Carnsa Development Series Book 6

The Carnsa family is back in Change Management Confusion: Prepare, Support and Maintain, the sixth short guide in the semi-fictional in the Carnsa Development series.

Claudia, the business analyst member of the family, is diagnosed with prediabetes. She is initially met with resistance when she tries to update the family's lifestyle to one that is more healthy. She wants to use a change management models to guide and support change that lasts. Granny, the matriarch of this quirky family, is not shy about sharing her opinions on the approach.

Chock-full of information, references, links, and a quiz you can relate to and use, this quick reference guide answers your questions and will help you:

  • Decide which change model to use
  • Support change
  • Prepare for resistance
  • And maintain change

Learn along with the Carnsa family and make the changes you need to succeed in this ever-changing world!


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