Romantic comedy is a highly liked book genre in the 2010s. It has a special entertaining feeling that couldn't be replicated by any other genre.

We collected the best rom com books from 2019 and some older (from the 2010s) peaces if you feel to read more from romantic comedies.

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

friendship military

This book is full of romance, humor, talk of soulmates and future. But it has also depth of the story: an extra layer of emotions. If you are new to this genre, it is a really good book to start with.

Jimenez's next book will be available in 2020.

Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey


We laughed a lot on this story, well written. The book features every rom com movies from the 90s that we loved. If you have no clue about the book's story than it would be a perfect pick for your. We had a lot of discussion in our bookclub, and those who had expectations doesn't enjoyd this book as we did.

Other Woman by Sandie Jones


Another excellent 2019 novel from the author Sandie Jones. We was hooked almost immediately and it is a book that is hard to put it down. The characters are just like you and me. 27 years ol Emily is unlucky with love until she had a chance meeting with handsome, intelligent, funny young guy Adam. The chemistry was perfect from the beginning, and life seems to be happy again until Emily met Adam’s mother, Pammie.

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes


Great characters who talk to each other and listen to each other and most importantly respect each other. When they mess up, there are consequences they have to work through. It was warm, charming and a great read.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

friendship family

The first book of “Me Before You” trilogy and definitely one the best rom-com of the 2010s. You maybe watched the movie, but expect more from the book. It filled in so much more of the emotion the film could barely touch on.

A bit about the story. Will was hit while crossing the street ending the extremely adventerous part of his life and leaving him a quadriplegic. His friends disappeared and Will was stuck moving back home with his parents living a very simple life where he basically sat in his chair staring out of the window during the day. Louisa had a simple life supporting her parents and her sister but suddenly she lost her job and had to find something. She accepts a job as a caretaker for Will. They are like oil and water at first but time passes and their emotions change.

When you are deciding between women's fiction books, you should definitely focus on what you’re interested in. Humor is an essential part of our everydays this is why rom com is a favorite niche in our book club.