buddha1-e1314499888554In one school the teacher was a monk. Most of all he loved to have a snack and a sleep afterwards. Every time before the lessons he ate so much that he could barely move. Soon after the beginning of the lessons he always took a nap and slept until the bell for the end of the lessons sounded.

The son of a poor villager was a student in the same school. His name was Lee. One time he asked the monk:

Lee: Teacher, may I ask you why do you sleep in all our lessons?
Teacher: My friend – replied the monk without any embarrassment.  – It just seems that way. During these minutes I meet with Buddha and listen to His wise words. That's why I try to sleep as much as I can.

One time Lee took care of his sick father during the night and fell asleep at school in the morning. He slept so deeply that he didn't hear the bell, which woke the monk.
When the monk saw the sleeping boy, he got very angry, took Lee by the ear and started screaming:

Teacher: Ah, you, little weasel! How dare you fall asleep in my class?
Lee: Teacher – replied the student – It just seemed that I slept. I was with Buddha and listened to His wise words.
Teacher: And what did the all-powerful Buddha said to you?
Lee: The all-powerful Buddha told me: “Never in my life have I seen your teacher”.