Mica Lavoui is a typical 17-year-old in the year 2203. It’s a world embedded in fear of superbugs and diseases. The city she lives in, however, has adapted to deal with these things thanks to Castle Industries. Castle has managed to become the leading mega-corporation of the century, swallowing any and all competition along the way. Because of Castle’s innovation, the city lavishes in the added bonus of complete automation. With these stresses out of the way, the public’s general focus lays in the classier aspects of life.

In a tragic turn of events, a house fire kills Mica's parents and demolishes their home. Clinging to her ten-year-old brother, they are moved to a group home where Mica’s perspective on the incident continues to morph. Faced with her brother’s sudden adoption, a string of fearful occurrences and hollow answers, Mica decides to run away. She then stumbles upon and joins a band of misfits in the woods.

Rumors have swirled around the city for years now, about a “key,” the majority shares to Castle Industries hidden somewhere, ready to be transferred to the rightful seeker. Competing folklore from surrounding areas only makes the truth trickier to find. Mica will have to face her past, find answers and learn to fight for what she wants. But as the fight unfolds and tension rises, so do the stakes.