The more you try to research cryptocurrencies, the more confusing they become. There are plenty of jargon terms that you have never heard before, not to mention digital features that you may not really be familiar with.

When it comes to most digital coins, they run through a technology known as the blockchain. You feel anxious about investing in digital coins or actually exchanging some fiat money because you do not know how they work.

On the other hand, you can see more and more stores accepting cryptocurrencies. Since the world is slowly getting digital, you probably imagine that cryptocurrencies will eventually take the world over and become the main method to pay or get paid.

Before digging into smaller details and introducing you to some modern blockchain technology books, you definitely need to get familiar with the concept. Simply put, a blockchain is a distributed database. It is shared among more computers. It stores information digitally.

Blockchains maintain a decentralized system for cryptocurrencies, but they also keep the network secure. In other words, the blockchain is what keeps the market free and secure – there is no need for third parties, such as banks or other financial institutions.

The blockchain will collect the data in groups – the actual blocks. Each block can store a particular amount of information. When full, it is closed and linked to the previous block – hence the actual construction like a chain.

Databases stock data in tables and blockchains do it in blocks. This is the main difference between a blockchain and a database. Before being added to the chain, each block is given a very precise timestamp as well.

The more you research blockchains, the easier it becomes to understand how they work. Apart from random articles scattered over the Internet, a few books could give you the required information in a simple and straightforward way. Here are some of the top-rated blockchain and smart contracts books.

The Blockchain Compass, by Tolga Akcay

This book is likely to answer many of your questions. For example, you might be wondering why large corporations like Amazon, IBM or Microsoft – among many others – rely on the blockchain technology. It is widely adopted all over the world, so it makes perfect sense for everyone – including governments – to forget about the hype coming with the distributed ledger technology.

Based on what the blockchain technology can do, humankind is only a few steps away from losing the centralized financial system, which has run the world for decades. In other words, chances are the future will bring in decentralized finances, less risk and a high level of security associated with each transaction. This will reduce the costs of maintenance, but also improve the safety of your money.

This book brings in a plethora of interesting theories, as well as answers to many questions regarding the future of finances. Indeed, the blockchain technology is not magic. Forget about the hype and forget about rumors and potential predictions. Being reasonable does not mean ignoring the technology, but appreciating it for what it is and what it may become in the future.

Blockchain Revolution, by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

This is one of the best blockchain technology books out there if you want to discover clear and straightforward explanations regarding such modern technologies. Forget about jargon words that no one can understand. The book is suitable for those with no experience at all and can clear out some aspects that most people are not aware of – plus, this is the optimal way to figure out how digital coins work.

There are no doubts about it – digital coins can and will change the world. They have already done it to a certain level and things are likely to change even more. The blockchain – the technology behind them – is simple, yet extremely ingenious. It powers coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. However, it can do much more than this – it is also a public ledger that anyone can access, yet nobody can control it.

Individuals, companies and governments can cooperate in a transparent manner. While encrypted, the data is secure, but also open. Soon enough, chances are the technology will take the world over. The authors reveal how this amazing technology will affect the global economy. Banks and other financial institutions are likely to become history. Plus, the blockchain also affects the medical industry, insurance claims and so on.

The book is well researched and targets many more aspects than other similar releases – definitely a must-read.

Blockchain Basics, by Daniel Drescher

This book is excellent for anyone who needs to understand what the blockchain technology is and how it works. It is suitable for those who want to figure out how it has changed the global economy, as well as various industries. It is also great for those who need to know more about its growth and potential changes in the future – chances are the technology will take everything over in one way or another.

The book is well structured in 25 different parts. Each part is basically a step that will give you a few more details about the blockchain technology. No experience at all? There is nothing to be concerned about. You do not have to be a computer science specialist or an expert in mathematics. The terminology is clearly explained with various metaphors and pictures – anyone can understand these concepts.

This is one of the best blockchain technology books out there for some simple reasons. Practically, it covers a gap between those books designed for computer specialists and business entrepreneurs. Most books out there go in one direction or another. This one is suitable for the average individual who understands that the blockchain technology is a big thing, but cannot understand why.

Apart from discovering the technology, you will also learn more about its potential, the hype associated with it, its components, how they interact and work, potential limitations and a plethora of application scenarios.

The Truth Machine, by Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna

There are different views and predictions on digital coins, but there are not too many doubting the potential of blockchain. This book is excellent to identify the economic future and figure out how the world is changing. Cryptocurrencies have gained international attention, so things are obviously going in a different direction these days.

From privacy issues to credit card fraud, banks tend to make your life easier, but also give you some headache. Throw in the high fees and interest rates too and it makes sense why the world has been looking for a new technology. The blockchain technology aims to overcome all these potential issues and restore control over everything you own.

The authors aim to help the reader understand how the blockchain technology can help pretty much everyone today – not to mention being global and granting financial access to people from all over the world. It is a challenge making such a change, of course, but the authors reveal the empowerment coming back to the people.

Blockchain and the Law, by Primavera De Filippi and Aaron Wright

Bitcoin has confused everyone over the past decade. How do you make money out of ones and zeros? How do you mine money? Why are there so many fluctuations? The answers are in the blockchain technology, which can be helpful in many more industries – not just finances.

The general need to create a decentralized system has finally found a solution. Some people believe the blockchain technology will change the world. Some others still cannot understand how it works, hence the necessity of more education.

From contracts and technologies to finances and other industries, this book stands out in the crowd among other smart contracts books because it explains everything in small details, without any technical terms. Plus, the authors also discuss the legal profile and the necessity to regulate this market.

Blockchain Bubble or Revolution, by Neel Mehta, Aditya Agashe and Parth Detroja

Some claim that cryptocurrencies represent the best invention since the Internet. Some others see them as a scam or perhaps a bubble. This book will help you understand how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology work, but also why it makes sense to rely on such things and what kind of industries they can help in.

You will also learn more about altcoins and public blockchains, such as modern trends, alternatives to such technologies, best practices in security and a series of tips and tricks. Private blockchains are also explained, as well as potential limitations and various uses.

The last parts of the book assess cryptocurrency regulations and policies as they are today – things are likely to change in the future. You will also find some potential scenarios for the future and how these technologies will change the world.


Bottom line, the above-mentioned blockchain technology books will most likely put some light on this modern way to pay, get paid and shop. While the technology makes perfect sense for those with some computer science knowledge, most people still struggle to understand how it works – hence the necessity of a bit of research.

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