Imagine gaming and being productive at the same time. Originally, game developers made them mainly for fun and enjoyment. This was until the development of the trendy play to earn business models. The cryptocurrency industry has now discovered the potential of online gaming, its significance, and the impact of blockchain-based technology. That is why you can now play to earn crypto games. These games let you earn cryptocurrency as you play. Fun, isn’t it?

In one of our latest article we wrote about what is the metaverse and the best metaverse books that helps to understand the world of “meta” and what visions are in this field. Now we want to step deeper into this world, both from side of business models and technology. 

What is the core concept behind NFT gaming and Play to Earn Crypto games?

Where we are in NFT gaming?

Today we experience the era of “Free to play” games. There are two main types of these games:

  1. Monetizing with virtual assets. You can pay real money within the game to get cosmetic items, loot boxes (Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, FIFA series etc.)
  2. Monetizing with ads. You watch Google or other video ads within the game to get certain advantages or items  (CATS, Family Island and mobile games generally)

Overall these “Free to play” games aren't “Free” at all. You don't have to pay for downloading the game itself, but you may pay a lot of cash for skins (just check how much people spent in League of Legends in this reddit thread). The situation isn't better in case you are watchin ads. You pay with your attention, and your time, which means actual dollars on the game publisher side.

What is the future of Play to Earn Crypto games?

NFT games, would be slightly different, which will make a huge difference on the side of gamers. Since you will obtain NFTs or actual Crypto within the game (for example for watching an ad or completing a task) you will be able to handle these also outside the game.

You will have a crypto or NFT wallet, where these assets could be transferred to other wallets, which makes trading possible. The result is that there could be sub-marketplaces of these NFTs so you can make profit above the game earnings.

In the future you will meet with the following game types:

  1. Distribution of certain percentage of game profit among players. Players will earn crypto based on their engagement, performance and activity within the game
  2. You will earn a small percentage after ad watches, or for your attention when you see a product placement (product placements within the metaverse are also considered ad consumptions)

The fact is that today only game developers (and sometimes professional esports players) profit from the games itself directly. In the future also the everyday players will earn a small percentage from the profit and after the marketplace transactions of the games. A slightly brighter provision for gamers.

In addition meme or fun based crypto games could also have a momentum, which have a positive social message (like ShibasWife).

NFTs could be turned into real money?

The short answer is yes.

NFTs could be sold for Crypto coins or tokens, and these coins could be exchanged on certain platforms (like Coinbase) for real (fiat) money.

play to earn crypto games

What are the top play to earn crypto (P2E) and NFT games in 2022? (Ranked)

  1. Axie Infinity (you can farm and sell certain items in the game, buy Axies and sell them on a higher price to make profit)
  2. Alien Worlds (buy and trade NFTs)
  3. Spliterlands (trading cards)
  4. Star Atlas (buy and trade NFTs)
  5. Decentraland (trading, crypto token)
  6. The Sandbox (Renting out LAND, earning NFT assets)
  7. Blankos Block Party (buy and trade NFTs)
  8. Gods Unchained (trading cards)

The above games are neither of the level of top Tier 1 games (like Fortnite, Dota 2, Genshin Impact, Zelda Breath of the Wild) They have many many deficiency at the moment which should be developed in the future:

  • No real story or gameplay
  • No 3D engine
  • No real community feeling, lack of chat

What are the best crypto gaming books to discover the technology?

But how do you get to master the skills if you are unfamiliar? Authors have made that possible by writing NFT games books. They explain various aspects of the Metaverse. Below are several books you can read to master this art.

The Sandbox Coin, Thomas J. Taylor

The Sandbox is a metaverse that is built on a gaming-focused blockchain. The platform enables the monetization of gaming experiences by developers on the Ethereum blockchain. It also allows the creation of art galleries and other assets that can help creators earn passive income.

Remember the interaction in Minecraft, the famous video game? That is the same way users interact in this virtual world. Sandbox is like the exporter of created models to Minecraft’s land. That makes it a platform that integrates blockchain technology in gaming.

 The Sandbox Coin will help you with several aspects of the Sandbox platform. It will help you understand the Sandbox better by getting into details of what it is. It will also help you discover why you mustn't neglect this crypto token. Additionally, you will get to know the uniqueness of the Sandbox, what SAND means, several ways you can do a SAND investment, saving SAND, and why many people like it.

Metaverse, Antonhy Shen

The Metaverse may be arguably the biggest opportunity for those living in modern times and the future of finance. Metaverse is a digital reality that unifies various aspects of online gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, and cryptocurrencies. Through Metaverse, users can interact and socialize virtually, work, and generate money.

Now, if you want to discover how the Metaverse can help you make money, you need to grab this book. It is a step-by-step guide about the Metaverse. The book helps you see how the Metaverse will possibly become the medium and new way of living; how experiences, work, emotions, and other aspects of life will merge through it.

The book guides you on details about the Metaverse, like its major upcoming projects, risks, and challenges. It will also help you gain knowledge about the Metaverse investment. What is more, you will be guided on making money from NFTs and a lot more.

NFT Metaverse & DeFi, Lucas Peters

Do you have an interest in decentralized finance (DeFi)? Or, do you need a head start about earning with NFTs and Metaverse? This is the book to help you understand all these aspects and how you can make a significant investment.

NFT Metaverse & DeFi is a three-book bundle. What better way to gain knowledge about several worlds in a single book? The first book is DeFi, and the others are NFT for Beginners and Metaverse.

Book 1- DeFi gives you a glimpse of what you can achieve with DeFi, its borrowing and lending platforms, and the monetization of crypto savings for income. It also highlights decentralized exchanges, applications, and valuable DeFi projects for crypto investors.

NFT for Beginners contains all details about NFT; meaning, creation, buying, and selling crypto art, projects, making money, and some of the notable investor artists. The Metaverse book helps you fully understand Metaverse, Augmented, Extended and Virtual Reality, avoiding risks and scams, investing, the Metaverse future, and more.

NFT For Beginners, Oliver J. Rich

Metaverse correlates with NFT based on digital assets and assigned value. NFT beginners can gather all the information they need about NFTs through this book. The world of NFTs has a lot of information, especially from the media, which can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners. That makes many afraid of being left out on Bitcoin’s beginnings. But, this book makes it easy to understand.

It has details to help those looking to create their NFT and lack programming knowledge, and those unaware of how to earn from NFTs. If you do not know what NFTs are, this book has got you covered. To even help you better understand the concept, it contains some NFT projects you can find online.

Additionally, it allows you to get an idea about where you can sell your created NFTs. There is a detailed procedure with screenshots about NFT selling in the right platforms and marketplaces. To help you be more enthusiastic about NFT, this book goes ahead to show you what future developments surround NFTs.

Amazing Metaverse, Daniel Patterson

 Amazing Metaverse is a book for Technology and Creative industry workers and those looking for potential investment opportunities. It also offers good input for those who fancy frontier topics like virtual space, AI, and the future world.

It is detailed to help readers understand all the technical jargon surrounding Metaverse, NFTs, and farming crypto. It will help you understand the Metaverse world's investment prospects, market sizes, opportunities, and risks.

Additionally, it helps you make out Metaverse application scenarios and with a guide about play to earn. It gives details about game development and the role of film and TV in Metaverse. Metaverse entails operation laws, gaining a cutting edge, and industry involvement, all of which are excellently detailed.

A well-researched team has put this book together, and it uses in-depth but simple language. This is essential for the general public to interpret the Metaverse systemically.

Blockchain Basics Bible, Nakamoto Satoshy

Metaverse, DeFi, and NFTs are entities that operate over the blockchain. Blockchain Basics Bible is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrency. It also offers great input about a blockchain for those who have no idea what it is.

It will help you see why a blockchain is unique and the ways through which you can make money through it. You will find out how to mine for cryptocurrency. The book also covers details about bitcoin and how all these aspects relate to one another. Basic structures and technical concepts about blockchain are explained in great detail, even for those not tech-savvy. Through that, you get to familiarize yourself with the advantages and applications of blockchain. This book shows you an easier and enjoyable way to invest and generate profits faster. Many billionaires have come to be due to this new market opening. So, get your hands on Blockchain Basics Bible to seize the opportunity.

Metaverse for Beginners, John Russel

For many people, the Metaverse seems complicated. All they have heard of is that it is a digital revolution. But, through this book, such people can understand all that regards the Metaverse and why it is an excellent investment. Readers can also gather the main differences between Metaverse and Virtual Reality and why the former is much better.

Discover how the Metaverse is continually evolving and changing and how it will alter the way people utilize the internet and social media. There are also predictions about its impact in years to come. This book also enlists five excellent, proven, and significantly low-risk ways for Metaverse investment. Find out how to achieve the same smartly since it is not an instant generator of huge profits.

See if NFTs are worth your investments and the top five Crypto Metaverse Projects that offer almost guaranteed profits. The book serves as part of NFT gaming books with its Web Gaming guide.

The NFT Revolution, Crypto Dukedom

Are you looking to generate profits through the NFT revolution? Have you just discovered NFTs as a creator, designer, or artist? Has obtaining all this information in a single platform been a challenge? What is more, do you wish to jump into the venture? Then this book should be your everyday companion. It offers comprehensive and informative details about this promising trend.

Discover the history, inner aspects, fame, and value surrounding NFTs. There are details about NFT buying and selling. Additionally, get to know the different areas you can use NFTs. If you are not very clear on starting, the book also gives you the necessary insights. Furthermore, it lists NFT marketplaces, the key concepts you need to learn, and their uses.

To make the information more relatable and inspiring, you will read success stories by several innovative artists. The book’s ten disruptive projects will also assist you in getting your hands on this trend. You should be working to become a crypto artist by the time you are done with the detailed steps of succeeding.

Final Thoughts About Crypto Gaming

The books above are worth reading for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, Metaverse, decentralized finance, and NFT gaming. These are all hugely growing global investment opportunities that can help generate profits and potential success. More importantly, in a fun way. Why don’t you grab yourself a copy for familiarization? Monetize your time as you play video games!

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