It's that time of year again when stores are filled with holiday shoppers searching for the perfect Christmas gift.

I think when I say “It's extremely hard to buy good presents” I'm among the majority of people. We all want to find that one special present that will make our loved ones light up with joy on Christmas morning. But sometimes it feels like an impossible task.

There are a few reasons why finding the perfect Christmas gift can be so difficult. We often don't know what the other person really wants or needs. Or we simply may not have enough time to find the fresh, trendy reads before the holiday rush is over.

I tried to help a little bit this year by defining the major age and interest groups, and looked up the most loveable, popular book selection to give as gifts. In this Christmas gift guide you will find very new (published in 2022) and modern titles (from the last 2-10 years) that will most likely new to your loved one.

What Are The Perfect Christmas Book Gifts in 2022?

Child · Age 1-3 · Boy

Small boys love cars and trains because they are fascinated by the movement and the noise. At this age, they are also beginning to understand the concept of cause and effect, so they love to see what happens when they push a button or pull a lever.

For small boys, cars and trains represent power and freedom. They can go anywhere they want, as fast as they want. This is an appealing idea to a child who is just learning how to get around on his own two feet.

Small boys love animal books just as much as they love books about trucks and trains. Animal books tend to be filled with exciting adventure stories that capture a young boy's imagination. So if you're looking for a gift for a small boy in your life, don't hesitate to pick up an illustrated animal book, he will sure love it.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Child · Age 1-3 · Girl

At such a young age, they are already discovering the joy that comes from giving and receiving love.

When it comes to emotions, small girls love to see how they work. At this age, they are just beginning to understand the concept of emotions and how they can affect people. It is fascinating for them to see the different emotions that people can experience and how those emotions can be expressed. They love to watch other people express their emotions, and they will often mimic the expressions they see. This is a great way for them to learn how people communicate with each other and express their feelings.

Small girls also love animals and fantastic creatures like mermaids. They are soft and cuddly, and they make them laugh. They can relate to their unconditional love and acceptance, which is especially important for toddlers.

If we are speaking about picture books, bright, colorful pictures are a must.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Pre-School · Age 4-6 · Boy

Pre-school boys seem to prefer books with strong male characters and a simple but adventures storyline. At this age, boys are just beginning to develop their own interests and preferences, and they usually gravitate toward stories that feature heroes they can easily identify.

While girls at this age often enjoy reading about relationships and emotional experiences, boys typically prefer books that are fast-paced and include a quest. Whether it’s a book about dinosaurs, pirates, or space travel, pre-school boys often want to read about characters who are brave and daring.

Books with strong male protagonists can help pre-school boys feel empowered and inspired to be their best selves. At the same time, it’s important to encourage them to read a variety of different types of books so that they can explore all kinds of different stories and characters.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Pre-School · Age 4-6 · Girl

Pre-school girls book preferences are varied. Some like to read about fairies and other magical creatures, while others prefer stories about animals or real life situations.

Some girls also enjoy books that are a mix of both fantasy and reality. Whatever the preference, reading is a great way for young girls to develop their imaginations and learn new things.

At this age, both girls and boys enjoy simple but adventurous storylines.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Early Reader · Age 7-9 · Boy

Most early readers are just beginning to develop their own preferences in what they like to read. But already, boy readers at age 7-9 tend to gravitate toward books with male protagonists and clear action-based plots.

Don't forget that early readers first books are very influential, these are the first reading experiences, so it should be both engaging and easy to read. The success factor during reading is important for boys at this age. We should keep it in our mind that the vocabulary of children is still limited so we need to pick books that has an environment (like school) that they are familiar with.

Funny light stories could come into picture, also we shouldn't forget that books for early readers should include bigger font types to improve the reading experience, and it should also include

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Early Reader · Age 7-9 · Girl

Girls becoming more critical of the books they read, and they have specific preferences when it comes to genres and storylines.

Here are some of the types of books that eight-year-old girls tend to like reading.

Fantasy and adventure stories: Many eight-year-old girls enjoy escaping into fantastical worlds full of magic and adventure. Stories about brave princesses, daring heroines, and ferocious dragons are all popular with this age group.

Mystery stories: Many girls (and boys) enjoy trying to solve a good mystery. Books that feature detective protagonists or puzzles to solve are always popular with eight-year-olds.

Growing up, facts of life: Early readers enjoy books, which includes storylines how life looks like as an adult. How their day looks like and what problems they need to tackle.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

Middle Grade Reader · Age 9-12 · Boy

Middle grade boys, around age 9-12, like to read books that are exciting and full of adventure.

Their primary selection are mystery, magic, sports and historical fantasy books. But a novel that can teach them about life while also entertaining them is also great for them.

While every boy is different, understanding these general trends can help you choose books that your middle grade son is likely to enjoy. By selecting books that fit his interests, you can help him develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Middle Grade Readers

Middle Grade Reader · Age 9-12 · Girl

Girls at the middle grade level, around age 9-12, are starting to become more independent readers. They are still enjoying books with strong female characters, but they are also branching out into new genres. Light romance stories is newly appears in this age group.

Some girls are enjoying more mature books with complex plots, while others are exploring different types of stories altogether. No matter what type of book a middle grade girl is reading, she is likely to be deeply engaged in the story.

One middle grade girl might be reading a classic novel about a young girl coming of age. She might identify with the main character and feel inspired by her journey. Another middle grade girl might be reading a fantasy novel about a brave princess who goes on adventures. She might be drawn to the magic and excitement of the story.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Middle Grade Readers

YA · Age 13-21 · Man

When it comes to finding out what young adult male readers like, the answer is not as simple as it might seem. In fact, there are many different factors that come into play when it comes to what these readers might be looking for in a book.

Since we are living in the world of video games, it's sometimes a clever choice to buy a book, that is related to their favorite game. It's is also a good idea to buy a LitRPG or Gamelit book. These books are usually related to sword and sorcery or science fiction genre.

Christmas Gift Ideas For YA Man (Boyfriend)

YA · Age 13-21 · Woman

Young adult women's favorite book genres are fantasy, chick-lit (contemporary romance), rom-com, detective mystery and memoirs of strong woman.

We also found that YA women enjoy escapist fiction that allows them to escape from the everyday world. Fantasy and romance novels provide readers with a chance to explore new worlds and experience exciting adventures, which may be why they are so popular among this age group.

With the appearance of Booktok trends on Tiktok, a lot of great titles are spreading on the social media. So let us pick some best-selling titles that may be a great selection for Xmas present.

Christmas Gift Ideas For YA Woman (Girlfriend)


Empowering Reads · Woman

In a world where women are still fighting for equality, empowering books can be a powerful tool to help to improve their self-esteem. Providing women with positive role models and inspiring stories of success, these books can help to empower women of all ages.

In addition to helping women feel more confident and capable, empowering books can also help to change the way society views women. By showing that women are just as capable as men, these books can help to break down gender barriers and stereotypes.

By reading these books, women can learn that they are powerful and capable individuals who deserve an equal place in society.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Woman (Wife or Mother)

Romance Readers · Woman

YA romance books are all about the love and the butterflies that come with it and lack of major life problems. Adult romance books are about real life and all of the problems that come along with a relationship. While both genres can be enjoyable, they are very different.

YA romance books often idealize love and relationships. Everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong. They are all HEA (Happily Ever After).  The characters in these stories always end up together, despite any obstacles they may face along the way. In adult romance books, however, relationships are much more complicated. There are often arguments, misunderstandings, and even children. These stories are never black or white even when we are speaking about rom-coms.

There are a lot of great authors who mastered the art of contemporary romances. So let's see the most popular, stunning titles from them.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Woman (Wife or Mother)


Science Fiction Readers · Man

When people think of sci-fi, they often think of spaceships and planets far from Earth. This is one reason why sci-fi books are ideal for man. In a world where we are constantly striving to explore and understand our universe, these stories give us a taste of what could be out there. Not to mention space is far far away from daily duties.

Sci-fi books also allow us to explore different unknown cultures and societies. By reading about the customs and beliefs of other worlds, we can better appreciate our own cultures and traditions. Science fiction books often deal with difficult topics such as war, famine, and disease. By exploring these themes in a fictional setting, we can gain a greater understanding of the human condition.

Since we are speaking about men, you can consider buying the book in audiobook format, so I will put one in the list.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Man (Husband or Father)


Business & Pop-psychology Reads · Man

Pop psychology books often provide readers with a quick and easy way to learn about complex topics. While business book genre can hold some very interesting “useful for everyone” titles.

They are also usually applicable to a wide range of people, making them ideal for men who want to improve their understanding of human behavior.

In addition, these books can be easily read in a short amount of time, making them perfect for busy men who want to get ahead in their careers.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Man (Husband or Father)

Historical and Literary Fiction Lovers · Woman

There is something about getting older that just makes us love historical fiction books. They bring back memories of our childhood or a time when things were simpler. And they teach us valuable lessons about life, love, and loss.

Whether it’s reading about the Civil War or World War II, there is just something about these stories that captivates our attention. We can’t help but be drawn in by the characters and their struggles. And we can’t help but marvel at the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Woman (Grandmother)

Sports and Betting Fans · Men

According to a recent study, approximately 26 percent of American adults place bets on sporting events each year. Of those who do, the vast majority are football fans, followed by poker players and then basketball, baseball, and racing fans rounding out the top six.

Interestingly, the study found that bettors are more likely to be male (70%), college educated (40%), and between the ages of 25 and 54.

So what drives this love of gambling on sports? For some, it’s simply a way to add an extra level of excitement to their viewing experience. For others, it’s about trying to beat the odds and make some money in the process.

For them advanced strategies and sports insider books are great gifts, so I picked some of the most recent titles.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Man (Father or Grandfather)

Biographies of Famous People · For Women and Men

Reading a famous person's memoir feels like you are getting an intimate look into their life. You learn about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a way that you would not if you just read about them in a biography. It is as if you are reading their diary, and you get to see the world through their eyes.

We gain new perspectives on their lives and careers. We learn about their motivations, their inspirations, and their challenges. In turn, we may be inspired to pursue our own dreams and overcome our own obstacles.

By reading about the trials and tribulations of famous people, we can better understand the human experience. We see that even the most successful people have faced challenges and made mistakes. Their stories remind us that everyone struggles at times, but it is possible to overcome those struggles and achieve great things.

Reading memoirs can also help us develop empathy for others. By understanding the experiences that have shaped a person's life, we can better understand their actions and motivations. This can help us build stronger relationships with the people around us.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Adults (Father, Mother, Husband, Wife etc.)

Final thoughts on the best Christmas Book Gifts

Gift giving season is upon us and if you're like most people, you're probably scrambling to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you have a book lover or two on your list, never fear! There is no such thing as a bad choice when it comes to Christmas book gifts.

So take a look and start your holiday shopping today! Forget gifting another classic book, choose one that is really trendy and new on the market. Your loved ones will be thanking you for years to come.

These are some beautiful books to gift this Christmas that we met in recent years, that could be a perfect gift to our beloved relatives.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out our biggest selection of women's books and sci-fi books.

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