Someone said that what is in your mind is on your face. People see your body language, your face. People can not see other's energy, however they feel the atmosphere around you. Do you know people who are smiling constantly, and has a warm heart and aura?

You could not be a cold person, however your aura is your choice, and you could learn to be more warm. When you talk with other people keep in eye contact, it helps to synchronize your thoughts with the person who is front of you. Keep smiling, it does not take any energy, just a gesture, but it has an effect on your partner and even on you. Try to smile for a half an hour, and you will be happy guaranteed.

Accept yourself as you are. Love yourself, so others will love you.

Tell some words about you during in each conversation, not clichés or generalities, but about your real self, what you enjoy in life, what is your dream or motivation. Nobody is the same and everybody is unique and lovable. Keep in mind your aura tells you.

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