Prelude to a Love Story

Sometimes unimaginable endings are the Prelude of Great Beginnings.

A personal message from the author:

I write stories I enjoy reading because I'm a dyed in the wool Romantic, who enjoys the company of my characters because they are too. I tell sexy love stories written in the first person for sophisticated, mature audiences who relate to the characters reflective of the same demographic. My novels are for those who know romance doesn’t disappear with age nor is the exclusive domain of twenty-somethings!

The stories are dialogue-driven, told from the perspective of the main character, exposing the internal conversations which explain their behavior as well as those external interactions with their Romantic Interest and others. Readers are taught to recognize the voice of the speakers without artificial identifiers making their relationship personal and normal. The steamy intimate moments of Romantic love are descriptive but tastefully shared with pauses to allow the lovers privacy before their company is resumed.

I write of real-life universal experiences, magnifying them with what-if complications, creating a respite and escape from daily life romance readers seek. My characters are enchanting personalities, within realities where unpredictable endings occur, always with my promise and confidence that goodness and happiness will always prevail over evil.
A true New Yorker and Florentine, I presently live a picturesque part of New Jersey, surrounded by my six adult children and husband. Choosing the Romance genre, I have completed two series: CarpeDiem (with eleven books), Second Chances (four books), and four stand-alone- novels.

— Corinne Julienne

Elizabeth Wakefield is a closeted Romantic because she’s surrounded by men who are not. Discovering on Valentine’s Day the remnants of an intimate dinner, an empty engagement ring box, and her spouse having sex in her bed, drives Liz from her contaminated home to find other living arrangements. At the same time, at work, she fights for equal treatment against a glass ceiling weaponized by a prejudiced, and misogynistic Branch Manager.

Soon Liz is embroiled in an acrimonious divorce, which could financially cripple her, while her office struggle is just as perilous. If she doesn’t reach her production goals before the end of the month, a career milestone will be denied her. She needs to close a big account immediately.

Meanwhile, Prescott Hamilton, also a frustrated Romantic, yields to family pressure and proposes to their choice of a suitable wife, a mistake he soon regrets. To survive his loveless entrapment, he becomes an arrogant workaholic, browbeating his employees with unreasonable demands, to earn the reputation of someone no one wants to deal with.

Typical of his management style, Prescott’s hotheaded firing of the Global Pension Account’s broker, who’s also his fiancée’s uncle, creates expected problems: his fiduciary exposure, and the instant need of a new broker. But the termination also triggers the eruption of the unrelated wrath of his future wife and her family, caused by his constant disagreement to a wedding date, an obligation he has dodged for three years but now, can no longer.

But when Elizabeth Wakefield’s unsolicited investment mailing reaches his desk, despite Prescott Hamilton’s instruction to the contrary, it could be the solution to their business problems. However, the Global Pension Account might be too big for her assignment, while his biased intention is to make it a temporary transfer…that is, until they meet…and then their other problem becomes obvious…too.

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