Romantic comedy books are highly liked in the 2010s. It has a special entertaining feeling that couldn't be replicated by any other romance genre. But this love for good rom-com novels never stopped, and a lot of great books and authors emerged from the nothing in the recent years.

Why Do We Love Rom-Coms?

While it seems that chick-lit books slowly replace the rom-com genre, there are plenty of reasons why we love romantic comedies.

I must say that they're always filled with hope. No matter how dark and cold the world may seem, romantic comedies remind us that love always conquers in the end. They're also a great way to escape from reality. When you're feeling down about your own love life, it's nice to curl up with a book and watch as two people fall head over heels for each other.

But perhaps the biggest reason we love rom-coms is because they make us believe that anything is possible. In real life, it's not always easy to find your soulmate. But in a romantic comedy, anything can happen. And that's why we keep coming back for more.

We collected the top rom-com books to offer new entertaining stories from recent years. The list is in reverse chronological order.

What Are Top Selection of Rom-Com Books?

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Funny Story, by Emily Henry (2024)

Daphne's romantic narrative with her fiancé Peter unravels when he falls for his childhood friend, Petra, leaving Daphne alone in his picturesque hometown of Waning Bay, Michigan. Struggling to adapt, she secures her dream job as a children’s librarian but barely makes ends meet. In a twist of fate, she becomes roommates with Petra’s ex, Miles, a man as disorganized and heartbroken as she is meticulous and guarded.

From their initial avoidance, a fragile friendship blossoms, leading them to stage misleading photos of their summer together for appearances. This facade unexpectedly forces Daphne to confront the possibility of finding love in the most improbable place: with her ex’s ex’s ex, challenging her preconceptions about starting afresh amidst the complexities of intertwined past relationships.

The Rule Book, by Sarah Adams (2024)

Nora Mackenzie's career as a sports agent teeters on the delicate balance of managing Derek Pender, a famous NFL tight end and her hot college ex, who seeks revenge for their messy breakup by becoming her first client. Their professional relationship is a battleground of wills, with Derek intent on making Nora's job a nightmare as a form of payback.

However, an impulsive night in Vegas changes everything, leaving them married and blurring the lines between personal vendettas and professional duties. This twist of fate challenges them to navigate their complex feelings and intertwined careers, potentially offering them a chance at reconciliation or the ultimate test of their individual resolve.

The Do-Over, by Lynn Painter (2023)

Emilie Hornby is having the worst Valentine's Day ever. She seeks solace at her grandmother's house and falls asleep, only to wake up and realize she's trapped in a never-ending time loop where she relives the same horrible Valentine's Day over and over.

Each day she watches in despair as her unfaithful boyfriend, Josh, betrays her, and can't seem to escape the mysterious presence of Nick, who keeps crossing her path in unfortunate ways.

But as Emilie relives the same day, she starts to discover glimmers of hope and joy amidstBut as Emilie relives the same day, she starts to discover glimmers of hope and joy amidst the heartbreak. She becomes curious about the power of second chances and the limits of how much someone can endure. With each iteration, Emilie inches closer to finding the way out of this time loop, but she can't help but wonder what will happen when the do-overs run out.

Will she be able to break the cycle or will she be stuck in this nightmare forever?

Happy Place, by Emily Henry (2023)

A heartwarming and humorous novel by Emily Henry, where a former couple attempts to navigate their annual vacation with friends while pretending to still be together.

Harriet and Wyn were once the epitome of a perfect couple, but now, five months after their break up, they find themselves in a complicated situation. They are sharing a room at their friend group's annual retreat in Maine, where they'll be spending a week with the people who know them best. With the cottage up for sale, this is the last time they'll all be together in this special place. But as they try to keep up the facade of being a happy couple, old feelings begin to resurface and the line between pretend and reality begins to blur.

How will they navigate this emotional rollercoaster and what will happen when the truth comes out? Get ready for a wild ride full of laughter, love, and drama in this captivating novel.

Making the Deal, by Shelby Mackenzie (2022)

Making the Deal is one of the best rom-com books released this year if you enjoy a wholesome, dramatic, and mildly spicy romantic read. Shelby captivates you with an impeccable plot and entertaining writing style that will leave you tearing with laughter.

In her book, you find Rayna, a beautiful fiery woman with a successful litigation firm doing tremendously well. The firm’s success leads her to bag an offer of a lifetime to partner with a large law firm guaranteeing her more money, power, and success.

Meanwhile, Jax has poured his heart into making this new deal happen. He is a charming top corporate shark who confidently knows what he wants in a relationship and how to get it. But as soon as these two meet, they instantly loathe each other and constantly piss each other off.

This book is an enemy-turned-to-lovers rom-com, and if you want to find out if Rayna and Jax’s strong repulsion is made weaker by the merger or whether it is pure attraction and feelings triggering the dislike, get your hands on this one. The book’s spice and heat are to die for, and the dialogue is even more satisfying.

By the Book, by Jasmine Guillory (2022)

If you enjoyed the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, this meant-to-be story will have you hooked. The characters are intriguing, and the plot is fun. You will love the slow-burn tension between the characters, and their chemistry will even compel you not to give up on love. You will enjoy their flirtations and probably read this book in one sitting.

By the Book tells the story of a beautiful woman Isabelle who is completely lost in her world and doesn’t have the motivation to work anymore. At 25 years old, she never imagined that she would still be at home, having the same publishing job she got into right after college. As the only black firm employee and a young editorial assistant, Isabelle has to push herself to improve.

Being overworked and underpaid as you watch your career disappear into thin air is devastating for anyone. So, when Izzy overhears her boss whining over a beastly author who hasn’t met the deadline for submitting his manuscript, she takes this as an opportunity to secure a promotion.

She heads to Santa Barbara to give Beau Towers a nudge and a pep talk to deliver his manuscript on time. Izzy has to be kidding herself to think she can pull this off since Beau is a hard nut to crack, closed off, withdrawn, and jaded in his writing.

As time passes, even with his standoffishness, Izzy convinces and encourages Beau out of his block with her bubbly personality, and he gets a breakthrough for his book. They realize they are both similar in many ways as the deadline nears, drawing them even closer together.

Book Lovers, by Emily Henry (2022)

Nora is a relentless literary agent at the top of her profession. She has spent her entire career between books. Charlie is a gifted editor who has a knack for composing best-sellers. And Nora's rival at work.

Nora has come across numerous breakups by means of which she's become knowledgeable that relationships are very significant for man prior to the moment they get to their perfect everyday.

Nora's sister advised her to visit Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, for a month's vacation. It's the picture-perfect setting for a romance novel, but the goal of Nora isn't to encounter Charlie instead some handsome lumberjacks, lovable doctors, and alluring bartenders. But life has another idea.

Things We Never Got Over, by Lucy Score (2022)

Naomi was not just running away on her wedding day. She was on the way to the rescue of her estranged twin to Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges town where partitions are settled the old-fashioned way.

Naomi and Knox's first encounter with each other did not turn out well. But from Naomi's and Knox's second meeting, they could generate a great deal of heat. A chemistry between them was burning powerfully. I liked their playful banter and the way they sparked each other's curiosities. There was an awesome chemistry to their growing relationship with off the charts inflammatory chemistry.

On a Night Like This, by Lindsey Kelk (2022)

When I first started reading this book, I had no idea what to expect. It started with Francesca, Fran, the main figure, stuck in a rut and bound by life with her fiance. Fran is suddenly taken for a ride aboard a deluxe yacht, where she is enlisted as a guest under a false name. Strange as it seems, they bond and get along like they used to be when they interact. Fran, however, has no idea how long she'll be stuck here with no means of coming home.

I think that my favorite part of this book is that there's not emphasis on the romance. It is about a girl who realizes that she has to go whole hog and take care of herself for once. This story was a Cinderella parable, but it was also about friendship and finding true love.

The Paid Bridesmaid, by Sariah Wilson (2022)

The title sounds familiar, but trust me you have no idea what will happen in this story. After the author went deeper into story, my skepticism went away.

As each day goes by, Rachel and Camden are learning more about each other. Camden thrives on blood-a-thons regarding secrets. Plus, he keeps Rachel increasingly wary of her “Do not get too close to coworkers at work” rule.

Rachel made a career from being a bridesmaid, though perhaps there's a possibility she'll be a groom someday?

It Happened One Summer, by Tessa Bailey (2021)

Piper Bellinger is known as a fashionable, influential, and infamously wild child. Whenever way too many champagne and an out-of-control rooftop party lands Piper behind bars, her parents decide enough is enough. Piper has not been in Westport for five minutes when she meets big, bearded sea captain Brendan, who thinks she will not last a week outside of Beverly Hills.

You may get this feeling when you're really captivated by a book and read it in one day. This was my experience with this work, which brought my imagination just far away from my problems. A truly entertaining rom-com book for the lovers of the contemporary romance genre.

The Ex Hex, by Erin Sterling (2021)

Rather than being a regular young lady like all other witches, Vivienne Jones tended to wallow in grief for nine years. She committed herself to treatments including alcohol, followed by traditional recipes including tears, loud wailing, and bubble baths. And to bad boyfriends.

Rhys Penhallow, ancestor of Graves Glen, broke many hearts, and just asly beautiful was he as he was, has returned to Graves Glen, Georgia. Suddenly, Alingerton Is attacked by wind-up toys, a furious ghost, and a talking cat with some interesting statements. Vivi and Rhys have to ignore the prohibited chemistry between them in order to save the city and reverse their friendship's damage before the distemper spreads.

Roommaid, by Sariah Wilson (2020)

Madison Huntington hopes to achieve her aspirations. That entails rejecting her family's wealth and influence together with saying no to the family business, her allowance, and her home. Madison is confident that she can fool Tyler Roth enough to accept her forgery. She is rich and privileged, and navigates the same social circles as her parents.

When her aunt introduces her to the good-looking Tyler who is searching for a room mate in his house to help him clean and look after his dog when he's away. Madison feels lucky to.

This easy-to-read novel, which is full of romantic back and turns. It was clear from the beginning where this story will finish. Nevertheless, it was a entertaining read, and I enjoyed it.

The Friend Zone (The Friend Zone Book 1), by Abby Jimenez (2019)

This book is full of romance, humor, talk of soulmates and future. But it has also depth of the story: an extra layer of emotions. If you are new to this genre, it is a really good book to start with.

Kristen's medical circumstances contributed to an even greater degree of the interest in the story, and the differences concerning Josh began to develop. Throughout it all, Josh remained kind and thoughtful, and there wasn't anything I didn't like about him.

The Friend Zone has you reeling from one belly-laugh to the next as it handles issues such as infertility and loss with cool narration, heart, and a generous quantity of sass.

Waiting for Tom Hanks (Waiting for Tom Hanks Book 1), by Kerry Winfrey (2019)

We laughed a lot on this story, well written. The book features every rom-com books from the 90s that we loved. If you have no clue about the book's story than it would be a perfect pick for your. We had a lot of discussion in our bookclub, and those who had expectations doesn't enjoyed this book as we did.

I make an effort to select books to my book club without reading them, but I selected this book without seeing it and decided to read it. I was glad I did and will take pleasure in discussing it.

Other Woman, by Sandie Jones (2018)

Other Woman will make you feel uncomfortable on every page, unsettling you in the disturbing psychological thrill of Sandie Jones' story about a man, his new girlfriend, and the mother who will not let him go.

Another excellent 2019 novel from the author Sandie Jones. We was hooked almost immediately and it is a book that is hard to put it down. The characters are just like you and me. 27 years ol Emily is unlucky with love until she had a chance meeting with handsome, intelligent, funny young guy Adam. The chemistry was perfect from the beginning, and life seems to be happy again until Emily met Adam’s mother, Pammie.

Among rom-com books Other Woman has a unique story, which is worth a try.

Evvie Drake Starts Over, by Linda Holmes (2019)

Eveleth “Evvie” Drake lives in a sleepy coastal Maine town, and since her husband's death in a road crash one year ago, she's been reluctant to leave her house. Almost everyone in town, even her friend Andy, believes she doesn't leave her house because of her grief over the accident.

Great characters who talk to each other and listen to each other and most importantly respect each other. When they mess up, there are consequences they have to work through. It was warm, charming and a great read.

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes (2013)

The first book of Me Before You trilogy and definitely one the best rom-com of the 2010s. You maybe watched the movie, but expect more from the book. It filled in so much more of the emotion the film could barely touch on.

A bit about the story. Will was hit while crossing the street ending the extremely adventurous part of his life and leaving him a quadriplegic. His friends disappeared and Will was stuck moving back home with his parents living a very simple life where he basically sat in his chair staring out of the window during the day. Louisa had a simple life supporting her parents and her sister but suddenly she lost her job and had to find something. She accepts a job as a caretaker for Will. They are like oil and water at first but time passes and their emotions change.

Final Thoughts on Rom-Com Books

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many people find themselves in the mood for something light and easy to read. If you're looking for a few good books to add to your winter reading list, you can't go wrong with a romantic comedy.

When you are deciding between women's fiction books, you should definitely focus on what you’re interested in. Humor is an essential part of our everydays this is why rom-com books are so close to us. If you are looking for more books check out our chick lit selection.

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