detailed guides. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, you possess intermediate level skills, or you are an expert. This book caters to everyone and is very straightforward.

There are easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations for easy models like pinwheel, cup, and hat. There are also available ones for the creation of more challenging models like penguins, pelicans, and pianos. The twenty-four sheets of paper are of high quality to resist any tears and also to give clean lines and neat folds. To understand different folds, every sheet has sides with one color. Give this book a try. You may even develop a new hobby.

The Complete Book of Origami, by Robert J. Lang

 The Complete Book of Origami is the origami galore you have been looking for. You will be fueled with hours of enjoyment as you make unique creations. Whether you are experienced in paper folding, or you are just delving into the origami world for some fun, there is superb content. The book bears more than a thousand diagrams of detailed drawings to guide you. It also features thirty-seven captivating models that are well illustrated.

Robert is an origami art veteran, and through this book, he brilliantly helps lovers of the art. You will be introduced to the art’s history with hints about the materials and tools needed for folding symbols. There are step-by-step instructions that will direct you as you build your designs.

You do not have to wonder if you have made the desired creation; with every project, you are provided with photographs of the finished model. Start simple with a rocket, nun, or kangaroo, then advance to a dinosaur, dragonfly, or cicada. By the time you are done, you will be able to create action folds. This means remaking creations with moving parts like fiddling violinists, rowing ships, and flapping birds.

Incredible Origami, by Arcturus Publishing

Any fan of origami needs this book, whether a child or adult. It has easy and challenging projects to suit all ages and is perfect for paper folding fanatics. Through the book, you can discover how to transform a simple squared paper into an incredible piece. There are easy-to-follow step-by-step details to help you create different kinds of origami models. You will be able to create funky boats and various amazing animals, domestic and wild. It will also help you create gift boxes, and very stylish fashion creations.

Those who have nearly no origami experience are catered for in this book. The book includes colored illustrations alongside the guides and instructions given. What makes the instructions even easier to follow is the fact that you are provided with a paper that is white on one side and colored on the other. You can therefore tell and differentiate between the front and back. This addition also gives your origami projects extra dimension.

Japanese Origami for Beginners, by Vanda Battalgia

Japanese Origami for beginners is a book that gets into more details about Japan through paper. It helps you make traditional origami models that are simple yet fun. It features a kit that presents twenty models with many that have strong symbolic meanings in Japan. For example, you will discover the meanings of carp, crane, and frog. These folds are engaging and symbolize longevity, perseverance, and good luck, respectively.

The kit also has paper models that provide practical uses. Those that are into the playful origami side can use the guidance in this book too. There is a representation of the stylized sumo wrestler who has been a source of entertainment for Japanese children for a long time now, and you can make your own Samurai hat.

The book is aimed at origami beginners but the content it offers makes it suitable for everyone, regardless of age or ability. There are detailed instructions and diagrams with text to help you as you go along with your folding sequences, maybe one of the best origami books available on Amazon.

Star Wars Origami, by Chris Alexander

Imagine creating Star Wars models but with paper. This is exactly what this book helps you do. It marries paperfolding fun with Star Wars. There is nothing cooler than converting a piece of paper into Yoda, Boba Fett, R2-D2, Death Star, Princess Leia, and more. With this book, you can build all these characters using a custom designed paper that uses the movie's art for illustrations.

Chris is an expert and a master folder with a website that has Star Wars origami models. With that, you can be sure to make the best creations. The models illustrated in this book vary according to difficulty- easy, medium, and difficult. You can also find “tricky” models. The first section of the book will introduce you to basic origami folds and definitions.

To come up with creations true to the movie, the book comes with a unique folding paper with two sheets for different figures. This book is ideal for more experienced origami fans or anyone who likes a challenge.

Harry Potter Origami, by Scholastic

Experience the wizard world like never before with this book. Like the name suggests, this book has all that you need to create magical origami pieces incited by Harry Potter’s films. It will help you make Hogwarts, Howler, The Golden Snitch, Hippogriff, Fawkes the Phoenix, Cat, Owl, and a lot more.

Using the detailed instructions as your basis for creation, you will fold origami that varies in complexity. You will make folds from one lightning bolt, the easy level, to five lightning bolts, the tough level. If you are not well versed with origami, start from the beginning. Make use of the image illustrations, arrows, and the provided text to help you grow your skills. By the time Harry Potter fans are done with this book, creating objects, settings, and creatures from the film will be a walk in the park.

To make creation fun and better, the special sheets of paper are custom designed for every craft. There are photographs of the real and you can compare your creations with the pictures provided of how a completed project should appear.

Origami Extravaganza, by Tuttle Publishing

Make lots of fun and easy origami designs using Origami Extravaganza. The book is excellent for beginners but there is also something for everyone, including advanced crafters. It comes with a kit that has traditional and more modern origami models to keep you entertained. Everything is comprehensively put together. The folding models touch on a variety of topics like flowers, animals, celebratory designs, and beautiful containers. The instructions are direct to the point which makes them easy to understand. This is a bonus for kids and origami first-timers. Starting with the dozen projects in the book will have you build a substantial base and grow into an expert.

There are crisp diagrams to help you know that you are on the right track. The author has also gone ahead to provide helpful tips and the fundamentals of paper folding. You cannot run out of new and exciting origami ideas with this extensive guide.

The Joy of Origami, by Margaret Van Sicklen

The book celebrates sharing, which is the deepest origami tradition. But, that is not all there is to it, it adds a fresh and jazzy feel to the art. Origami is a brainteaser in paper and this book gets into details about the craft. It contains a variety of and mixes contemporary and classically inspired patterns. They range from easy to difficult ones to have you work your brain as you unleash your creative side.

The Joy of Origami includes a “prep” section that guides you on how to fold different folds and bases. The fifty-four models in the book include birds, beasts, hats, pinwheels, and others. The book comes with a hundred paper sheets and each one is bold and fun when working. The directions are well put with a variety of highlighted subjects. This is a thorough and fun book that you will always go back to again and again any time you want to create new origami designs.

Final Thoughts

The origami paper folding technique develops creativity and dexterity among fans. The development of this art is ideal for children and adults, experts and novices. Whichever category you belong to, if you fancy origami models, the books mentioned above are your go-to. If you are looking for books to motivate kids try our children's activity books list.

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