Dragons are the best mythical creatures that excellently exemplify fantasy fiction. You may have seen these fire-breathing creatures in films, but you mostly know them from ya dragon books if you are a lover of fantasy fiction. You will love dragons as they tend to be loyal to their counterparts and powerful.

Authors have kept their imaginations alive and written dragon books to show further the abilities these ferocious creatures possess. These books appeal to all readers, kids, the young, and adults alike. We have compiled nine books in this genre to offer you a variety and something different.

Be it the thrill, the emotion, or a change in dragon perception.

Redheart, by Jackie Gamber (2022)

Kallon Redheart is a secretive dragon, the last of the reds, and an orphan. He now disregards humans, other dragons, and all he once knew. Everyone thinks that he is long dead.

Meanwhile, Riza Diantus has abandoned her family and role. She travels far away to make a new life for herself, determined that more is in store for her.

Both Riza and Kallon will cross paths when Riza is surrounded by three men ready to cause her harm. Kallon will step in to rescue her and then bring her to his cave. They will strike a risky friendship in Leland Province, a drought-stricken and superstitious province where danger lurks.

The Dragon Council leader, Fordon Blackclaw, resents the government and has caused tension between humans and dragons. War is coming. Fordon wants to crush humans into immense submission or otherwise wipe them off.

Riza will be threatened, but her only help is Kallon. However, he will have to face his past and confront all he has stopped believing in for his destiny.

The Dragon King, by D.K. Holmberg (2022)

 The Dragon King is a progression and the conclusion of The Dragon Thief fantasy adventure.  Ty has saved the king from the attack by Lothinal and has defeated Roson James. He thinks he will finally get an opportunity to discover more details about his affiliation with the dragons. But, there is still a lot to be done. He is still convinced that those who dragons touch are still compromised and believes that the Lothinal’s threat is far from being completely gone. The ghost king will ask for Ty’s help, and he will have no choice but to oblige and help.

This journey will lead Ty to find out who and what he is. He will gather a new understanding and different perspective of the kingdom. He will also get to know more about his connection to the Flame. This connection is the key to a greater truth.

Long-buried secrets may be the savior or destroyer of the kingdom.


Locked Out of Heaven, by Danielle M. Orsino (2021)

If you ever need a ride by fire-breathing dragons, a Dark and Light Fae, grab yourself this book. The faes are the masters of their destiny and their own beings. You will travel through the shadows of primitive humanity, and you may even help build a magical world. This novel is a total thriller, an adventure of broken hearts, rebirth, and an illustrator of the great hope that examines critical bonds of life; family, friendships, and the greatest of them all, love.

The Power and Virtues angels are abandoned by their creator when the Great War with Lucifer ends. They struggle to comprehend their creator’s plan but, they are faced with a more significant challenge. This is because their wings, an emblem of their angelic lineage, are gradually and painfully decaying.

The angels censure and form different factions- the Fae. Queen Aurora and King Jarvok govern the new Court of Light and the Court of Dark. These monarchs view kin government differently, but they are more particular about humanity's role in their survival. There is, however, one segment they share, agree with, and believe. That human worship amounts to power. How they all go about gaining and maintaining control is different.

The faes have been forced to reinvent themselves and their beliefs challenged. But should they ignore their pain and act benevolently when everything they know is lost? This story depicts good versus evil in a world where the Light Fae and their strong fundamental supernatural powers are tested by the mighty dragon-riding warriors of the Dark Fae family.

Ice Dragon, by D.K. Holmberg (2020)

This is a story with a different take among YA dragon books. The northern mountain village is a protector against dragon threats, but it is also a tough place to be, particularly for a misfit like Jason.  Jason and his family are poverty-stricken after the death of their father and are struggling to survive the very harsh cold weather. Jason can see things around him, unlike the others, and is aware of it. His father had referred to this ability as Dragon sight and had asked him to keep it a secret. Jason has a blue and silver eye which he must keep a secret.

Everything changes when Jason encounters a stranger, There in, during a local festival. The stranger is in search of a different type of dragon. Jason is forcefully taken to the mountainside by silver-eyed men(Dragon Souls), where he progressively learns the absolute truth about powers he only heard of through rumors.

As he runs from dangerous Dragon Souls, he discovers that he might have more than just Dragon sight. He has a magic connection. For Jason to save himself from these deadly beings, he must find out a truth about himself. This discovery will lead him closer to dragons but, he fears dragons more than anything else. For some reason, he is possibly the one that can protect them from Dragon Souls. But how can he offer protection from what he hates?

Ember Dragon Daughter, by Rebecca K. Sampson (2019)

This is a world of fantasy that uniquely values family, friends, and love. It will offer you a refreshing feel with its unfamiliar elements. You will feel deeply for every character and be out of emotional control as you read along. There are three kingdoms, four beasts, and only one hidden princess.

Like many heroes in YA dragon books, Ember was brought into a world she did not choose. For the better part of her life, Ember has been running and keeping herself and all the secrets she knows isolated. This is what her mom would have wanted from her. However, she no longer desires or wants that anymore. In her world, true love is promised through fating. Dragons have disappeared, and there is a mysterious plague that has left every citizen loveless and somehow insane. The plague also threatens the entire kingdom of Ashkadance.

Following an accident and traumatic event, Ember is thrust into a new but adverse world. Her reason for hiding is revealed, and her life is now the complete opposite of what she has known. There, she will discover truths linked with the plague, her moms’ death, the royal family, and a lot more. Everything she finds out will change everything she has known her entire life.

After finding love and her secrets having come out, her world becomes a dilemma. She can’t decide on what to do. Should she risk everything she has gained and accept her predetermined fate by surrendering to everyone’s will? Should she forget everything and become a rebel? How should she rise to the occasion?

Dragon Sword, by Angelique Anderson & Craig A. Price (2019)

If you love books with dragons, you are in for a ride with this story. The Dragon Sword is a dragon fantasy packed with a fantastic imagination. You are not even ready for the cliffhanger. The ending will leave you yearning for more from these excellent writers. You will be left drawing all the possible and imaginable conclusions. But, you will have enjoyed and loved this magnificent tale. This is an adventure and an all-action fantasy.

In the unseen world, three sisters have been chosen to bring together the three kingdoms of Verdil. These kingdoms are at war, and the siblings must work together to bring peace to this troubled world. They have helpers; three dragons. The sisters are the only ones that can see these dragons for advice. However, they are sent to different kingdoms; one to the land, one to the sea, and the other to the sky. The domains have power-mad kings, but the sisters must help save the people.

The sisters enter the humankind battleground. Equipped with their dragon and powerful weapons, they are to take on the kingdoms’ men of the army. Soldiers are getting ready for a war that must not take place. Remember, the sisters must stop the war from the beginning.  The sisters are challenged from the raging seas, the heights of the cloud kingdom, to the turbulent land. The dragons they are meant to work with are not as forthcoming as they would like. They seemingly have not trained adequately before the mission. They lose their tempers quickly and know very little about humans, their politics, and nature.

The Chronicles of Dragon, by Craig Halloran (2017)

Get ready for your imagination to be captured instantly throughout this read. It is suspenseful and utterly intriguing. Remember when you used to play Dungeons and Dragons? This book will remind you of that life.

Being a hunter is not a strange occupation in a world with dragons, elves, orcs, and dwarves. All this is true not unless you are Nath Dragon, son to the Dragon king. Nath is impulsive, and he knows what he has to do to get his dragon scales and eventually fly. Nath desires to be a dragon to make his father proud, and so he embarks on an adventure to fulfill his quest. Still, in his human form, he sets to hunt down dragon poachers responsible for the murder and enslaving of his kin. He is vengeance-driven. Brenwar, who is a dwarf, accompanies him on this mission to save his dragon brethren.

Unforeseen dangers await in the shadows. The High Priestess Selene has also crafted a sinister scheme, and Gorn Grattack, her dragon master, is a threat to all dragons. During a violent fury, Nath earns himself a curse. Armed with Fang, a magical sword, he goes on a path toward redemption. However, in the end, there is the ultimate battle that awaits him. He must face the evil that lurks and the deleterious dragon army meant to defeat him. If he does not triumph, the dragonkind’s fate is doomed.

You will feel Nath’s fury, fear, bewilderment, exhaustion, agony, regret, and sorrow. But later on, you will also feel his pride after he wakes with claws and black scales on his arm.

Dragon Descendants, by J.L. Weil (2018)

The Dragon Descendants is a reverse harem story, but that’s not all there is to it. The plot is developed with battles and magic, creepy beings and legends, building a world, and unraveling a curse. There are no dull moments in this one. You will love the narration, character development, and perfectly crafted scenes.

Be prepared to meet the last dragon descendants, Jase, Zade, Kieran, and Issik. Olivia Campbell’s mother has suddenly passed on, and her life has taken an upside-down turn. She has only been left with her stepfather, who she strongly detests and despises. There is no way she can live with him, and therefore, she opts to turn to the streets. The Chicago winter and being broke is just the beginning of her problems, and she is yet to find out how much worse it can get.

By chance, she encounters a stranger whose eyes are violet and the most breathtaking. Her world is about to change. A warm smile and dimple flash are what it takes for Jase to catch her interest. Has her luck finally come back? She will then find out that Jase is a collector, and he precisely collects pretty girls. He must get her, and he will not settle for anything else. He sweeps her to the hidden and mystic land of Veil Isles, where she meets the other dragons. In this land, dragons are real. She now can’t leave since they must all work together to save the land. What has Olivia gotten herself into?

Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman (2014)

 Seraphina is a breathtaking tale of dragon lore that has been brilliantly put together. It is a must-read for all dragons, princesses, magic, and music lovers with themes of prejudice and pride.

Rachel’s style of writing will have you looking at dragons in a way you have never imagined.

The protagonist, Seraphina, is a descendant of a dragon mother and a father of a human form. She is a half-dragon, and her father and others are not fond of her kind. Nobody wants her, and she can’t trust anyone.

In Seraphina’s world, however, humans and dragons live and work alongside one another. Still, underneath all that, tension and hostility are rising after the signing of a fragile peace treaty between the Gorred kingdom and the Tannamount. Seraphina has to guard her actual self with all her might, but she is caught up between the two sides. Her father had taught and accustomed her to hiding the secret, but she later defied him to become an assistant music master of the royal family.

When a royal family member is murdered, she is thrust into the spotlight with Prince Lucian, who is very wise. The two set out to uncover a plot meant to destroy the kingdom’s peace. It is becoming more challenging to keep the big secret. She can’t afford to risk discovery as it could cost her life.  She must also keep working hard to earn respect and power since people think less of her. How will she cope with all this pressure?

Talon, by Julie Kagawa (2014)

 Talon is a dragon story with great lessons about humanity. It is developed between two dissimilar institutions, Talon and the Order of St. George. Talon is the dragon organization, and the other is their hunter. Both organizations have intense animosity towards each other, and they also have to tackle lies, intimidation, and half-truths. St. George is constantly threatening Talon, and the dragons must come up with secret ways to survive. The dragons hide in human form and teach their hatchling ways to assimilate. They also prepare the hatchlings and train them in their practices accordingly. However, these hatchlings have no say in any occupation or life but are granted one summer as a test for their assimilation skills.

Ember and her twin brother belong to this world. Ember is fiery, while Dante is of a more collected nature. They are dragon twins, but this is unheard of.  Ember has to prove that she can blend with humans and still hide her nature. She finds out that she must train for a predetermined career in Talon. Meeting with a rogue dragon will be the challenge to what she has learned, and Garret, a dragonslayer, is to hunt her down as an order by St. George. Garret, however, begins to question his order after facing Ember’s confidence, bravery, and human desires. What can he give up to find out the truth about dragons? Ember and Garret are all conflicted.

The Talon Saga is a unique story among ya dragon books.

Flight to Dragon Isle, by Lucinda Hare (2018)

 Flight to Dragon Isle is a sequel to The Dragon Whisperer and the second of The Dragonsdome Chronicles series. This book is the dose you need for some scary, funny, sad, and exciting moments. It is filled with adventure, magic, hobgoblins, and trickery. What else could you want in a story? This read is enjoyable and engrossing. The dragons in this book are intelligent and indeed unique, and the characters are believable and fascinating.

The protagonist, Quenelda, is forced to go to Dragon Isle for refuge after her brother, Lord Darcy, takes over Dragondome Citadel. Root, her squire, accompanies her. She is meant to go to Grimalkin’s college but chooses to go to the Dragon Isle Battle Academy because she is a Dragon whisperer. She can speak to dragons through her dreams and telepathy.

Lord Hugo has created hobgoblins, and a war erupts against the hobgoblin tribes. Quenelda wishes to be in the company of her Dragon Lord father for battle. However, the Seven Seas kingdom gets into turmoil when the Stealth Dragon Services faces an ambush and is defeated after the Grand Master’s dark treachery. Quenelda’s father is also missing and presumed dead.

Quenelda and her companions are faced with worse threats. Evil plots begin to swirl, and Quenelda’s dragon is in danger. Hobgoblins are evil, and their leader is also dangerous. Quenelda, however, finds a secret and magical solace. Can Quenelda use her attained powers to survive this perilous journey, win against the hobgoblins, and prevent further damage?

YA Dragon Books: Final Thoughts

The fantasy brought alive by books with dragons is of a different level. Through these YA dragon books, these creatures continue to reveal their cunning, charming, and intelligent sides. If you are on the fence and don’t know what dragon fantasy book to pick next, just choose any from our list. They are all highly rewarding and deserve to be on your bookshelf.

For smaller kids check out the following dragon children's books.

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