When you have children, you cannot ignore the help of children’s books. I personally need them to put my children to sleep, keep them engaged while I’m doing some chores, or help them understand specific issues.

I have books from different children's authors, but Terance Shipman has really come through. You won’t know why until you try the Terance Shipman books for children below.

The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm (2022)

Mahalia and Malcolm are confident that they are not part of the typical African American family. However, this is not something to stop them from being kids and loving their family.

When a masked stranger invades their home, they set off on a daring but brave adventure for their family’s rescue.

Mahalia and Malcolm struggle with anxieties and fear. Still, they discover they have a wide range of superpowers and incredible family secrets Douglass and RedTail 1, the family’s robot and aircraft, respectively.

But the most crucial discovery for the siblings will be the immense courage needed to keep a superhero family together.

The First Day of School (Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles) (2018)

Starting school comes with different feelings for children. Most of them feel excited, but they also feel anxious. The First Day of School helps children learn more about the first day using an excellent story. It is a fantastic story about the excitement and wonder of joining kindergarten.

Dewayne is about to join kindergarten and has just come back to the house after shopping for some of the required supplies. In this story, kids join his mother and sister as they help him make out what he is about to encounter and how Mr. Shipman makes the experience unforgettable.

December Celebrations (Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles) (2017)

One day after school, Dewayne goes into the kitchen fast, waving a letter from his teacher. The letter is about the celebrations that come in December.

Dewayne’s mother and sister, Banicia, help him make out what is about to happen as she recalls Mr. Shipman’s efforts and care. He was Banicia’s kindergarten teacher.

This story talks about how Mr. Shipman plans the celebrations to make them fun for everyone. It is educational and multicultural to teach children about Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah celebrations.

The book is filled with beautiful illustrations that will get your child excited and provide a freshness to the holidays.

Field Trip to the Farm (Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles) (2021)

Field Trip to the Farm introduces young ones to all the things that a farm has while helping them learn about life on a farm. The book explores the Ramsey farm and its wonders to give an entertaining story for kids.

Children are taken on a farm excursion by bus, and they get to enjoy all the animals on the farm, like cattle, horses, and pigs. They also enjoy lots of treats, good music, and delicious farm food.

The book features beautiful illustrations which will make your child want to experience farm life.

For those who live on a farm, this is a perfect way to familiarize your young one with life. But even for those who don’t, you will find the book equally important.

The Field Day (Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles) (2020)

The Field Day is a book that teaches and familiarizes children with sporting events. It is field day in Laster Elementary, and Dewayne is training for it for the first time. Then Banicia talks to him about her experience in Mr. Shipman’s class.

The book helps children understand the most prominent sports in their life and will make it fun through the beautiful illustrations. In addition, it will stir up pleasant memories for older ones reading with their children.

This book is instrumental as it will help you to talk to your child about the emotions they might be having when preparing for a field day. But it will also show them that field days are fun.

ABC (Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles) (2020)

The alphabets are crucial for every learning process beginning from a young age. But many children still struggle with the alphabet and don’t seem to get them right. However, ABC is an excellent alphabet book that your child will want to read repeatedly.

It has various visual pictures to help the young ones learn visually, and they are pointed out. It will also be an excellent way to help your child learn about sounds.

The book is perfect for those starting to learn about sounds. It is quick, simple, and fun. Apart from letters and sound introduction, the book inspires kids and families to love life and smile.

Ruby Smiles (2021)

Ruby Smiles teaches children about responsibilities, the importance of relationships, and being a good companion. The book introduces children to Ruby, a lovable and energetic dog. It also celebrates Ruby’s relationship with Mr. Shipman, her companion.

The two love spending time together. They go for walks and greet their neighbors, and Ruby enjoys the rubs Mr. Shipman gives her. Ruby is the house's dog and ensures that the place is safe. She loves her job and does it happily.

The book uses repetitive sight words, which will help your young one become a fluent reader, and it also features colorful and lively illustrations.

Guns! Guns! Guns! (2019)

This book is an essential have in schools and households. Talking about guns to children can be a sensitive topic for parents, guardians, and teachers. But Dr. Cheryl has excellently taken care of that in this book to make the discussions and enlightening children easier.

The book is about gun safety, and children are taught why it is essential to protect themselves and others from guns. The author passes the message in a way children will understand. She uses toy guns which is what children can relate with. The illustrations are lively, and children will enjoy them as they learn why they must stay safe.

Final Thoughts

If you are part of any child’s life, try adding any of the books on this list, if not all, to their collection. You will be happy you did.

The article was composed to celebrate 5th year anniversary of Team Shipman Publishing.

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