Nothing beats a good fictional story every once in a while, regardless of what genre you are actually after. Young adult urban fantasy books are far from what you might expect from those stories with princes and princesses. Get a proper plot twist that will challenge your mind a little, as well as the type of action that will hook you in straight away. All in all, here are some of the most exciting YA urban fantasy books out there.

Voodooville (Part 1), by Nova Chimera

The story begins with a weird morning that no one can really explain. Spex is 17 years old. The young boy suffers from a harsh form of amnesia, so he forgets things in no time. One day, he wakes up in a completely unusual world that no one can really explain.

Things around him are quite unusual. Cats can talk and there are plenty of them. Doctors are actual witches, while slushies cause addiction. Everything is different, including the crime underworld. Nothing seems to make sense.

Spex desperately aims to find answers to his questions. He wants to get back to his old life. He goes through a unique adventure, makes new friends and finds out that anyone could be dangerous in this new world. Furthermore, he discovers love as well.

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Book 1), by Cassandra Clare

This is the first book in a long series and the one that introduces you to an unusual world. Clary Fray ends up in a club from New York City and the last thing she expects is witnessing a murder. The bizarre murder is committed by three guys with unusual tattoos and weapons. The body then disappears.

Calling the cops is difficult because there are no bodies, blood or criminals around. This was actually Clary’s first actual meeting with the so called Shadowhunters – a group of hunters aiming to eradicate all demons walking freely on the planet.

Clary also meets Jace, a Shadowhunter with an angelic appearance and a terrible behavior. One thing leads to another and Clary’s mother disappears. Meanwhile, she is also attacked by a demon. This is when she ends up in Jace’s world, trying to find some answers.

Vampire Academy Series, by Richelle Mead

The first book in the series is one of the most inciting YA urban fantasy books out there and introduces the audience to Lissa Dragomir. She is a Moroi princess. In other words, she is a vampire, but she is also mortal. She needs protection against the Strigoi species – some fierce vampires who never seem to die.

Then, the reader meets Rose – Lissa’s best friend – a mix of vampire and human. Rose’s mission is clear – protecting Lisa. Things do not always go according to the plan and the two are caught and brought to the St. Vladimir’s Academy for further training.

Once behind the gates, things are not as safe as they may seem. The academy is like a magnet for Strigoi vampires, so there is danger everywhere. The two must never let the guard down, not even when they experience forbidden love.

Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman

This is the first book in the London Below series and brings access to the world below the streets of London. This is the type of place that no one wants to deal with – angels and demons hang out together. There are murderers, knights, girls and anything else you can think about.

Richard Mayhew is a young businessman. He minds his own business, not knowing that he will experience an unusual adventure in this bottom London. A basic act of kindness sends him in the middle of nowhere – he ends up underground and he has no clue what is going on.

This world is scary and unusual – nothing makes sense. But at the same time, it does feel a bit familiar. He embarks upon an adventure to escape and get back to his old life, but he soon realizes that a weird destiny is set for him in this creepy world.

Bloodlines (Book 1), by Richelle Mead

Sydney has a different type of blood. She is an alchemist and deals with both vampires and humans. She protects everyone and everything – secrets associated with vampires, as well as people’s lives. Her last experience with a vampire got her in trouble, so her job is at risk now.

She gets dragged from her bed one night and her first thought is it might be related to her alliance with Rose – a dhampir. However, the issue goes further than that. Jill – Lissa’s sister – is in danger and needs to hide. A civil war is about to start and Sydney needs to protect those around her.

She ends up posing as her roommate and ends up living with a vampire, yet she tries to avoid such an association. The two end up at the Amberwood Prep, but the threat is just round the corner – not to mention forbidden love.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Book 1), by Laini Taylor

A series of black hand prints are spread all over the world. Meanwhile, in an old fashioned shop, the supply of human teeth is quite low. Things move on to Prague, where a young student ends up in an unexpected situation and a war that has nothing to do with her – at least in the beginning.

The story follows Karou’s adventure. She likes to draw monsters. She ends up disappearing every now and then and she speaks a bunch of languages. She has blue hair – naturally. Nothing is common about her, yet she has no idea where she comes from or who she really is.

She is about to find out that her destiny needs to be fulfilled and it is far from the quiet life she has expected. Karou ends up traveling to Marrakesh, where she makes eye contact with Akiva. Akiva is beautiful, but haunted. Love kicks in and the truth is about to unveil.

Midnight Sun (Twilight Book 5), by Stephenie Meyer

The fifth book in the series does not necessarily require you to read the first ones, but it would definitely help. Edward is in love with Bella and the iconic love has made everyone sigh. Fans have always been given Bella’s version of the story, while Edward has always been the mysterious one. Things are about to change now.

The story is given from Edward’s point of view. Everyone knows he has a dark side, but no one knows anything about it. The story takes a dark twist now. By far, meeting Bella is the most intriguing thing he has ever experienced as a vampire. Prior to that, his life was all about darkness and mystery.

The reader gets to discover more details about Edward’s life in one of the most interesting YA urban fantasy books out there. Discover details about his past, his inner thoughts and how he justified his love for Bella to himself.

Wolfish: Moonborne (Wolfish Book 1), by G. K. DeRosa

Fate’s sense of humor is different from what you might expect. The story is given from a personal point of view. She was only 17 years old and she met the love of her life while attending a magic school. He showed up about a year after the yearly ball, but he disappeared out of nowhere.

Things move on to the present. She finds out that she is a werewolf. She turns into a hairy beast at night. Instead of being back to human once she graduates, she is dragged into a different world to learn how to control herself. Someone also wants her dead because of it.

Things change when she meets her soulmate werewolf. He is different from the boy she loved back then. He is cold and a jerk, yet he is beautiful. She feels an attraction for him, but she also hates him. She even gets rejected a few times – how is this story going to end?

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements Book 1), by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Layla wants a simple life. She wants to be popular in school, but she also wants to date her crush Zayne. The problem is Zayne has put her in the friend zone already and he treats her like a sister. She is not the average girl though – half gargoyle, half demon. Meanwhile, Zayne is a warden.

Both races have different roles in life and most of them are related to protecting the world. Things change when Layla meets Roth. Roth is a demon and he aims to get into her heart by claiming that he knows every secret she has.

Layla knows that dating Roth could ruin her chances with Zayna. One thing leads to another and a violent demon uprising shakes the world. The looming end of the world will make her realize that she must act on her beliefs and passions before it is too late.


Bottom line, these are some of the most exciting YA urban fantasy books out there and the good news is that no matter which one of them hooks you in, you will most likely be able to find further releases – most of them are part of longer series, so you can keep fueling your passion and interest.