Wicca is a modern pagan religion with deep roots into the oldest traditions and standards of paganism. While often referred to as a religion of the earth, wicca has numerous adepts all over the world. It is a peaceful religion that sees things in a different manner. Whether you are interested in the actual religion or you like exploring new concepts, here are some of the best paganism books out there.

Miracles of Our Own Making, by Liz Williams

This book is ideal for those interested in the expansion of paganism in the modern world. It also explains what paganism means and what it implies – from druids and occult rituals to actual witches and healing charms. The book features a historical approach to paganism before digging into modern expansion.

It is mostly aimed at the British Isles, which have strong roots in paganism. It begins in the ancient magic in Britain and moves on to contemporary and cosmopolitan landscapes. It explores the beliefs of different cultures, such as druids or Vikings, but it also analyzes the alchemy at the Elizabethan Court.

Liz Williams goes further than that and also debunks some popular myths from science, art and literature. The book revolves around magical practice and it analyzes its expansion from the past, as well as its potential growth in the future – definitely a must-read for those with a bit of interest in this field.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, by Raymond Buckland

This is one of the most popular wicca books out there and a must for those who are genuinely interested in this religion or culture, rather than those who are simply curious. If you are after general knowledge only, this book will not give you a satisfactory result – it is mostly aimed at those who believe in wicca.

The book revolves around modern wicca. It is comprehensive and goes into very small details. It also comes with step-by-step instructions and guides for those interested in witchcraft. It analyzes old fashioned rituals and beliefs, but it also discloses how they have evolved overtime – spells, healing, herbalism and so on.

Raymond Buckland explores wicca at a solitary level, but the practice can also be organized in groups. It is a workbook and it also comes with some exam questions at the end of every lesson, only to ensure you are properly trained.

Wicca for Beginners, by Lisa Chamberlain

This book goes in two different directions. It is excellent for those who want to learn more about wicca, but also for those who want to discover how to get more involved and actually start practicing. While advertised to be an introductory guide, it is very well detailed and actually goes into the depth of wicca.

As wicca gains more and more notoriety, plenty of people ask themselves – how do you start? The book answers all the potential questions you might have, becoming one of the most detailed and comprehensive paganism books.

Find out more about the rituals, core elements, holidays, altar requirements, tools, principles of spells and magic and so on. Believe it or not, the book even comes with a master spell that is suitable for beginners.

Wicca Book of Herbal Spells, by Lisa Chamberlain

Lisa Chamberlain has definitely gained some reputation with her wicca books and this one can easily stand out. It features both simple and complex spells that can serve a purpose with joy. Discover herbs, their powers and how they work together.

Learn more about different recipes and spells. Some of them barely require a couple of ingredients, but you can also find more comprehensive spells. Altogether, there are 52 rituals, spells and crafts to introduce you to wicca.

Some of them are suitable for success, while others are more appropriate for wellbeing. No matter what you are after, wicca can help you get there.

The Green Witch, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

The Green Witch will help you discover what it takes to do magic and heal yourself with flowers, herbs and essential oils. It is a green witchcraft guide that will give you a sense of relaxation and wellbeing – just as handy to help you reach your goals.

At its core, the book is a natural healing guide. The author embraces nature and understands that the earth and the universe have incredible power. Gems, stones and plants come together for guidance – the only problem is that people are too blind to see all these.

The book will teach you everything you need to know. It is based on things you can find anywhere around you, so there is no need to buy expensive gems or find rare plants. It shows just how far plants can take you.

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft, by Skye Alexander

This is one of the most detailed paganism books and takes you straight to action. It allows you to unlock your potential and chase your desires and goals. From love potions to positive energies and vibes, this book will tell you what you need to fulfill your destiny.

Learn how to tap into your own magical aura and come up with charms and incantations. Witchcraft practices are described in small details and allow a deep level of customization to ensure they match your needs.

Once you manage to tap into your natural talent, a brand-new world of possibilities will open up in front of you.

The Witch's Book of Self-Care, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Self care is an actual necessity for a modern person. There are a few rules though – everything must be healthy. This is one of the best wicca books out there and will teach you how to prioritize your actual needs.

The book offers exclusive advice on how to pamper your mind and spirit. Discover rituals to get rid of guilt, find out how to come up with a space for green meditation and learn how to create your own DIY butters and potions to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Everything in this book is crystal clear and explained in small details – there is no experience required at all.

A Witches' Bible, by Janet Farrar and Stewart Farrar

From many points of view, this is, indeed, a type of bible for those interested in wicca. It is not suitable for newbies because it goes into deep details. Moreover, it is mostly aimed at those interested in practicing wicca, rather than just learning more about it.

The authors have brought in an exclusive collection – there are two different books in just one volume. You also have eight sabbats for witches, not to mention the principles and beliefs associated with modern wicca and witchcraft.

This book is not necessarily a guide, but it brings in all the rituals you may need. No matter what you are trying to achieve, there is something for everyone in this book.

Essential Asatru, by Diana L. Paxson

This book comes from someone who knows what they are talking about. The author starts by demystifying a few myths associated with paganism, as well as ancient and misunderstood religions – it is aimed at asatru, which has a decent number of followers.

The book will teach you how to live asatru on a daily basis. It is an accessible guide and it starts with the origins – somewhere in Scandinavia, but it also explains why it has been accepted as an official religion. Apart from history, you also have a bunch of guides.

Discover life values that define asatru, as well as mandatory information on ethics, casting and rituals. It is a detailed book that brings in a modern approach to a religion that has fascinated different cultures over hundreds of years.

Paganism, by Joyce Higginbotham and River Higginbotham

The authors will give you a deeper insight into paganism and everything it means. It is based on a course that authors have taught for more than 10 years. There are lots of exercises, types of meditation and discussions that will help people at a personal level, but also in groups.

This book will introduce you to the basic principles of paganism. Paganism covers more religions and goes into different directions. Find out how the sacred year is determined, what pagans do, what kind of rituals they accept, what magic means and what worship is about. Ethics are also mentioned.

The book is ideal for everyone. It is great for those who want to learn a bit more about paganism – out of curiosity. It also makes a good choice for those who want to enhance their own spirituality. It is definitely a tool with numerous tools to help out in the process, including tips and tricks for meditation.


Bottom line, the above-mentioned paganism books can give you a different insight into what paganism means. It covers a bunch of different beliefs and while they have many things in common, they also have their own particularities. Whether you want to find out more about a different culture or you simply want to become more spiritual, these books will lighten your way.​ If you are looking for further spiritual books, check our best spiritual & new age book list.

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