1. Sleep at least seven hours, it is necessary to your physical body (brain)
  2. If you would like to remember on an important thing repeat, write it down, say it laud
  3. Do active sports (Ride a bike, TRX, Aerobic), exercise improves blood supply to the brain
  4. Drink clear water, yes water is the most important physical element of your body and your brain
  5. Eat more omega-3 and low calorie containing foods, drink green tee instead of caffeine containing drinks, limit your alcohol consumption. Sometimes old fashioned supplements could also help like Huperzine A, Vitamin E, Ginseng, Rosemary, Coconut oil but please note supplements are not the solution.
  6. Take a break during your day, it helps in concentration
  7. Make notes, I am using Google's bookmark bar (with Google account to sync on all devices) and email notes to remember important things. Sometimes I tweet interesting posts to my personal account, to read later the full story.
  8. Know what you would like to remember, most people not even bother to make it clear what they forget, sometimes I lost my pen (it happened yesterday too), in this case I say it loud, that “I want find my blue pen”, however yesterday I was not able to find it, today's first thing was that it lied in front of me in a place, where I thought I checked yesterday (yes it is a big office building)