For choosing the right profession you have to know yourself.
Use one of the world's best personality test (Myers & Briggs), to identify your type.

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There are 16 different personality types based on 5 dimensions.

INTP, Architects (Rationals-Engineers)

philosopher; scientist; researcher; game designer; software engineer; webmaster;medical researcher; systems analyst; painter; astronaut;

ENTP, Inventors (Rationals-Engineers)

dictator; international spy; tv producer; philosopher; comedian; music performer; it consultant; fighter pilot; politician; diplomat; entertainer; game designer; bar owner; freelance writer; creative director; airline pilot; private detective; mechanical engineer; lecturer; ambassador; judge; web developer; scholar; fbi/cia agent;

INTJ, Masterminds (Rationals-Coordinators)

scientist; dictator; nuclear engineer; political analyst; researcher; statistician; scholar; software designer; curator; electrical engineer; philosophy professor; chemical engineer; epidemiologist; forensic scientist; research assistant; mechanic; astronomer; fighter pilot; systems administrator; neurosurgeon; book editor; biotechnology; archeologist; lab tech;

ENTJ, Fieldmarshals (Rationals-Coordinators)

marketing specialist; government employee; lawyer; developer; political scientist; bounty hunter; international relations specialist; software designer; systems analyst; business manager; entertainment lawyer; foreign service officer; strategist; project manager; advertising executive; cia agent; marketing manager; geneticist; private investigator; administrator; business analyst; politician; management consultant; producer; financial advisor; entrepreneur; genetics researcher; cardiologist; professor; fbi agent

INFP, Healers (Idealists-Advocates)

poet; painter; freelance artist; musician; writer; art therapist; teacher (art; music; drama); songwriter; art historian; library assistant; composer; work in the performing arts; art curator; playwrite; bookseller; cartoonist; video editor; photographer; philosopher; record store owner; digital artist; cinematographer; costume designer; film producer; philosophy professor; librarian; music therapist; environmentalist; movie director; activist; bookstore owner; filmmaker

ENFP, Champions (Idealists-Advocates)

performer; actor; entertainer; songwriter; musician; filmmaker; comedian; radio broadcaster/dj; some job related to theater/drama; poet; music journalist; work in fashion industry; singer; movie producer; playwright; bartender; comic book author; work in television; dancer; artist; record store owner; model; freelance artist; teacher (art; drama; music); writer; painter; massage therapist; costume designer; choreographer; make up artist

INFJ, Counselors (Idealists-Mentors)

psychotherapist; artist; art curator; bookstore owner; freelance writer; poet; teacher (art; drama; english); library assistant; professor of english; painter; novelist; book editor; copywriter; philosopher; environmentalist; bookseller; museum curator; opera singer; magazine editor; archivist; music therapist; screenwriter; film director; creative director; librarian; social services worker; art historian; sign language interpreter; photo journalist; makeup artist; photo journalist; homemaker

ENFJ, Teachers (Idealists-Mentors)

casting directory; film critic; wedding planner; work in the performing arts; teacher (art; preschool; elementary); actor; fashion designer; news anchor; fashion merchandiser; school psychologist; broadcaster; stylist; interior designer; event coordinator; restaurant owner; childcare worker; hair stylist; film director; counselor; dancer

ISFP, Composers (Artisans-Entertainers)

sports management; pediatrician; school teacher; carpenter; veterinary technician; singer; health educator; stay at home parent; hospitality worker; pastor; athlete; physician assistant; photographer; health care worker; shop assistant; stylist; website designer

ESFP, Performers (Artisans-Entertainers)

public relations manager; school teacher; radio dj; customer service; emt; hair stylist; event coordinator; pediatric nurse; child care worker; makeup artist; personal trainer; public relations; human resources; travel agent; massage therapist; physical therapist; interior decorator,

ISTP, Crafters (Artisans-Operators)

aerospace engineer; technician; computer scientist; software engineer; software developer; scientist; bar owner; automotive technician; electrician; engineer; mathematician; industrial engineer; nuclear engineer; biotechnology; mechanic; systems analyst; computer animator; data analyst; video game designer,

ESTP, Promoters (Artisans-Operators)

CEO; sports management; fighter pilot; marketing specialist; business manager; race car driver; supervisor; economist; airline pilot; bar owner; consultant; cia agent; security specialist; technician; businessman; mechanical engineer; public relations specialist; coach; manager; marketing director; sales associate; mechanic; politician; publicist

ISTJ, Inspectors (Guardians-Administrators)

data analyst; scientist; researcher; engineer; financial planner; statistician; office worker; government employee; lab technician; nuclear engineer; office manager; biomedical engineer; account manager; ceo; investment banker; analyst; academic; systems analyst; pharmacy technician; network admin; genetics researcher; research assistant; strategist

ESTJ, Supervisors (Guardians-Administrators)

executive; ceo; supervisor; business consultant; manager; strategist; financial planner; business person; office manager; public relations manager; international business specialist; business analyst; management consultant; operations manager; loan officer; lawyer; marketing; sports management; government employee; investment banker

ISFJ, Protectors (Guardians-Conservators)

homemaker; stay at home parent; office worker; health care worker; personal assistant; school teacher; administrative assistant; child care worker; clerical employee; receptionist; library assistant; dietitian; health educator; librarian,

ESFJ, Providers (Guardians-Conservators)

wedding planner; social worker; pediatrician; public health employee; kindergarten teacher; business consultant; nurse; human resources manager; office manager; executive assistant; public relations specialist; medical employee; human resources; office worker; social services; child care worker,

Please feel free to share your type and I can help you if you have any questions.

Two important things:
(1) The personality test does not determines your future. With age your personality will change.
(2) Personality tests can help to identify your strengths, but you may choose any profession that you feels closer to you.

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