The Easy Guide to Microgreens Book 4

Nine Days To Growing Nutritious Microgreens At Home

The Definitive Reference and a Complete Step-by-tep Guide to Quickly and Easily Grow Microgreens

You already know what Cicero, the famous Roman statesman, and orator, knew.

And when you read this book and follow its guidance, I am confident it will enter your library.

Microgreens are the first true leaf stage of more than 100 varieties of plants. They are harvested when they are 2-3 inches, typically in 7-14 days.

These novel greens have been around since the early ’80s and are the favorites of chefs worldwide.

But in the past 7 years, research into their nutritional value has gone from 10 studies in 2014 to over 500 in 2021. The antioxidants in microgreens relieve disease-associated free radicals and help your body with bone and tissue repair.

You will get clear guidance on how to prepare, seed, germinate, monitor, harvest, and store microgreens in less than 8 days while spending less than 8 minutes a day.

And since microgreens rely on their seeds for much of their energy, they need little to no nutrient supplementation, making them easier to grow than many other crops.

But when their roots absorb the nutrients in the soil, magic happens!

Certain microgreens germinate easily and grow quickly. These include arugula, broccoli, red cabbage, beet, kale, kohlrabi, mizuna, mustard, radish, swiss chard, and amaranth.

With over 5,000 downloads of the Amazon #1 Best New Release, Eat Now! Microgreens Pocket Recipes, and more than 50,000 monthly views on his Microgreens World blog, Andrew Neves has been called “a phenomenal writer for his wealth of knowledge.”

Don’t waste time with all the disjointed information or advice out there. Instead, let Andrew Neves show you how to:

  • Reduce stress. Gardening is therapeutic.
  • Create your own pharmacy. Food is thy medicine.
  • Produce nutrient-rich plants. Chronic disease is reversible.

Including microgreens in meals is an easy way to nourish and detoxify our bodies without spending a fortune or cooking up an elaborate, time-consuming dish.

  • Microgreens grow quickly.
  • Microgreens are inexpensive.
  • Microgreens need very little space.
  • Microgreens are packed with nutrition.
  • Microgreens are a sustainable food choice.
  • Microgreens can be grown year-round anywhere.
  • Microgreens are a powerhouse of flavor and taste.

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