Often described as modern fiction, the urban fantasy genre is a mix of fiction with the action taking place in more recent times, such as the past century. Readers can expect intriguing stories and supernatural elements, yet this genre can take different approaches. For instance, you can find urban fantasy drama or action books, among many other types. All in all, here are some of the best urban fantasy books with a touch of mystery to trigger your imagination with some incredible plot twists.

Trial of the Lovebird Butcher, by Lumen Reese

The action takes place in New Haven, Connecticut. A local antique dealer and part-time magician – Edward Fox – is charged with three different murders. The murders took place in the 1980s, but he was only a child back then. He is not going through the best time of this life, having to deal with alcohol addiction and no future prospects. All in all, his trial gained huge attention from the media.

On the other hand, the story also follows Maggie Stowe. She is a local private investigator and also a night owl. She has been on Edward's case for a few months already, chasing him around. She is definitely a feminist, and she hopes Edward's victims could get the justice they require. However, her reality blurs out of nowhere, and she is no longer certain of whatever is around her.

The trial is completely unusual. Edward is presented as a good man who has been around humans for ages – a great entertainer during the peak of his career. But is he really the killer? How could a child commit such horrific murders? As the detective tries to dig more details, she finds out that there is more to Edward. What is the outcome of the trial, then? Only one way to find out…

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, by V. E. Schwab

Addie La Rue makes a pact with a demon. She becomes an immortal, but such a great advantage comes with an even greater price. Not only does she trade her soul in, but she is also deemed to be forgotten by everyone she runs into. She meets people, but they will forget who she is before she can develop an actual relationship with them. She becomes no one – no one knows who she is.

Addie leaves her home from France and starts a journey all over the world. She meets all kinds of characters, and they all forget about her in no time. No one remembers anything – plus, everything she owns becomes history only. She is definitely a muse for people she meets, but the hard time occurs when she starts falling in love with them – she knows they will never remember her.

Addie has no choice whatsoever. But things seem to change one day. She ends up walking into a bookshop from Manhattan, and she runs into a man who seems to remember her. Is the pact over? Is she still immortal? One thing leads to another, and her life seems to get back to normal, but then, she realizes that her fate will always chase her around.

The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern

The circus comes in town out of nowhere – no one knows anything about it. There are no prior announcements either. It just shows up without prior warnings. Tents show up with their attractive striped canvas, and noisy entertaining booths pop up. This circus is known as Le Cirque des Reves and believe it or not, it is closed during the day. It only opens up at night.

There is more to this circus, though – a deep competition behind the scenes. Two young magicians have spent most of their lives with the circus. Celia and Mark have been under consistent training since they were kids. They have no idea about it, but they are in a competition – only one of them will be on the stage. However, love inevitably kicks in, and things do not always go as planned.

It is hard to tell whether the love is true or not. One thing is for sure, though – they do have to play this game. Somehow, everyone is involved in it, from the actual patrons to other performers. The book may seem a bit unusual. It is seductive and rich, but at the same time, it has a plethora of plot twists that will easily hook you in. Who is going to survive in the long run?

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

Shadow is close to getting released from prison. He is looking forward to meet some of his old friends, but especially his wife – Laura. Unfortunately, his wife is killed in a car crash. There is a lot of mystery around it – a few things simply make no sense, while the police are deliberately pushed in the wrong direction. Something is obviously fishy in there, but no one can really tell what it is.

Flying back to his home, Shadow makes a new friend – Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday is basically a refugee from a different part of the world. He refers to himself as a former god, but also the king of America. It sounds a bit crazy for Shadow, but the two bond and get together in an attempt to find out what happened. Their journey takes them all across the country.

Meanwhile, they have no idea about it, but a massive storm of massive proportions is about to kick in. It is probably the most powerful storm ever recorded. There are a few things that may not necessarily make sense straight away. But as you keep reading, you will practically look into the heart of America. You will be amazed by what you can find in there, as well as the outcome of this incredible story.

Storm Front, by Jim Butcher

No one can really beat Harry Dresden at what he does because no one really does the same job he does. He is the best in the industry and technically, the only one. One day, the experts at the Chicago P.D. known on his door with an appealing case that beats them – a case that involves mortality and creativity at the same time.

Harry is the man to go to if you deal with something that involves magical things. If something cannot be explained, everyone turns to him. This is when he does his magic. He is a wizard, and he can catch anyone and anything. There is just one issue though – the business is not the best in the world.

All in all, the police reach to him regarding a double murder. Based on most clues, there was lots of magic involved in these murders. In need of money, Harry takes the job right away. However, the case is not as easy as it seems, and things may turn against him.

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

This is one of the best urban fantasy books with a touch of mystery and horror, as well as the first book in the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy Thompson is known as Mercy among friends and not only. She is a VW mechanic living in Washington.

She is also a so-called walker – someone with supernatural powers who can turn into a coyote when needed. Her neighbor is a werewolf, and her ex-boss is a gremlin. Meanwhile, her newest project implies repairing a bus for a vampire.

This is what Mercy's world looks like. She deals with all kinds of creatures and not always in a bad way. Mercy's connections with everyone around her are mild and direct. But then, things are about to change to 180 degrees, and her world goes upside down.

Fated, by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus is part of an unusual world. He is responsible for a magic shop in the heart of London. Furthermore, he also has some magical powers himself, but he is too far from being a professional magician.

Alex has one gift though. He can see the future. He can see things before they happen, so he takes advantage of some amazing opportunities – things that are less likely to happen, but they do after all, with incredibly low odds.

One day, he is approached to open an ancient relic, and he knows that no matter what is inside, it must be very powerful. He can see his future, and he knows that taking this job can literally kill him – what is he going to do then?

Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris

At a first glance, this book may seem a bit common – nothing special is about to happen. However, things quickly escalate, and a few plot twists will hook you in straight away. The book follows Sookie Stackhouse's story.

Sookie is a cocktail waitress in a tiny town from Louisiana. She is passionate about vampires, and one day, the vampire she has always dreamed about walks in.

She is in love with him, and the two seem to begin a romantic venture. However, having a vampire boyfriend will not be her brightest idea, as the future will teach her.

Bottom line, these are some of the best urban fantasy books with a touch of mystery to try out. Some of them may seem predictable at first, but a plethora of plot twists will give you unexpected endings.