Chakras and chakra healing are not new metaphysical topics, and their concept is very popular. Chakra healing is centered on directing energy into the chakras (the body’s energy centers).

Many yogis incorporate the chakra system into their work as a component of the ancient Vedic healing methods. In Aryuvedic medicine, falling ill is perceived as an energy obstruction anchored in a single or more chakras.

Other healing applications like acupuncture also validate energy flow hindrance as an origin of pain and disease.

Considering these factors, chakra healing becomes crucial for many, so you find several books about this holistic healing approach. Authors write such books to provide awareness about chakras and chakra healing.

Below are insightful chakra healing books for your overall well-being in 2022.

Chakra Healing Meditation, by B.R Rez

Stress can be a very powerful force for humans, and it varies from one person to another. For

some, it may be considerably more.

Whenever you are stressed, your whole body feels it, and it can give negative reactions that may affect your life. Stress may manifest physically and mentally as exhaustion, migraines, muscle soreness, insomnia, anxiety, and sadness.

Chakra Healing Meditation is the book you need for such moments. It mainly talks about how you can use chakra healing meditation with individual chakras to alleviate stress. This kind of meditation has been practiced for centuries and has helped many.

It will assist you in achieving a form of balance in your chakras to benefit your body and mind.

Through chakra healing meditation, you can process stress by using various meditation techniques. Imagery for relaxation and deep breaths can help you relax, and you will find out how in the book.

Chakra Healing 2022, by I Diari Di Zio Jos

The author of this book is passionate about chakras and chakra healing, and it is evident in this book. It is written with love and passion for readers so they may be able to help heal themselves. In the first section, readers are introduced to the concept behind chakras to grasp the foundation of where energy originates. This is very substantial, especially for those new to the idea or who require an entry-level overview.

The book goes ahead to help you dive more into methodologies for all the chakras with chakra charts. It will help you discover how different people employ chakra healing for their benefit. You will see how you can use chakras to meditate, for yoga, and for crystal healing. There is also a section on how to harness your chakra power.

The book also addresses prevalent chakra imbalances that manifest physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally with techniques about how you can start healing such. You are also guided on the symptoms and ailments you need to look out for and how to work through them.

Chakra Rituals, by Christi Christensen

Chakra Rituals make the science behind chakras accessible, and it is a must-read for anyone who wants to dive into the world of chakras and their healing. The book will help you learn how you can tap into the seven chakras that live inside you.

Even though chakras are now trendy, cool, and essential components of our spirituality, not many people actually know how they can activate the powerful energies within chakras for transformation. However, the author of this book aims to change that.

She gives readers a practical, multi-dimensional, and inspiring seven-week program to achieve that. You are guided step-by-step with tangible instructions about how you can activate different chakras for healing and balance.

You will find easy, motivational, and dynamic practices such as vinyasa yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, altar-building, mudra, embodiment, and writing contemplation.

Even better, you are guided on how you can employ these concepts and experiences esoterically for a journey of self-discovery, feeling alive, and divine alignment.

Spiritual Awakening, by Emily Oddo

This is a three-in-one book divided into chakras for beginners, third eye awakening, and Reiki for beginners. Its first section features explanations, instructions, and advice about chakras from lifelong gurus and self-taught experts.

It has details about using chakras with various techniques for healing and balancing. You will also find insights about divine methods and ancient traditions healing practitioners use. Furthermore, you will discover the history and science behind chakras to gain more knowledge about the full glory of chakras.

The Third Eye Awakening section is more specific about how to open your Third Eye chakra.

It will give you insights into how to expand your mind’s power and increase your awareness. There are detailed steps about the journey, why it is important to balance the third eye chakra, and different tools and practices you can use for healing.

The final section focuses on Reiki healing, its different levels, hand positions, and how you can employ it for self-healing and healing others. There are also frequently asked questions about Reiki healing that will offer you helpful information.

Chakras for Beginners, by Leigh Cantrell

To understand chakra healing, you need to know what chakras are. That is what makes this book particularly essential for people who are just getting introduced to the concept.

Often, you feel sick or exhausted and can’t make out why, which leads to you not getting better. This may be a problem with one or more of your chakras. You, therefore, need to learn about treating them perfectly to help with your overall being.

This book will offer you the knowledge to find yourself and regenerate your spiritual energies. You will discover what chakras are and their uses to understand their nature and how they are linked to different powers.

You will also find details about how to balance and unblock chakras for you to support your mind and body.

There are facts about these energy centers based on science to give you more information, and you will also be enlightened about how you can know when you have a blocked chakra(s)for realignment and healing.

Chakras and Self-Care, by Ambi Kavanagh

The chakra system is responsible for our peace of mind, improved physical well-being, and the feeling of fulfillment, alignment, and purpose.

Chakras are powerful energy centers vital for our general health and wellness. They have sacred healing power, but your wellness is affected once they are unbalanced. That’s why they must be healed and brought back to balance.

This book will comprehensively guide you about the seven chakras and how they resonate with goddess archetypes and different elemental and astrological correspondences.

It gives you various chakra alignment and healing tools, including affirmations, activation exercises, and visualization techniques. These methods will enhance your energetic flow.

You will find sacred stones and essential oil recipes that are significant for opening and supporting every chakra. There are also highlighted daily and seasonal rituals about helping you recharge and restore yourself and reconnect with the rhythms of nature and lunar cycles.

Chakra Crystals, by Karen Frazier

Life experiences can throw your chakras out of balance. During such times, you need to get your energy flowing again. There are many ways to attain chakra balance and healing, but did you know that you can achieve that using crystals? If not, you will find out in this book.

It has organized and well-detailed information to assist you with getting started with chakra healing crystals if you are a beginner. It highlights how you can explore various stones that resonate with your chakras for healing.

Again, you are also shown how you actually use the crystals for them to work alongside meditation for inner and external healing. You will get an overview of all the main chakras of the body and how they work for well-being promotion.

There are detailed crystal profiles that will specifically enlighten you on how they interact with your chakra. For example, onyx usage for the root chakra and goal manifestation, amethyst for your third chakra, and more.

Reiki Healing for the Chakras, by April Pfender

Reiki and chakra healing may come from different traditions, but they are also organically connected. That’s because they focus on healing and energy manipulation.

Reiki Healing for the Chakras is the guide you need to combine your chakras’ power with this art of energetic healing. You will discover how to allow your energy to flow freely for your mind and body's thriving through the book.

The book also teaches specific reiki techniques that will help you heal and align your main chakras to improve all aspects of your well-being. The techniques given are well explained and detailed for all experience levels.

Whether you are starting or are experienced in practice, the core principles of chakras and Reiki are apparent for your understanding.

To help you grasp the concepts better, the book has illustrations explaining chakra locations, reiki symbols, hand positions, and more to show you how you can help yourself or others heal.


The highlighted books above are excellent if you need to broaden your knowledge about chakras and chakra healing. They will guide you and provide you with insights that will help you improve your mind, body, and spirit’s health.

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