To many, TikTok is nothing but a waste of time. You know it, but you love it. It keeps you entertained on a break in work, before going to bed or when you get some time to kill on public transportation or while in a queue.

TikTok can become quite profitable too though. As you start gaining hundreds of followers, they turn into thousands if you are lucky. That is when you start thinking about monetizing your account and making some money out of it.

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Whether you are trying to get your first thousand followers or you are pushing for 100,000 or more, here are some of the best TikTok marketing books on the market.

TikTok Marketing for Viral Sales, by Anastasia Olson

This our number 1 Tik Tok book will teach you everything you need to know about growing your account overnight. It does take a bit of patience, but things will flow very nicely if you do everything by the book. You will find an exclusive cheat sheet – perfectly allowed tough – that allows you to use the platform like a pro.

There are a bunch of strategies to save you hours on a daily basis in terms of marketing and growing the account. Find out what it takes to come up with viral posts and discover some of the best-rated ideas to come up with interesting videos worth being shared.

TikTok ads are also discussed in a different chapter. You will get a step-by-step guide to set your profile and optimize it by the book. Basically, this booktop TikTok takes you from day one and turns you into an expert before you even realize it.

TikTok Marketing Made Easy, by Hillary Scholl

This book will introduce you to some of the techniques used by various top marketers in order to maximize their advertising efforts. Everything is explained – why they do this and that, how they do it and what they can do to maximize profits. It is simple and straightforward.

With hundreds of millions of users all across the world, TikTok has become an incredibly good opportunity for marketers to make money. Businesses, self-employed individuals or just popular people have rushed in to grab a piece of the pie – you should get in as well.

You will learn what it takes to create converting videos, how to increase your audience in a natural manner, how to increase sales and actually make money while having fun. Many of the methods exposed in this book are tried and tested – they just need to be applied the right way.

The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Marketing, by Scott James

Scott James has written one of the most detailed TikTok marketing books out there. If you are interested in making some money, marketing for your own stuff or just becoming the image of a business, this book is for you. It will show you that TikTok is more than just a time-consuming app for teenagers.

You can introduce people to a new business or product. Getting close to a billion users worldwide, TikTok is definitely an impressive market. Find out how to find your passion in TikTok, discover the potential of your profile and maximize it for great efficiency – you might as well become a verified user.

The author also discusses more professional tools and features that will help in the process. Obviously, TikTok is not the perfect platform for every type of business. But if your ideas match the concept of the platform, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

TikTok, by Matthew Evans

This book has a relatively simple purpose that anyone can understand – it will teach you how to reach a million followers and how to actually monetize your account and turn this social media platform into a powerful money-making tool. It works for others, so it might as well work for you too.

So, what are you going to learn from this Tik Tok book? First, you will discover the most important – and often overlooked features of TikTok. You will find out how to get started the right way in case you are a complete newbie, you will learn how to build a brand and how to draw positive attention.

Later on, as you gain experience, you will discover some bulletproof ideas and techniques to increase the popularity of your brand and jump on the latest trends. Finally, learn what it takes to become an influencer and boost your revenue. It takes a bit of time and work, but it is totally doable.

TikTok Marketing, by Balthizar Allitur Shieto

This is another great booktop TikTok to ease your venture on the latest hype in the social media industry. The desperate need for exciting content will put you on track and provide a solution to this constant demand – you just need to push the right buttons.

Being successful in TikTok is not easy, as most people try to become popular using ideas that would make sense. Without knowing what to look for and how to maximize the benefits of certain features, it will never happen. This is why some people go rich overnight and others struggle in mediocrity.

You need to know how to attract the right demographic, talk for a young audience and turn a random post into a viral one. Whether you run a business or you want to become a brand yourself, there are countless opportunities if you follow each step – one thing at a time and a bit of patience will take you there.

#okBoomer, by Markus Rach

This is an experiment that will show you how easy it is to become a TikTok influencer if you do everything by the book. The author has written one of the most detailed TikTok marketing books based on a personal experience – from no followers to over 27 million views in about six weeks.

The author is a marketer, entrepreneur and researcher. He was amazed by the growing success of TikTok – a social media bomb that literally exploded. Therefore, he tried to figure out what made it so popular, so he came up with an experiment. He started in January, 2020.

His goal was to get a million views. He got more than 27 million views within six weeks only. Quite alright for a complete newbie, right? This book shows you the steps he went through, the ideas and research that pushed him into the right direction – something that everyone can learn something from.

Tik Tok 2021, by Matt J. Marswood and Tom F. Cowell

Interested in becoming a TikTok influencer, but not sure how? This book will give you all the details you need. This book talks about TikTok, the reasons behind its popularity and how it works. Once you understand the principles, you will figure out what works in order to make money.

It all begins with the registration and pushes you towards more and more audiences. The book provides accurate and step-by-step instructions to ease your job. It will show you how to use major platforms – not just TikTok – in order to gain notoriety and go viral.

It makes no difference if you are pushing to market for a business or a company. You might as well try to become a brand yourself – everything is possible on TikTok. You need to be original and appear interesting to your followers – this is what you will learn.

The Tik Tok book is suitable for all audiences, including influencers who already have a good reputation, but feel like they are stuck. It is just as handy for newbies who are just discovering TikTok and its incredible features.

TikTok Marketing, by Adrian Praljak

TikTok came out of nowhere and became hype in today's social media industry. It is a fun experience with lots of videos in different domains – comedy, theories, conspiracies, guides, how-to tutorials and so on. It is time consuming but also useful and great when you want to kill a bit of time.

Now, while most people are happy to follow others and get access to quality content whenever they need it, some others want to push a bit more. This book is for that small percentage of people who want to make the difference. It is for those who want to stand out in the crowd because they have something special to say or share.

Whether it comes to promoting things, launching a business, turning your name into a brand or just gaining an audience to make some money later on, this Tik Tok book will take you from the registration and turn you into an influencer – suitable for all audiences.


Bottom line, these are some of the best-rated TikTok marketing books out there and for some good reasons. There are a few influencers behind each of these books – some of them as authors, while others as the direct results of following the advice. No matter how inexperienced you are, these books will help you become a prolific figure in the social media network of the moment.

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Promote your book in a Tiktok list video Find Booktok Influencers

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