Return to the Home Front Book 1

A personal message from the author:

Cherished Wings was inspired by my own mother's story. Although she never spoke of it, my sisters and I were all aware of the pair of World War II Navy wings she kept hidden in her dresser drawer. The wings belonged to a beau who was killed during a flight mission. Upon my mother's death, I did not find the wings; but I did, however, find a small envelope containing the beau's photos, one which was cut to the size of her locket. She also kept the ornate glass top of a bottle of French perfume. It was from these items: the photos, locket, wings, and perfume stopper, that the idea for Cherished Wings was sparked and Fran and Jack's love story was created.

— Tracey L Dragon

When Sara Kennedy returns to her small hometown in Western New York and visits her dying grandmother, she asks her about the pair of World War II Navy Wings she found in her grandmother's dresser drawer. Her grandmother reluctantly shares with Sara the powerful love story she had not spoken of in over fifty years. As the tale unfolds, Sara finds herself caught up in a time where things were simpler, yet more complex–where love and war were not compatible. A story so poignant, it rocks Sara's world and changes her life forever.


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