A global apocalyptic pandemic called the Scourge is sweeping the globe, decimating the population. Society is disintegrating, leaving the remaining to endure the chaos. This is the action-packed adventure of a disparate group struggling to survive a societal meltdown.

Joe’s quiet life is about to be changed forever as he makes unexpected friendships and dangerous enemies. Monique is having a baby while civilization is on the brink. She has to fight to protect her family and friends. Kevin is a devout Christian whose faith is profoundly challenged. Ayesha and Zach are feisty orphaned children that must adapt to a dangerous new world. Camille is an angsty teen who transforms into a brave fighter.Their lives intertwine in this riveting tale of tragedy, humour, friendship and heroism.


Read online Black Flag: Surviving the Scourge by Dave Klapwyk

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