Cats and dogs are human best friends, but you will agree with me that they have an undeniable connection with children. Children feel less lonely when these pets are around them. They love them for their companionship and sometimes friendship, and these playful creatures help our children in their sad and happy moments.

The power of cat and dog pets to inspire, motivate and comfort children surely knows no bounds. For these reasons, authors often write accounts about cats and dogs.

Cats and/or Dogs? I Prefer Both!

A lot of people have a preference when it comes to cats or dogs, but I think both animals have their own special values to love for. Dogs are known for being loyal and protective, while cats are independent and often more low-maintenance.

If you’re looking for an animal that will be your devoted best friend, a dog is probably your best bet. But if you want a furry friend that doesn’t require as much attention, a cat might be a better choice.

I had both dogs and cats throughout my life, and we all liked each other's company. Both animals learned to respect quickly each other. And they both love children's company for sure.

Books about cats and dogs help children identify with the different scenarios of these furry felines and canines as the main characters. From these characters, children may learn the benefits of staying out of trouble, relating with their immediate environment, and winning affection and attention from those around them.

Below is a collection of incredible cat and dog stories worth your child’s time. The children's book list is in reverse chronological order.

What Are Some Cute Books about Cats and Dogs?

My Cat Brother, Sterling, by Mayra Hernandez (2022)

My Cat Brother is a heartwarming and playful read-aloud story that will give your child fun moments. But most importantly, it is filled with educative details. The book is also filled with illustrations your child will relate to as they flip the pages.

The concept behind this book is one for kids, and Mayra has excellently written it to make it easily understandable for them. It is relatable for children between the ages of 3-8.

This is the story of Sterling (the cat), who worships his big brother Rocky (the dog) and admires being like him someday. Sterling imitates him for quite some time until he actually starts believing that he, too, is a dog. Rocky, Sterling’s favorite brother, knows the truth about him, but he is hesitant to tell him the truth because he doesn’t want to burst his bubble.

From this book, your child will enjoy the everyday scenes of Rocky and Sterling. How Sterling is determined to bark like a dog at the mailman and fetch bones in the yard will pique your child’s interest. His behavior of acting like a dog is also quite exciting.

I loved how this book educates children that we are all different but can still love each other in the same way. To find out if Rocky ever reveals his secret to Sterling, you just have to get your hands on this one with your child.

See the Cat, by David LaRochelle (2021)

This book is an exceptional children's book to plaster your kid with a brilliant smile. The humor and the illustrations of its characters are one to look out for. I highly recommend this book for children who are just beginning to read.

See the Cat features three delightful stories that tell the story of Max.

What happens when a cat tries to become a dog? The only way to find out is by reading this book. Its creators demonstrate what it means to stand in for a friend and how tricky it can be.

The dog, Max, who falls sick, is replaced by the cat in carrying out his daily mundane task. The cat is pleased to do the dog’s work.

When the cat is instructed to dig a hole, she finds a way to do the job while keeping the mess away from her fur. She wants to make sure it still looks pristine. She also acts un-doglike when commanded to collect a stick from water or guard a sheep.

This humorous read is ideal for kids ranging from 4-8 years. The comical and witty battle will also have your kids yowling while rewarding them with incredible lessons.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs, by M. Drew (2020)

This book is whimsical and packed with energy and excitement. It is a good read for children aged 2-7 years. It will add a little imagination to your child while helping them learn about true friendship and loyalty.

Its Raining Cats and Dogs narrates the story of an adventurous, imaginative little girl who, during one of the rainy days in San Francisco, receives a call from her grandpa warning about the storm. With her imagination and some magic, her grandpa's words, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs,” turn out to be real, and these pets come flying from the sky to her doorstep.

The girl welcomes the pets, dries them, gives them unique names, and makes a delicious barbeque to fill their bellies. After cuddling in the fire for a cozy nap, the girl wakes up after one of the pets wakes her up with a wet kiss. She decides to show her new friends around, taking the dogs for a walk and leaving feline friends cozying in the fire.

But a day comes when her new friends run after a mail carrier. She is heartbroken to have lost her friends. When her parents return home, they comfort her and remind her that her friends are loyal. If you want to find out if the girl’s furry friends return home or not, go ahead and read this book. It is a beautiful bedtime story with a happy ending.

Cat Dog Dog, by Nelly Buchet (2020)

Cat Dog Dog is a story about a blended family of a cat and two dogs. The dog and cat live with their owner in a suburban house that has a massive backyard. Like any other cats and dogs, they fight, but they are also used to each other. The other dog lives alone with his city dad and is used to being alone. That is how he likes it. He has his bed and never has to share his toys.

Then the dog’s dad and the mom of the cat and dog move in together. Everything becomes chaotic. For one, there is inadequate room on the bed for all of them. But as time passes, the three become trios and start to love each other. But before they can settle into a cozy lifestyle, a baby comes.

This hilarious and adorable book will have your little one laughing hysterically. It features impressive twists about adjusting to new family life.

I particularly loved how the story only uses a few words in different configurations to give the pets’ perspectives. Cat Dog Dog is an excellent read for any child between 3-7.

A Cat and a Dog, by Claire Masurel (2018)

A Cat and a Dog is a thrilling book for children aged 4-8. It has incredible illustrations of cats and dogs and will pique children's interest, especially animal lovers.

This is the story of two pets living in the same house. Unfortunately, they aren’t friends and don’t see eye to eye. The cat and the dog fight and argue all the time and about everything. But then a disaster hits. The dog’s favorite ball bounces up in a nearby tree and gets stuck while the cat’s beloved stuffed mouse gets into the pond. The challenge is that the cat can’t swim, and the dog can’t climb. Can these two enemies help each other?

Claire Masurel phenomenally combines this witty book to educate children on small acts of kindness that can turn a foe into a friend. The bold illustrations make this book charming and humorous, with lessons on how to find common ground despite their differences.

Two Bobbies, by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery (2007)

Two Bobbies is a fantastic storybook with cute illustrations to teach children about true friendship and survival. During Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans residents are forced to leave their pets behind and take off. Bobbi, the dog, is left chained to his shed, but after her owners fail to return, she breaks free.

For several months in the streets, she is stranded with her cat companion, Bob Cat, as they wander the city’s ravaged streets. After months of starvation and struggle, a construction worker rescues them when rebuilding the city. When he brings the two bobbies into the shelter, they refuse to be separated.

While at the shelter, volunteers also make a fantastic discovery that Bob Cat is blind and that he followed Bobbi’s direction with the help of the sound of her chain as it dragged along the ground.

You will have to read this book with your young one to get the full story of how those amazing pet friends end up and find out whether Bobbi finds his owners or if the volunteers build a new home for the inseparable Bobbies.

Final Thoughts on Cat and Dog Children's Books

It is no surprise that cats and dogs are often portrayed as characters in literature. It is an incredible experience to come around authors appreciating these fur creatures in children's books primarily based on how childlike they are- from their behaviors to their looks.

But children's books about cats and dogs are not just about the laugh-out moments. They also offer incredible lessons for children that can help build their character. If your kid enjoys books about cats and dogs or you are interested in such books even as an adult, you will find any book title on this list fantastic.

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