A personal message from the author:

This is my first children’s book. I wrote it in part as an homage to awesome grandson Kalib, nephews Kingston, Princeton,Royal, Desmond, Raymond and my beloved son Larcia. The story of “Brothers Don’t Surf” is at heart a fun filled story about good sportsmanship, perseverance and making dreams come true. It also lightly touches on the topic of stereotyping in a hilariously, heartwarming, family friendly way. It’s truly a story for all ages.

— Rafael A. Xenes 

Brothers Don’t Surf is a beautifully written, hilarious children’s book story that attempts to shatter the stereotypes about people of color not being particularly good at swimming and water sports. The book touches on the subject of stereotyping in a heartwarming, child friendly manner. However, even adults of all races, especially parents, will appreciate and even possibly learn something form the jewels of wisdom scattered throughout the story. The book's' various scenes contain sunny outdoor illustrations that are quirky, bright, colorful, filled with action, comedy and love. The words of the story are set to rhyme and are also the lyrics of a catchy, toe tapping, companion tune.

The song and slideshow of the book is available on YouTube for free.

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