A missing man, a new police chief and an unexpected New England town mystery.

When Sean Dermott, the newly appointed police chief, sees the report that a popular local high school coach is missing, his growing fascination with the alluring Vanessa Strauss, who reported the disappearance, makes him determined to solve the case.

The investigation leads him and his team deep into Quarry Head Park, a local scenic preserve with nature trails and expansive views. There is no sign of the missing man, but what he does find terrifies him to the core.

From the depths of the park, a deadly prehistoric looking creature emerges, attacks swiftly and silently, leaving devastation in its wake. In the chaos which follows, it is up to Chief Dermott and a team of scientists to fight for balance by ensuring the safety of his town and preserving this remarkable discovery.

He will risk his career, his reputation and even his own life to stand by what he believes to be right. The question is, will he succeed, or will all be lost?

Message from the author:
“The New England landscape inspired me to write ‘Camouflage'. I'd drive around and see the forests and lakes and wonder–what's out there that we haven't discovered? Then I thought, if we find something extraordinary, what would we do with it?
I have a Master's degree in Social Work and this education helped me create well-rounded characters and explore how they cope with the repercussions of their actions. This includes how they function within their environment. In ‘Camouflage', the setting is like another character. The following quote from an Amazon reader meant a great deal to me; As an avid state park and national park traveler, myself, I particularly enjoyed the clear attention to the environmental beauty and complexity in some of the scenes. The author obviously respects these spaces, and the creatures within them, and that comes across powerfully in Camouflage.”
— Ivy Keating

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