Horror has several forms but when such suspense is on a book page, it is the creepiest thing to experience. It can result in horror-induced sleepless nights. If you have already read some horror books, how about reading some latest, new books featuring different forms, ranging right from supernatural to psychological fear?

Here are these top books to read:

Don't Tell a Soul Hardcover, by Kirsten Miller

This is a creepy suspense tale about Bram Howland who runs towards ghosts instead of going away from them. Sound courageous, right? Bram wants to come out of her family's past and even from gossip that seems to worry her. So, she opts to move to her uncle’s place in the small town of Louth on the Hudson River.

Uncle James seems to revamp his old mansion but is disturbed by the ghosts around. Several months ago, aunt lost her life in a house fire that others around believe to be put up by her daughter. Now, this manor and the locals both are creepy; the residents of the town do not welcome outsiders such as Bram.

Every day, Bram learns that the rumors the locals spread are as upsetting as the surprises they hide. Of all, the most terrifying one is the legend of the Dead Girls that the locals keep spreading. These were the girls who lost their lives in the house of Bram. The eeriest truth seems to be that these girls may not have left the place. If Bram peeps into this haunted story, even she might not leave the place. So, what is she willing to do now?

The Harrowed Paths, by David Annandale

This book reveals the mysterious side of Warhammer fiction via a series of tales of dark evil. Somehow, an esoteric evil has woke up in the targeted worlds ruined almost by non-stop battles. No one knows how this evil arose; it could be due to the insane violence or it could be so that it has been there, concealing among impatient shadows.

However, now, the evil has started skidding and sneaking into the rubble and the lives of the living, those who fortunately endured the unimaginable. It yearns for the miserable, lonely, and the vanished, forcing them down their tragic trails, including an isolated historian looking for an ethereal ship and an old woman looking for a recovery in a harsh wilderness.

Such an evil setup comes from the lecturer of horror films at a Canadian University and an author of the Warhammer Horror novel, David Annandale. Will the evil win? Or will someone defeat it? Read the book to find out!

Dark Solstice, by N.P. Martin

This hysterical horror book comes from the author of the Ethan Drake series. What would be your reaction if a ghost asks for your help to hunt for a witch to take revenge? Well, this is what Dark Solstice by N. K. Martin is all about. The ghost of the deceased father-in-law tells Fergie Thompson that a witch had killed him and how wants his help to take revenge. Obviously, upon listening to this, anyone would deem this as crazy initially.

Even Fergie deemed so but then unwisely agreed to help. Fergie now has a goal to kill a witch before his ex-wife or his Northern Irish town or even the world could become her wicked target. Hunting for a witch is certainly not his cup of tea. However, the father-in-law is giving him a lot of money. Thus, without any skills, Fergie has stepped into an eerie sphere of witchcraft, cosmic horrors, and fatal ghosts.

Shadows' End, by Ron Ripley

A retired Marine Corps sergeant meets a disrupted evil boy to sojourn the ultimate evil in this story by Ron Ripley and Scare Street. Shane Ryan, who is retired is challenged upon encountering an impossible choice. With the belief that a good offense is the best defense, Shane along with his pals manage to fend off an uncanny attack at a neighboring orphanage and are now firm to find out the one who is responsible for the slaughter.

Well, the reality is quite spooky; the source of evil is a hopelessly spoiled young boy who has learned how to control the impatient spirits of the dead. Outstripped and encountering wickedness beyond imagination, the hunting group has no option but to fight their way via an army of spirits to get hold of this menacing child.

However, Shane is aware that there is only one option to end this terrifying trauma, which is to slay the evil boy down. Will Shane do this?

Ghost in the Headlights, by Lindsey Duga 

This is the story of a school girl who encounters an annoyed spirit on a road of a small town in the mood for revenge. She is Brianna Jenson who moved to the rural Pennsylvania town with her unkind uncle Shane just to find out that a frightening town ghost is awaiting her.

While daily walking from school when the sun starts to set behind the drooping twigs of Shadowrun Road, the girl starts hearing the footsteps that seem to follow her but are of no one. Soon, she sees a car coming on this narrow road with glaring lights and running over her. At this terrifying point, she realizes that the car has no driver.

The girl, showing courage, probes into the incident that occurred on that haunted road and learned about a tragedy that was never settled. So now, will the little girl go into the depth of this eerie mystery and solve it before the ghost takes revenge? Find out what the author, Lindsey Duga, has to say about it by reading this book.

The Boatman’s Daughter by Andy Davidson

Can you recall the debut book of this author released in 2017? It was In the Valley of the Sun wherein vampires were hurled into a western setting. However, this one is a totally different world of horror awesomeness.

The famous horror author, Paul Tremblay, has tagged The Boatman’s Daughter as a “lush nightmare” wherein a young lady faces both human and supernatural forces that are all set to disrupt her fully. It highlights the dark aspects of humanity due to which the lady is forced to take a dangerous path to save her loved ones from the ancient forces.

Do you need to know anything more? No, right? This book makes you pass through a witchcraft-driven nightmare on the swampland.

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Yes, this is a haunted motel! If you have ever encountered something scary at any hotel or motel in real life, this title is likely to grab your attention first. The story is quite good!

Viv Delaney, the aunt of Carly Kirk and working as a night clerk at this motel suddenly goes missing, as something strange and mysterious happened. This happens in 1982. In 2017, Carly Kirk visits the motel to only learn this mystery still prevails. So, what it could be? Spooky ghosts? Read and find out!

Miscreations by Josh Malerman, Theodora Goss, et al.

Having a foreword by the iconic Alma Katsu and edited by Michael Bailey and Doug Murano, the Bram Stoker award-winning editors; this book shows what happens when giants are made out of ourselves. Perhaps, this is why it is named ‘Miscreations’.

Surreal beings sway in our darkest fantasies, nasty beasts pursue our warped pasts; they are nothing but vengeance and vicious obsessions. Read the book if you want to know what the seven authors have miscreated in their visualization to end up with something truly unnerving and eerie. You may end up recognizing a monster within you! Yes, it is that scary!

The Deep by Alma Katsu

Imagine if you were on the iconic ship of Titanic where the environment becomes eerie once it starts sailing to show you sinister events such as sudden deaths and stealthy disappearances? How would you react? Well, this is exactly how this book impacts you. 

After all, the author is the one who had written The Hunger and has won an award too. From this author, you now get a fiction story of sinking Titanic along with its doomed sister ship, Britannic, with a supernatural twist.

The book skillfully combines paranormal activities with one of the biggest historical catastrophes. The Deep is an exploration of how our selections can push us inevitably toward our fate.

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

The title itself is spooky, isn’t it? Yes, there is a faceless old woman who has haunted the modern-day Night Vale. When alive, her life was full of twists and turns: upbringing in the underworld and plotting as revenge for betrayal before dying and traveling as a spirit until set in Night Vale.

The book narrates a movielike tale, which forms a distinct horror story featuring a female protagonist. The events put you into a smart world of ups and downs, heroes and foes, shocks and laughs that holds your attention only to experience a horrible end.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

Does the terror of Dracula still horrify you? Well, then this one is worth reading with a brave heart! Based on the setting of the popular novel dedicated to this vampire in the 90s, Steel Magnolias encounters Dracula in this saga.

Patricia Campbell’s struggling life is threatened when James who is a neighbor’s nephew steps into her home. He is actually a monster, which Patricia realizes later. Obviously, she fights to make up a bloody tale, which is ideal for fans of Stephen King.

Grady Hendrix is one of the most thrilling authors who almost gifts one new release every year. So, it becomes very interesting to think about what would be his next horror tale.

The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni

Anyone would be happy to receive a wealthy inheritance, right? How it would be if it is a noble title, money, and a palace in Italy? While it seems truly a prosperous sign, there is the dark side. Yes, this is a mysterious inheritance for Alberta Bert Monte.

She starts to feel like a dream come true with a private jet taking her to the castle below Mont Blanc, valuable vintage wines left, collection of precious jewels bestowed, and portraits of ancestors bequeathed. However, this wealth comes at a price, which is a ghastly misery.

So, as the book’s name suggests, the tale has dark family secrets wrapped under the eerie gothic fear. From the universally bestselling author of Angelology comes bewitching suspense that plummets you into the secrecies of human genetics and the unexpected load of spooky family inheritance.

Devoted by Dean Koontz

Consider reading this book for enjoying the perfect blend of thriller, mystery, and monstrous suspense. An evil giant is now set to attack a mother and her boy after killing his father who is believed to die in a bizarre accident.

The mother has no clue but the boy believes that there is an evil behind the death of father and now is behind him and his mother. The boy is getting an unknown support from an ally who is listening and favors him.

Now, the wicked plan is into action. What will happen? Will the mother and boy defeat the evil? Read the book to know the answer.

All these paranormal, supernatural stories are nerve-chilling. So, which book will you read first?

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