Time travel has continuously been used to develop central themes for books or devise a story's plot. Books that are themed on time travel will focus on depicting the results of the character's time-travelling into the past or the future.

The principle presumption of time travel stories frequently involves changing past occurrences intentionally or accidentally and how alterations to the past change the future or the present upon the traveler’s return. Best time travel romance books will focus on romance as the main theme.

What Are The Top Time Travel Romance Books?

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is a historical fiction book by Diana Gabaldon, first published in 1991.

The story begins in 1945, when Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is on a second honeymoon with her husband Frank in Scotland. While visiting a standing stone circle, Claire is suddenly transported back in time to 1743. She finds herself in the midst of dangerous political and social upheaval in Scotland, where she is considered an outlander and is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a young Scottish warrior, to protect her from being arrested as a spy.

As Claire navigates her new life in the 18th century, she struggles to reconcile her feelings for Jamie with her love for Frank. She also becomes deeply involved in the Jacobite risings, a series of political events in Scotland that sought to restore the Stuart dynasty to the British throne.

Throughout the series, Claire and Jamie's relationship evolves as they face many challenges and adventures together. They also have to deal with the fact that Claire is from the future and Jamie's time is not her time, and the fact that Jamie is wanted by the Redcoats. The story is set in Scotland, France and America and covers a period of 20 years.

The series is known for its rich historical research and its blending of genres, including romance, historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. The books have been adapted into a television series which has been highly successful.

Finding Lorena, by Michael Bartos

What would it be like to go back in time and live all over again, with what you learned and finding out what happened when you lived?

Connor Grace is hit by a car in Charleston and finds herself young again as a teenager in the late 80’s. In his young self, he finds the woman he is aware will become his lover and tries to correct his past wrongs. Miraculously, he is not the only one who has come back from 2018. He is also allowed to meet his mother, who died of cancer and his friend Oscar.

Connor was troubled by these deaths, and he is now allowed to keep away these premature deaths as he tries to understand the turbulent times he went through. What makes this time travel story unique is that Connor still has the memory of the life he had already lived. His knowledge appeals to other people, and his relationship with Lorena is honest and touching.

In this delightful read, time travel, charm, and a journey of self-discovery are unified into creating an adventurous, romantic story. Finding Lorena is an instant page-turner packed with twists. You will enjoy the characters used in developing impeccable storytelling.

Time Change, by Elyse Douglas

Time Change is the kind of book that will have you hooked right away. You will fall for the characters, and you will be compelled to follow them throughout the book in a quest to find out what happens to them in this captivating time travel romance story.

The year is 1948 when a celebrated actress, Rita Randal, comes across a strange man in her photographs. In 2019, Clint West, a writer, also comes across a strange woman in his photographs. The two occupy a beach house years apart, where they meet face to face in a very unusual moment.

Clint is trying to move on after his wife’s death, while Rita has left LA after a deadly confrontation. When they see each other in the photos, Rita is troubled, and Clint is bewildered. Clint delves into and finds out about time travel experiments performed in the 1940s. He meets with Oscar, who had previously been a time traveler and used time portals. Rita is wandering by the beach when a blue wave pivots and takes her to 2019(the future). She meets Clint, and their lives are incessantly changed.

Time After Time, by Lisa Grunwald

Who would not want to be transported to a different time when the world becomes too much? Even better, romantically. Time After Time is a magical romance story that will sweep any reader from the 1920s era into World War II and further. Influenced by Nora Lansing, a woman who vanishes from Grand Central Terminal, this one is a must-read.

Nora is a socialite and aspires to be an artist. When she meets with Joe, she appears to be out of place. He is captivated by her but is now hopeless when she disappears after trying to walk her home. His life and love’s focus now becomes finding her. Later, they form the “Terminal City”, where they create inexhaustible love and fully maximize the use of this space. When the construction of a different landmark impends their future, their love and freedom limits are tested.

Time After Time is an accurate illustration of historical fiction with a delightful twist. It is a blend of history, time travel, and a splendid romance not dependent on time.

Trapped in Time, by Denise Daye

What should a modern woman do the moment she finds herself trapped in the past without a prospective future? Find out from this tale of resilience, Trapped in Time.

Emma has sworn to never fall in love after she and her mother escape her brutal father. She has returned to school to further her studies in medicine, and she has better and bigger things to focus on. One day, heading home from a party and slightly drunk, a car’s shiny white light crashes towards her. She wakes up in 1881 Victorian London instead of a 21st-century hospital and is now trapped in a time where anything she knew is thought of as witchcraft. It is a tough world for a woman who bears no status or riches. The bigger twist is that to survive, she must get married and marry well.

When the devised plan she had with her friend Lily does not go according to plan, she is caught up with John Evergreen and his family. She must marry the most powerful, feared and disgraceful England duke, William Blackwell. Being a modern woman, Emma comes up with tricks and uses her knowledge to remain ahead of society’s game. The twist is that what starts as a fight for her life may just become her opportunity to find true love.

This time travel romance book will keep your tension high from the developing twists. However, this is a story of the power of love and strength.

The Prophesy, by Kim Sakwa

If you love a time travel love story with staunch lovers and filled with hysterical humor, get yourself The Prophesy. The storyline employed will seamlessly carry you across centuries until fate unites the strong and likable characters. The creative plot connects Scotland’s 1500s with the 21st century.

Gwendolyn Reynolds has a secure and stable career path being a well-established surgeon. She, however, feels very restless and is frequented by repetitive dreams. An inner urge leads her to leave her job and go on a soul-searching trip to Scotland’s coast. During a storm, she is forced off the road and violently enters the icy waters. When she resurfaces, she meets Greylen MacGreggor, a Scottish laird that she is destined to meet.

Greylen is waiting for an old prophecy in which he is to meet the woman he desires to come true. He could never have imagined or expected her to be from the 21st century with an aggressive temper. The moment he touches Gwendolyn, he confirms that she is the one destined for him.

Sparks fly between them, and they find out that their fiery fate could be powerful and fatal. Is it possible for them to overcome time differences and find legitimate love?

When Lightning Strikes, by Kathryn Kaleigh

For lovers of historical time travel, this one is a must-read. When Lightning Strikes is an appealing time travel love story with a Cinderella twist. This book defies time and will alter your expectations as a reader regarding romance built upon time travel. The gripping and page-turning story will keep you yearning for more. It will make you believe that true love can conquer anything, even time.

When a modern girl goes back to her hometown, she is employed in a local historical house. The house has a lingering good-looking ghostly appearance haunted by a female ghost that the colonial man can only see.

The moment Hannah Sinclair is taken to her past, she finds out more details about her childhood other than the secrets. She realizes an overlooked time in a world with a homely sensation and a man who steals her heart with a kiss. What comes after? Find out in this intriguing story.

A Wagon Train Weekend, by Stephenia H. McGee

The characters in this time travel romance book are unintentionally sent on an adventure which will reveal their weaknesses and also assist them in growing their strengths. Collette Donaldson and Seth Stone had been in a relationship that was not working out well, and when they are transported back in time, they get to know each other and realize that they need God and one another.

Collette should never have introduced her boyfriend to her family nor taken him to her cousin’s wedding. After one terrible weekend, all Collette wants is to go home and work out her messed up relationship. They fight, have a flat tire, and are also inconvenienced by a storm, being forced to stay the night in a Victorian Bed and Breakfast inn. When Collette comes across her antique photo, the situation shifts from weird to unthinkable. Seth had been ready to propose, but now he is in great doubt.

They wake up in 1857 but are now stranded in a wagon train headed west on the Oregon Trail. Seth is hell-bent on getting home. However, they can only get out of their past by confronting the problems that are stealing and affecting their future. This is when they start getting to know each other better and rethinking their marriage plans.

Tangled in Time, by Barbara Longley

Regan MacCarthy inherited a gift from her Irish ancestors to see ghosts but wishes to give it back. As she attempts to return this power, she goes to Ireland to employ the ancient magic that pervades Newgrange, where a gorgeous warrior awaits her. He claims to be an old Celtic warrior and swears that he is not dead despite Regan believing he is a ghost.

Ahead of being cursed to a fae princess, Faelan was an elite Fionn MacCumhaill soldier. To free himself, he must fall deeply in love and sacrifice himself. The dilemma is, he is not recognized by many. Regan, however, is attracted to him and sees him, especially for his complexity. Faelan must work to persuade Regan to help him even as he falls for her. It is too late when he realizes that drawing her into the world endangers them both. This may lead to the destruction of his long-awaited happiness.

Time of the Rose, by Bonita Clifton

Madison Calloway’s life is filled with despair. She is downhearted following her divorce but has directed all her energy strength in her travel agency. She is from the 21st century and is visiting Jackson Hole for business. Here, she meets a gunslinger at a shooting exhibition, and his skill captures her attention. He claims he is from 1878.

Colton Chase is pursuing his parents’ murderer. A mysterious flower takes him to more than a hundred years into the future. He is ready to explore his relationship with a good looking and feisty stranger.

They are drawn to each other, and Colton persuades Madison to spend a day with him. By accident, she returns to his time where he protects her, claiming to be his wife. Madison is reluctant about the whole situation, and Colton agrees to help her go back in her time, but he must first follow a lead for his revenge. As Madison tries to help him, she gets captured.

Will he be able to save her? and if so, can she choose to stay, or will she want to go back and leave him behind? Find out from Time of the Rose.

The Sunstone Brooch, by Katherine Lowry Logan

The Sunstone Brooch is an instalment of the incredible Celtic Brooches series. However, this one gets better and better. You will want to dive in as much as possible. The character development makes you feel like family with the adventure filled with much joy, love, and mystical mysteries. The dangerous adventure changes the characters’ lives risking the survival of the Celtic Brooches and the Clan.

Ensley Williams is getting ready for a dinner date with James Cullen Fraser and her cousin George Williams. As she goes through her jewelry box to choose a piece to add to her outfit, she picks a sunstone brooch that once belonged to her late mother.  Inside the brooch’s stone is an engraved inscription.

The moment she recites the words written in Celtic, she is taken into a scented fog and to the 1885 Dakota Badlands. There, she meets Teddy Roosevelt on his ranch. She is not in a hurry to return to the future as being on a ranch is her liking. James Cullen finds out that she has discovered and decides to keep his trip to find her from the family.

Ensley wants to go on a round-up while James visits the MacKlenna Farm to “borrow” gold. He ends up leaving Ensley with Roosevelt, and as she faces ranch struggles and challenges, he fights an evil force that throws him into a crucible that could bring the MacKlenna Clan down.

Falling through Time, by Nancy Scanlon

Since Fates determined that Reilly O’Malley would be the trainer and leader of a time-travelling clansmen group, he has been sure of everything. He has been to all physical and verbal battles, certain that he will emerge a victor. He lives up to all the titles given to him, confident that he will never die.

Since he met with Gwendolyn Allen many years ago, she has been in love with him. He is her best friend. However, her dreams are shattered when she accepts that Reilly may not reciprocate her love as he is focused on moving on, and somehow, he has.

Reilly is exhausted by living according to the Fates directives, and for weeks, he and Gwendolyn find themselves together. The Fates now choose to leave, and all that Reilly knows is strongly shaken. His other abilities begin to fall through time, and he may have to start trusting something else and not fate. Probably love.

Highlanders Captive, by Mariah Stone

This time travel romance book is for lovers of dauntless warriors, witty heroines, and appealing historical details. Amy MacDougall, a search and rescue officer from the future, has had several fears since her childhood and is lost in the past. She fears relationships, tiny and dark spaces.

When she is a chaperone for a school trip, she must face her fear of tiny spaces to save a student in a dungeon. A magical rock throws her in 1307 AD. There, she shockingly meets Craig Cambel, a powerful and attractive Scottish warrior. He declines to trust anybody; his sister having been kidnapped and abused by Amy’s clan. Cambel and his clan trusted Amy’s clan before. When he discovers her, he becomes established and locks her up to keep her away from warning his enemy. However, when Amy proves to be helpful to Craig and his people, his mistrust starts turning into desire.

Amy tries to find her way home, but her fear to commit is now vanishing, and she falls for Craig. Craig finds out about Amy, and his doubts are reignited.

Will, the disparity of centuries, break them apart, or will they concede to destiny and build themselves a happy future?

Final Thoughts on the best Time Travel Romances

Best time travel romance books are highly engaging and intriguing. Their explanations as time travels give an “imperative distancing effect “that metaphorically allows fiction to communicate present-day romances. This aspect and sometimes the paradoxes and opposite timeliness created are what makes these books enjoyable reads. Also if you are into historical fictions, check out our selection from 2020 and 2021 books.

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