Memoirs of an Unwanted Child

The city I grew up in was cold physically and literally which was a recipe for disaster. The below zero, freezing, winter weather conditions were nothing compared to the coldness that existed in the hearts of the ones that were supposed to love me. My mother and father gave away their parental rights. My loving Grandmother died when I was very young. As a result, an unstable cycle of bouncing between foster care and paternal family controlled my teenage years. Depression, anger, hatred, and grief ran my show for over two decades. A confused little girl grew into a lost young woman trapped in a series of survival. After multiple suicide attempts and luxurious stays at mental facilities, I stopped being a victim. I stopped focusing on things that I couldn’t change and changed the things that I could.

The hardest pill to swallow was the realization that I unconsciously created my hardships. Read along as I take you on my spiritual journey from hatred to love. This book demonstrates the results of living life based on self-sabotaging beliefs. See what living a life of lies create and how truth is the only way to free your soul and change the trajectory of your life. This book reveals the transformational secrets of healing and restoring love in families. I was chosen to break generational curses and I accepted the challenge.


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