A Guide to Financial Literacy and Life

Become financially literate through 100 tips using the mindset of Warren Buffett, the greatest investor ever.

Warren Buffett remains one of the most sought-after and watched figures in business today. He has become a billionaire and investment sage by buying chunks of companies and holding onto them, managing them as businesses, and eventually reaping huge profits for himself and investors in Berkshire Hathaway.

Buffett's Tips combines two areas of enormous public interest with a demonstrated history of bestselling volumes: Warren Buffett and financial literacy/financial independence. What if you could become financially literate, and ultimately financially independent, using the mindset of Warren Buffett, the greatest investor ever? This is the main premise of the book.

Buffett's Tips enables its readers to become financially literate, with its backbone provided by 100 tips or strategies obtained from Warren Buffett's numerous writings and media appearances. This book, step by step, is the only one that enables its reader to become financially literate using the teachings of Warren Buffett, who was the embodiment of financial literacy at a very young age and who remains admired globally for his financial acumen globally.


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