Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson found some interesting things in the science of motivation.

She created two test groups, the first was the “bo-good” (demonstrating how good they are) group and the second one was the “get-better” (learning constantly) group.

For some participants in each group, Halvorson also increased the difficulty level by introducing a few challenges. She interrupted participants to use up some of their allotted time. She threw in extra, unsolvable problems to frustrate them, without telling participants that the problems were unsolvable.

What surprised Halvorson was how the two groups dealt with the challenges. The ones in the “get-better” group remained unfazed and solved as many as problems in the challenging conditions as the easy ones. They stayed motivated and kept trying to learn. The ones in the “be-good” group, however, were so demoralized when they faced the challenges and obstacles that they solved substantially fewer problems than those who didn’t have to face them. And those differences happened just because of how the initial goal was framed.

1. Define Goals With True Meanings

Performance goals like have 10.000 visitor a day, is a good goal if you own a site, but it does not have any meaning. If you sell clothes because you will know that your customers will be more attractive is a nice meaningful goal. Go back to roots “why” you doing this or that, find

2. Have A Vision – Do Not Have A Work, Have A Mission

Imagine the ideal world that you would like to live in. In a vision everything is possible, there are no barriers. Write down imagine your vision, wake up if you would like to achieve it.

Most people just “work”, but there are a some people who see their job as a mission. They believe in what they do.

3. Forget Money As Motivating Factor

If you boss would offer you more money you won't work better just harder. Money is not a good quality motivator, because it has not got any explicit meaning. Working better could happen when you care about what you do, when you feel your work is important.


4. Get Better Every Day

Choose an aspect in your life to get better every day, it could have anything, not just work related.

5. Lets Do A Walk, Go Out And Move

It makes not only more motivated, but also more creative.

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6. Get A Definite Next Step, “Find Hope”

Most of the people find motivation because a beautiful weekend is waiting for them, it is a Definite Next Step, a hope. However you could find similar next steps in your work.


7. Get A Partner

Are you less motivated, your partner could push out from the mood in just one second. People could motivate each other in a long term, and could help to each other when there is a problem. Being lonely with a problem is extremely stressful.

8. Do Not Forget What You Achieved So Far

Most people say “I am worthless”, however they have a very nice family with a house, they have happy life. What you have achieved is something that nobody could steal from you. It is yours.