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Do we need heroes, really? Or can our own dreams create the kind of world we want? What is the role of our imagination in all this? Perhaps we are more powerful than we think. Will we find out in 2033? Be prepared to own your power now, – perhaps through the characters in this captivating new adventure.

— Gisela Gibbon

In 2033, on a bus in rural North Yorkshire, Damian Turner, unexpectedly jobless and bitter, is dreaming of a revolution and freedom from government surveillance. Nina Daniels, waiting at the next stop, is longing for a more exciting life and for her car, confiscated by the police just because of that smiley she stuck over the obligatory sat cam.

Little do either of them know that in a moment their lives will change completely, and that someone, somewhere, has very different ideas for their future. Trying to comprehend the unknown they will realize that only courage will make their dreams come true. Courage not only for themselves, but to help save a multiverse of lives. How can the legendary coming of the Alaskan Icehawk help them rise to the challenge? And are the hawk feathers a tool or a cynical calling card?

Set in North Yorkshire (UK), Alaska, Italy and New York this book is a timely reminder to use our imagination well. It might just save us, too.

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